Monday, May 24, 2010

My Aunts House

My aunt is probably the coolest person you could ever know. She had a dog named Niko. That dog was a loving, sweet, adorable golden lab... lets just say she could never be a guard dog. Niko died quite awhile ago.

I was at my aunts house the other night and we were laughing and having a good time and all of a sudden, we hear the loudest scream/growl thing ever...almost dog like. We both jumped and looked around.

The sound itself sounded like it came from within the house. But the way it echoed seemed like it came from outside the house... I'm 14 years old and I have never heard anything like that in all my life. Niko was hit by a car and get this: it was the anniversary Niko died. Do you think that yelping scream might have been Niko letting us know he was still around?

Sent in by lilian95, Copyright 2010

Living and Dying

I remember this as if it was yesterday, it was May 4th last year. I was out on for a daily walk so I could lose weight for my young sister. As I was doing this I had a sudden feeling that something was wrong, and I had a sudden smell of my grandfather. When I got home I had found out that my grandfather had died from a traveling blood clot.

When I went to see him at the chapel of rest I had felt him in the room. Later that day when I was in my grans garden I saw him at a particular spot as thin as when he was younger (as I last saw him he was a modern day Santa Claus). Then again whenever I was in my Nan's garden he was always on that particular spot as thin as he once was.

After his funeral we had planted a pineapple tree in honor in his memory and that was the last time we saw him as we scattered his ashes, he also had a smile on his face.

Sent in by Gemma Barnes, Copyright 2010

I Need Help

I need help! I've seen many ghosts during my 29 years, ranging from cats to people to hearing things out loud, but last night really scared me.

I woke up around 1 am ( I wake up 5 - 6 times a night as I do not sleep well), and thought I saw a shadow moving in my bedroom, although I passed it off as being sleepy. I felt something tap me on the head twice before I heard a voice say 'hey' (I live alone), then I closed my eyes and began to dream about standing on a wet board, being told to 'think and look' for someone... I was standing opposite a female doing the same thing. As soon as that happened I felt a tremendous vibration, felt myself being pulled sideways out of bed and seeing swirling images before I opened my eyes in a panic!

I stayed awake for 15 minutes trembling before closing my eyes and immediately felt a vibration and again felt the sensation of being pulled out of my bed sideways... this time I opened my eyes and laid awake for an hour before daring to go back to sleep.

I'm scared silly and I don't know what to do! My previous experiences involve seeing a man in a kitchen, a man at work, a cat running across the kitchen, 'things' running across the living room, shadows moving when all is still and various voices.

I've never felt like I've been physically pulled out of bed before and I'm terrified to go to sleep now.

Sent in by Stu, Copyright 2010

Strange Occurrences in Aussie House

Well not sure were to start but here goes. I was living in a house in Victoria, Australia, I always believed in ghosts or spirits though being 16 at the time I had no ghost experiences at the time. My family and I had been living in a house and strange happenings started to occur. I was out late at a friends house one night and came home went to the toilet and was about to go in the kitchen but came to a halt in the doorway, there was a little boy with red hair who look astonishingly a lot like my 7 year old brother from the back (me only being able to see the back of this little boy) with red hair and roughly the same height. It was quite late and I was about to ask my little brother what was he doing up this late.

Old Lady With No Legs

There's this story about an old lady, she died from blood loss and cold winter, she and her son were traveling to move somewhere by land, they had no food... so she told her son to eat her legs to let him survive so he wouldn't starve in the cold winter. She loved her son very much she would die willing to save her son, so he ate her legs and was forced to leave his mother... but unfortunately he didn't survive the cold.

She died near an island close to Kugaaruk. Kids often see her with no legs using her long grey hair for legs to chase after the children. Two men were trying to investigate under an old hamlet gym to see if it was really haunted, they saw this old lady with no legs, she was running towards them with her hair as legs. Both men got scared, one of the men threw a hammer at her then she instantly disappeared. She is rarely been seen by children now... if you provoke her she'll be chasing you with no legs....

True story it is truly really haunted in Kugaaruk.

Sent in by Caitlin Tulurialik, Copyright 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Incubus Attack?

My names Amie,I’m 18 from Worcester, England, UK.
This all started happening to me about 6 months ago. I was at my home in bed asleep then I woke up randomly in the middle of the night. I couldn’t move a muscle in my body or open my eyes. I was like paralyzed! Or all of my energy was drained from me. I was wide AWAKE, it wasn’t a dream or me imagining it.
I started to feel someone stroking my hair sitting on the edge of my bed near me. I couldn’t see anyone but I could just feel the presence. I then felt this really heavy weight/pressure on my chest almost like someone was sitting on me or pushing down on my chest. I wasn’t able to speak or move! The only thing I was able to do was breathe but that was a struggle because of the pressure on

Sleeping Problems

I have had many weird and unexplainable things happen to me this is one of them. This happened about 5 maybe 6 years ago when I was 10 or 11.
I was home up stairs in my room watching dragon ball z when it got really hot like muggy hot and I started getting sweaty so I took of my shirt and laid down on the couch then fell asleep. When I awoke it was like when you have a nightmare and I was gasping for air but I quickly realized that I couldn’t move at all except my eyes. I also realized that it wasn’t hot any more but it was like an ice cold. This had happened twice before but this time I woke with my face down in the couch and there was this huge wait on me so not only was the couch basically suffocating me but

A Story from Nepal

I came to Nepal and my family decided to visit our village where my grandparents live. They have lived there for many years.

As soon as I reached there I was shocked to hear what my grandmother told me the following night. It just happened yesterday.

My grandmother and her friends went to take the cattle for grazing. After an hour, they took rest under a big tree. Many people told the tree was actually haunted. But my grandmom and her friend didn't believe about it.

Amazingly, at 12 o'clock afternoon sharp, a weird person covered with appeared when, they were ready to have their lunch. All of them had no idea who was it? But one of them questioned the person where he was from. But he never talked.

After about 10 minutes he replied he came form the hill top jungle where he was locked with the cattle. He returned back as my grandmom's friend was watching the person. "It" suddenly stood behind my grandmom. My grandmom was smoking with no idea about the person standing behind her... to a surprise he lifted up his hand and his fingers were constantly moving from side to side... and he had no face at all. All of them were speechless and he just disappeared behind the tree... all of them ran away from the spot.

The next day the woman who talked to the person died. And it was believed that the person was an evil spirit who roamed at the afternoon. Thereby my grandmom never walk along that path...

Sent in by Noal Gurung, Copyright 2010

Weird Voices and Noises

When all the paranormal thing had started happening to me I was only 6, when my great grandfather had died, he came to say goodbye to us. When my grandmother asked me who I was talking to I said ”That man that is sitting on the tree.” My grandmother asked me to tell her what he looked like and when I did she told me who it was.
Now I am 14 and I am still experiencing odd things. When I was just 7 I was living in my old house in Greece. An old woman was said to have died there. Every night I would hear walking in the living room, whispers, lights turning on and off, and I could also hear the old woman open drawers and take medicine! It was spooky but somehow didn’t frighten me. But after that I started getting these dreams that God was fighting

Did a Ghost Try to Communicate With Me?

Did a ghost try to communicate with me about her death?
Okay It First started out when I moved to an apartment were I use to live when I was a little girl. We moved in into our uncle’s house and the second week we had stayed there I had a nightmare.
I had a dream about this little girl who got stabbed more than 5 times in the chest. At first I felt like I knew this girl for more than my life. She had shown me her death and who had killed her. My mother thought it was because I read too much ghost stories, but I knew it wasn’t that reason I had that nightmare. I started crying and crying a lot feeling like she wanted me to feel her pain and that she wanted revenge. But why revenge on me? What did I do to HER?
Later on a

Hold Your Breath in the Cemetery

So, my sister always used to tell me old passed down legends about ghosts and of course like everyone else I said " Yea okay like that would happen." Though some things did get to me. I have very good hearing, I'm able to hear whispers from a far distance and ear plugs don't work well at night because my hearing skyrockets. Other than hearing I'm an empath. Meaning I can feel or sense emotions, sometimes even read them off of people. So there's a bit about me so you understand where I'm coming from.

I'm about 15 now but this first story happened when I was 14. Me and a few friends were riding our bikes past the town cemetery. We were trying to find the oldest one. It was around 6 in the fall so night was closing in. My sister had told me always hold your breathe through a cemetery so a ghost can't steal it, and if it does look at it right in the eyes and it will disappear. So a little scared I held my breath, I only lasted a few minutes (like 2) at a time so I would take a huge breathe and hoped it wouldn't make a difference. My friends thought I was crazy. But not so much when it got to be 7 and pitch black. We had flash lights but its still creepy.

My one friend started to cough and choke. I had given up holding my breathe but I started when I saw here keel over. Me and my friend thought she had choked on air like maybe just breathed wrong. We tried the Heimlich maneuver. She regained her breathing but had fainted. We couldn't carry her because including here there were three of us. We called her parents said what had happened but they were 15 minutes away. We decided to wait for them. My other friend said to wake her up. I looked at her and said she was crazy if she could sleep here. But she was out like a light.

I watched over them and held my breath whenever I could remember. Only problem was I felt cold and it was 73 degrees out. No wind no rain. I couldn't see anything but I felt agony. Like someone was in pain. Soon I had my hearing put to the test as well. I listened closely to my surroundings, I wish I never had. "It's so cold, as cold as the dead my dear. If only I had your warm breath to ease the cold" maybe I was just imagining it but I heard my friend say this. I whipped around to see my fainted friend up staring at me. I went to hold my breath but she said " too late". I was startled and choked on the air I tried to breathe. I grabbed my friend and stared in her eyes. She instantly fainted again and I felt the cold pressure leave me. Not even three minutes later her parents pulled up. I woke my other friend and we got in the car, her father carried her and we left.

So please don't pretend you don't believe me. Remember this rime and tell your friends

Beware beware of my ghostly stare
for no ghost will glare at me
and my breathe will come out free
for if I breathe within a ghosts reach
and my skin turns white from peach
let my ghostly stare
know to beware
that my breathe is mine and not theirs to keep.

Sent in by Dee, Copyright 2010

Woman in the Stairs

I just want to share my experience. I am Filipino. And paranormal creatures are very rampant in our country. I guess you’ve heard about white ladies, tikbalang (half-man half-horse), aswang (lady that goes out at night to prey), etc.
This particular experience gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it (I’m having goosebumps now)
One night, when I was alone in our house because my grandparents were in a church gathering, I was watching television. The mirror in the kitchen was adjacent to our living room, and from the living room, I can see the reflection of our stairs. While I was enjoying watching cartoons, I made the mistake of looking at the mirror, and in the mirror, I saw a woman or maybe it was girl, upside down. Her skin had the color of like what zombies look like. She was as if staring at me from the mirror though her

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Losing My Sanity Who Are You?

I am now nineteen years old but when I was 15 unusual things began happening to me. At this age I began doing research on communicating with ghosts and I also was very much into witchcraft. I would sit in my room and try and perform different rituals while speaking out loud to any entities that might hear. I did that for a couple of weeks and so when nothing big happened I gave up. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting to happen but months later when things began to happen I wished I could take those weeks back.
First it started with hearing things like water running when I was home alone or I would hear mumbling. After that I began seeing things like shadows. One night I was in the family room listening to music when a black form floating shot across the room in front of

Poltergeist Making a Mess of the House

I don't believe this story even though it happened to me. I was young, a nobody, a person that was laughed upon by his peers, at work the people wouldn't take me seriously. I would return home, which I had been living in for about six months as the house had been in the family for years.

One night in June, something strange happened, at night roughly 12:15 I heard a strange noise coming from the other side of the room. An old picture of my family from 1890 showing a christening of one of the younger members who was my great, great uncle who passed away at age four.

This continued for weeks on end. My wife, also skeptical, believed there was a draft coming from the outside, and causing the picture to move. At this time my wife was also heavily pregnant with my first son Laurence.

The night before my wife gave birth to my son I heard some strange noises coming from downstairs, I went downstairs and the room was a mess, like someone had knocked everything over, everything was a mess on the floor, I blamed it on the cat.

A few weeks later my son came home after being stricken ill in the hospital. One night I awoke to hear a noise coming from the nursery. I went in to find everything a mess like the kitchen except for the cot which was perfectly fine. My wife, scared, left me as she couldn't handle the stress, since then she never returned to the house since then the trouble has stopped but there is a presence that I cannot explain.

Sent in by Robert Farrell, Copyright 2010

Trying to Find Who I Was in My Other Life

Well first of all I am amazed with what I just read. Since I was little I been having battles with different types of spirits and demons: last year I have met with Lucifer and part of me wanted to go with him and part of me was just hearing God’s voice telling me to keep strong and not follow him. Since then I have no peace and I decided to study and look for helpful information about who I am and what do I stand for in this life.
And just reading about the creation of 2 women in the beginning of this world – I really feel I am Lilith (I believe in reincarnation) and I am sure in my past life I was her and in some point part of her is still inside of me because I am a really free spirit who does not follow rules.

Strange Things in My House

In our house I always felt like I was being watched and felt uncomfortable alone. Friends and family told me they felt the same when they stopped, thinking about it now it is women that have said it. Well one night I woke up through the night, and saw white legs walking around the bed coming towards me, obviously I was terrified and shut my eyes telling myself I was imagining it. Then I felt a finger go down my hand. I nearly pushed my husband out of the bed.

After that experience I put my husband through hell and back as he is a light sleeper. I think a lot after that was purely my mind playing tricks, but I believe that particular night wasn’t.

Sometimes I’d feel myself shaking and hear a loud ringing noise, and had to fight to wake up, and when I did wake up I'd feel like crap. One particular time, I got to the point where I was floating through my house down the stairs outside and I came back in and something was following me and I shut the door and led down and someone was banging on the bedroom door. I was terrified and couldn’t open my eyes as they were already, that was the sensation anyway. I did eventually wake up and felt like crap when I did but it felt very real. I've never had that happen like that before or since. It could all be my mind playing tricks on me, but it felt real to me.

Other little things happen over the years too. I know it’s a very mild story but I felt like sharing it. I don’t live in that house anymore. I've had the shaking sensation in this house but I force myself awake as it scares me.

Sent in by Hannah Davies, Copyright 2010

The Hallway Ghost

I’m stretched out on the couch channel surfing at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house. I was 15 years old and visiting for the summer. The encounter occurred during the work week in the early part of the afternoon. My little cousins were at Vacation Bible School and their parents were at work, so I had the place all to myself.
The couch was located against a wall and my feet were on the end of the couch cushion just over a meter from the television, which set to the left for “prime lounging on the couch viewing pleasure”. The T.V. was up against another wall and was sitting a couple of feet to the right of the entrance into the hallway, which ran the same way I was facing. From where I was lounging I had a 45 degree viewpoint of the entrance into the long dark hall. I could

Case 28 Demonic Activity in Coxsackie New York

The year was 1989. I was only 19 years of age. The location was in Coxsackie New York. It was a cool summer night. I was with my mother on a case that the client explained to be one of a demonic presence. There were 4 of us total. The time was approx. 8pm.
We were waiting for Ed and Lorraine Warren’s arrival. The house was not to old but old enough to have a feeling about it. We were talking with the clients of the home outside at a picnic table set up in the backyard. The homeowners were very scared and had a draining look on their faces as if this has been going on for some time.
The Warren’s showed up and everyone sat outside as Lorraine went inside with my mother to feel the house. They were inside for about 1 hour. When Lorraine and my mother came

The Returning Nightmare

OK, I’m 19 and all my life I have seen things that I should not see. Me and three of my sisters, its five of us and now one of my brothers its three of them eight of us in total. Some people call it a gift, I call it a curse.
So about 4 years ago I stop being in touch with God like how I used to be. I was 16 when I had the first dream. I woke up from my sleep and I don’t know why but my heart was racing and I felt so scared more scared than I have ever been and I felt like there was something holding me down so I started to move. I couldn’t! I tried to scream to my sister laying in the bed next to me I couldn’t so I started to pray to God and ask for help

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Savior

I have always been skeptical of ghosts and even after these events I would say I am still not a true believer. However I am not a person to simply dismiss fairly strong evidence so I have decided to put it to a community who could help me make sense and maybe give clarity of such events.
It first happened back when I use to live in Cornwall miles away from any other people or towns in 2008. I lived alone as my wife worked a high power job and would spend weeks away from home. During this time I was going through boughts of depression and in June it reached its climax.
Sick of life I went into our barn and got a piece of rope and tied it to the rafters. However when tying it and putting it around my neck I made some mistakes and when I jumped it

Hooded Being and Sleep Paralysis

My name is Kenyatta. I just had to send a comment on what happened to me. I never was the kind of person who believed in paranormal stuff but I found out that paranormal things do happen.
When I use to read stories and see people on TV talking about ghost encounters and all that kind of stuff, I would just brush it off like that’s not true. Well I had a visit from a hooded being at the end of my bed about two years ago.
My cousin was dying from AIDS, My mother was diagnosed with cancer. My grandmother passed and also my uncle. All of this was happening months apart. Well again this being was at the end of my bed. At first I was asleep and when I woke I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk or nothing. I’m very very sure I was not dreaming because I was

Haunted Cybercafe

Not many creepy things have happened to me in my life, but both of my brothers (both 20 years old) have sworn that some strange things have happened in the cybercafé that my brother owns.

The first time anything happened was when one of my brothers was closing up shop for the night, around 11:30 - 12:00 PM. He was cleaning up the bathroom with the door left wide open, with the whole shop in view. He was cleaning the toilet when he heard a loud noise. Running into the main entrance of the shop (its a small shop) he looked around and found one of the chairs he had already put away was overturned, upside down on the floor. Replacing it he locked up the shop and ran home.

A few nights later, he was yet again alone, cleaning, when he heard a loud banging on the windows. He thought it was our sister trying to get his attention, so he ran out to let her in, but when he got there the whole street was deserted.

That same night, my other brother received a phone call from the cafés phone at 3:30 AM. He picked up, but the moment he did, the other end clicked off. He called my sister, asking if she was at the café, but she swore she was in bed, and that he had woken her up. He called everyone that had access to the café, but no-one had entered the café.

I still get creeped out in the Café at night, and I always feel as if someone is watching me type. More than once I have gone on my computer to find things typed on the screen by someone, or something else.

By Natalie, Copyright 2010

Psychic with a Horrific Past

I’m an 18 year old with visions.
The disturbances first started when I was around eight or nine years old. I was living in my grandmothers house in a place called Campbellstown, it is located inside a city. People say that its haunted because there is a graveyard there. My house was two roads away from the graveyard, however, I do not believe that this graveyard has anything to do with the encounters. I’m sorry if I’m wandering but all the above info is relevant.
My elder sister, who is a year older than me, had the first experience. One day as she and I were sitting in our room (she was ten and I nine I think), she told me that last night she heard a knock on the window. I never believed her because I always fell asleep before her so I thought she was a bit crazy to suggest

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Checking In

When I was six year old my mother died, she was 39 years old. She passed away only a few days after my aunt.

A couple days after my mom's funeral my other aunt stayed with my dad and I at our house, just to keep an eye on us and to help us out. I was sitting on our living room floor, watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I saw a sort of, glowing light. I looked into the hallway and saw two figures walking hand-in-hand down it. I made out just a second later that it was my aunt and my mother. They were both wearing long white gowns and they were coming toward me. I was little at the time and didn't know what was going on. Obviously, I was terrified. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen, shouting what happened as fast as my little mouth could make out. My aunt looked at me and smiled after she heard what happened in a calmer version. Then she said, "Sweetie, they're just checking in."

I will never forget that day. I am fourteen years old now and I can still make out what they were wearing.

I found out that wasn't the last time my mom was 'checking in' on our family. One night when my aunt was in bed she was thinking about my mom and how she forgot what her voice sounded like. She felt so guilty, it bothered her very much. She missed it. She felt something touch her feet at the end of the bed and looked. There she saw my mom smiling at her; she said, "Hi Emily." and then disappeared. My aunt said she never forgot how her voice sounded after that.

I still often smell the perfume my mother used to wear at random times. I smell it on my friends and ask if they're wearing it, they say no. I can smell it when I'm doing something, or if I'm alone. It doesn't scare me at all. I know, if it is my mom, she isn't a ghost. She's something way better than that.

By Jen, Copyright 2010

Sharing a Flat with Three Victorian Ghosts

I am very interested in paranormal since I started seeing paranormal in 1990 and saw my grandmother who suddenly appeared to me in her home town and spoke to me which freaked my friend out as she could not see what I was seeing or who I was speaking to. Then twelve years ago while staying at my parents house a ghost stood in my doorway of my bedroom at three am but I thought nothing of it.
The real paranormal events started in 2008. I returned to my flat from a weekend away, my flat was freezing then as I plugged in my power I received an electric shock, I thought it was the plug itself – Checked it ok – then as I turned in for the night my table light started flickering, I thought nothing of it and fell asleep.
The next morning I went into the bathroom and

The Haunted Hetfield House

There is this house in my neighborhood called the Hetfield House. Nobody lives there, but people have claimed that they have seen ghosts lurking its halls. The doors are locked and only tours are allowed to visit inside the house.

One day, when I was at my local pool with 6 of my friends, we decided to visit the Hetfield House. Because all you have to do is cross a Recreation soccer field and a bridge over Route 22, it's pretty close to the pool. All of us went and my friend, Missy built up the courage to knock on the door. She wasn't scared at all. Every boy there said that they saw something or someone come down the stairs through the window. They were standing in the parking lot of our local library. The house is next to the library. They were all so freaked out. Some people thought that there were projection screens all over the house and they just couldn't see them. They also thought that people put them there just to scare them. But after the second incident, they didn't believe that anymore.

The second incident was Missy's boyfriend Tiago, who is really weird, cursed at it while me and my friends little sister ran off because we didn't believe in any of that. Tiago cursed at it and they said they heard something or someone knocking on the window. They all got scared, so they all ran away from the house and back to the pool.

When everyone told the same story to us, we were totally freaked out and we wish we were there to see it. Then, while in California, my grandma told me that she has seen ghosts in her previous years. Her grandfather jumped in a river and killed himself and she told me that she saw her grandpa's ghost with furious, red, firing eyes. I was like "Whoa! Cool."

But, I swear, if you don't believe in this stuff, believe!

By Madi, Copyright 2010


To begin my story, which is indeed true; I must start with a little background about my grandmother. She was my grandmother on my mothers side and was old as long as I can remember and senile for most of that time. She had many strange things that she seemed to enjoy doing and all of them drove my father insane. For instance, she would wander the house at night and groan as if she were already practicing to be a ghost. She also liked to stuff banana peels down the heating vents in the winter time. You can only imagine what that did to my dad.
On Saturday nights my parents would go out for the evening. That meant I was all alone with my grandmother and the TV. So, while she stayed in her room I would watch World Wide Wrestling followed by a late show horror film to

Ghost Woods and Old Abandoned House

One night when my dad left to go to a party, my friends and I decided to go in the woods behind a cemetery near my dads house. We found a trail and followed it along, we brought an extra flashlight just in case. After a while the flash light died, and just as it did twigs snapped right behind us. I asked my friend where the spare flashlight was, but he remembered he left it sitting on the table on my porch. So we continued our walk with only a light from my cell phone.

Eventually we came to a clearing, looking up we realized it was someone's yard. We kept walking up to the house and realized it was boarded up, except for a basement window. Of course we wanted to know why the house was abandoned and we also kinda wanted a flashlight... so a few friends and I slipped through the basement window, with one of my friends staying outside guarding.

With the light from my cell phone leading us we walked up the stairs into the kitchen and we noticed that one of the clocks was still ticking... with that the only noise other than our footsteps in the house we walked upstairs. We realized that the door to the attic was slightly opened, and of course we opened it and as we were looking around the wood that boarded up the window crashed to the ground and the window opened with the wind gusting through the window, we heard a scream from outside, remember that our friend was still out there we ran back down to the basement and left the house.

When we got back to where our friend was supposed to be waiting... he was gone. We looked all around the yard and then decided that maybe he went back to my dads house. As we got the trail our friend stumbled out from behind a tree with scratches all over his face and arms. We asked him was happened and he said nothing. As we sprinted back to my dads house to find him still not home. We sat in my living room trying to get my friend to tell us what happened all he said was that whatever it was disappeared very quickly. That's the last time we go through those woods ever again.

By Kevin, Copyright 2010

Graveyard Footsteps

In Harrisonburg, Louisiana, there is a graveyard on a hill. One evening at the basketball game I overheard a conversation of the Pentecostal pastors son to his friend. It went like this:

I took my girlfriend to the cemetery to make out. It was a full moon. Right in the middle of all that we heard footsteps. They were very loud, but they were footsteps for sure. They were getting closer, too. The light was bright as day. There was no one there.  I got the "__ out of there and I'm not going back there either.  I said to myself "yeah right", especially since he was the local drug head.

About a year later my best friends ex-boyfriend called and I went out with him. I wanted to restore their relationship if I could. Instead of taking me to get a coke like he said he took me to that graveyard. He proceeded to act in a very ungentlemanly manner. A thing he had never done toward me before. I remember as he threw me to the ground to ravish me that there was an angel grave stone nearby. In a panic I realized that I was going to be raped. It was a full moon bright as day.

Suddenly, heavy and loud footsteps began approaching us. As I fought him off, he raised his head to look for the approaching person. No one was there. A person of light skin and bright red cheeks... he turned white with fear when he realized there was no one there. He picked me up (he was twice my size) and threw me into the truck. He didn't say anything to me at all, but he took me safely home. This event scared the jehosifat out of me, but it saved my virtue. I like to think it was one of my ancestors buried there.

By mkl, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Grandma is She Still Here?

This basically happened 5 years ago. My dear grandmother died. There was a lot of tears involved. Since she left… her son rented the house to the family of my best friend, Veronica.
After 3 months, my mother had a dream of my grandma at the door of her house. In her dream… my mom followed her into the house. “I have to go” my grandma said “take me with you” my mother responded. “you cant go, but I’ll wait”. The next morning my mom told all of the family about her dream.
My little brother max, was born 3 months after my grandma died… he brought happiness into our lives. It was strange because my grandma really really wanted to meet him. One time I laid Max on the bed. He looked at the window, which was closed, and started laughing and smiling… he was playing alone.
Two years passed. The house

The Hat Man

I first saw the Hat Man when I was in my early twenties. I had just moved into my first apartment in New York City. I had only been there for a week or two when I started hearing noises like rats running within the walls at night when I went to bed. Shortly after that I started seeing the Hat Man, standing in a far corner at the foot of the bed.
At first I tried to ignore the sight because he was  almost invisible, but, soon he became my most terrifying nightmare. He began to become more visible as the nights passed and along with the clarity came a dark, chilling fear.
One night when my infant nephew stayed over, I saw the Hat Man standing in the corner watching me. The light switch was across the room and I had no way to get to it without passing him.

My Sons Destiny

I really don’t know how to start, this has been going on for 18 years now. I want to tell my story and to make people aware of other inexplicable phenomenon around us.
Eighteen years ago I had a son of which I had many complications during labor and finally ended with a caesarian. I got very sick and had to stay 2 weeks more in the hospital. He was fine and I finally took my baby boy home after 2 weeks. The day after was a Saturday and my whole family came to my house to see the baby named Jonathan. Normally in our tradition we make a small get together to celebrate the birth of a new baby in the family. Everyone was congratulating me with my new baby boy. Then my brother arrived with his wife and their 6 year old little boy named Joshua. Joshua was so

Come With Me

OK here it goes, this is a hundred percent real, it happen to me and my husband about a year ago, at uncles house.
They have a history of paranormal activity in their home, we went there one weekend and spend the night, not really expecting anything to happen. After we were done talking and having fun, around three in the morning, we went to bed, we slept in the kids room (they have one son only), we laid down and try to sleep, but the sound of cats wouldn’t let us, well, at least me, hubbie was snoring away in no time. Then suddenly all sound stopped, it was a really hot day, but the room was turning very cold. I tried to move but couldn’t, then something whispered in my ear, it was a kids voice: come with me… all I did was wait until it went away and

The Devils Eyes

It was a regular evening, I had just taken my contacts out when I heard a high pitched scream. I just thought it was my younger brother who screams like a girl. For some reason on that particular night I could not fall asleep. I just kinda watched the minutes go by. I watched the clock for what seemed like an eternity. Then at 3:30 just as I was gonna get up to get a cold refreshing drink of water my back door in my room opens and a black hooded figure entered. The feeling in the room was unbearable.

The figure just stood there, paralyzed by fear I looked directly into its deep red eyes it felt like his eyes were needles feeding on my soul. After his eyes met mine I felt as if I was he was breathing the breath out of me. The creature starts to move towards me and I started to pray but when I did it felt like the creature had taken a knife to my back. I sat up and started to speak in gibberish and then the creature turned back but all of a sudden he came at me with incredible force so I shut my eyes and then I felt as something impure was in my soul. I still cant figure out what that impurity is and till this day it haunts me. I have never told anyone this story so you are the first to read.

Anonymous, Copyright 2010

Haunted by a Dark Figure

For as long as I can remember, I have had 'ghostly' encounters. They range from doors slamming, to objects levitating, to black shadows in my closet.

One particularly eerie experience happened one evening in the summer of 1999. I was 9 1/2 at this point and since it doesn't get dark until around 9 pm in the summer time, I was still outside playing with friends. My mother is a religious woman and had several of her friends over for a Bible Study, which was why I was hanging out with these particular friends.

The two girls, Kara, 13 and Samantha, 12, as well as my sister, Ayla, then 11, decided that we should all take a walk around the block; and I agreed. It was starting to get pretty dark (about 9:15 by this time), but we all stuck together, and since it was a trailer park it had a fence around the community, and street lamps at either end of the street, so we felt pretty safe. We started up the street, all giggling and chattering.

Somehow, when we were about half way to the end of the street, we all managed to glance up and see a tall, thin, dark figure step out from behind a trailer at the top of the street. It moved further into the light of the street lamp, far enough into it that we could see that it had no features. Just a straight up and down, head, arms and legs figure. Kind of like the 'pedestrian crossing' signs. We all just stopped and stared in disbelief, as it slowly, in extremely slow motion, ran into the light of the street lamp and moved across the street and out of our view beyond the first trailer, and, within 5 seconds, it returned, in identical manner, and disappeared back the way it came. We all freaked out, as if we had just realized what we saw and fled back toward my trailer.

We convinced Kara and Sam's mom to join us back up the street to investigate, but there were no other such sightings. I still don't know WHAT I saw. My sister gets touchy when this incident gets brought back up, nearly a decade later, but I am still curious as to what exactly we witnessed.

*names have been changed to protect privacy.

By Julie, Copyright 2010

The Unpeaceful Soul

It was year 1995, and I was 9 year old that time when this story happened. One day I found my sister crying in her room, I ask her why but she refused to tell me and said I can’t do anything to help her and shouted me to go out. I was wondering what her problem really is, because I’ve seen her crying almost every day and every night… I can feel that she’s suffering really hard.
The next night that I came from my friend’s house (it was 9:00), I found nobody at home so I switched the light on and went in my room to take a shower. After the shower, I heard something in my sister’s room. I thought she had just came so I decided to go to her. Suddenly when I opened the door, I was so shocked, my heart beats fast and I feel

The Old Man of Drumore Drive

Hi, my name is Jesse and I am 12 years old. When I was 6 I lived on Drumore Drive, Pennsylvania. One night I fell asleep on my bed a little earlier than I usually do, feeling better than ever. My bed has one side that faces the wall, and that was usually my favorite spot to sleep next to. That same night, I woke up facing the wall. It was 3:48 AM.

When I rolled over to look around my room, I didn't just see my room. On the floor, next to my dresser, there was a light blue figure. I could immediately tell that it was a man, an old man at that too. To this day, I can still remember what he wore when I saw him. He wore a suit. His hat was a little to the left, as if he had lain down on his right side for a while. His coat looked dusty, and was left unbuttoned. He had white hair and he wore a pained expression on his face. When I looked at him, he seemed to be examining my electronic toys, like he had never seen them before. He looked slowly at me and evaporated, which really scared me. I smelled a faint smell of smoke after he disappeared.

Next morning, I told my mom about this ghost. She said she had seen him too, and even felt him. She said "When I was cooking, I felt a tug. When I looked down, nothing was there."

I haven't seen this ghost anymore, and when I was 9 we moved out. The last thing I remember experiencing was when I left the house for the last time, a gust of wind seemed to whisper "until next time..." Now, I am 12 years old and live in North Wales, Pennsylvania.


Restless Bones

Hi everyone. My mother was born in 1930, when she was 5 my grandparents lost their farm. They started working for a farmer about 20 miles away and moved into a workers house on the property. This house was near the barn, where they built a pig pen to raise their pork.
Several months after moving in the family started hearing someone walking on the tin roof over the living room of the house. Just the living room no where else in the house. The walking would start about dark and go on for hours. Grandpa would go out with a light and look but never saw anything.
After a couple weeks of the walking Grandpa ask the owner if the previous tenants had ever heard anything. He said no, but the last person who lived there just left without saying a word. The owner said he left everything and was never

Ghost Rape or Dream?

Well I never really believed in ghosts until July 8th 2008.

Well I'm babysitting and so it time for him to go to bed. I put him to sleep. I'm laying down listening to music looking at my ceiling. BAM! Someone or something grabs me by the throat I can't breathe! Gasping for air, I cant see who or what it is. Its a blur I know I'm in my room I see everything my bedroom door is open I look out the door I'm seeing faces I cant picture who they are I know they're human I just never seen them before.

My TV is on I can hear it I can tell its the price is right, some game show. Now I can tell its a man, he gets on top of me and I'm trying to scream nothing coming out my mouth. Still not able to breathe now I look down I see my nephew asleep cradled in my moms arms. I'm trying to kick my mom to wake her up now trying to scream her name. I still cant breathe. I get desperate trying to fall on the floor, make some type of noise to wake her up. I give up. I'm ready to die. I'm tired. I let go.

Suddenly my eyes open, I look to my left to my television the Price is Right's on, my bedroom door open just like in my dream. My mom still holding my nephew in her arms. She is awake. I start asking saying how could my dream be so accurate if it was a dream. I seem crazy but I ask her over and over again was I sleeping she kept saying yes! One thing I remember is I didn't have sore throat when I laid down. I could barely talk now.

Nicole Hatfield, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mirror Reflection Dreams and Warnings

I have seen things my entire life. Things that can not be explained or believed by most people. For that reason alone, I have not had a lot of friends, but most of the friends I have had were male. After things that I have seen, most girls are just silly. No offense girls, I’m one too. When you have seen or dreamed some of the things I have, worrying about what color hairbow to wear with what color shirt to impress somebody just doesn’t seem important to me. My scariest story I think I will save for myself at least for now. It freaked me out so bad that I didn’t sleep for several days. At one point I locked myself into a bathroom with the light on holding a butcher knife.
OK. Starting in the past. Everybody dreams. You dream, I dream, we all dream. I have dreams that

Ouija Board Spirit Named Henry

My story started the summer after my freshman year in high school. I am currently a junior and I’m 17. I had used the Ouija board several months before and although it frightened me, I just had to use it again.
My interest started when I first used it and the board spelled the last name of my ex. I was the only one of my two cousins who knew how to correctly spell it. That summer, my cousin and I, Jess, hung out a lot by the little creek in her woods. She had the interest in the board because she had been one of the cousins I had first used the board with.
We decided to make our own Ouija board out of notebook paper, using her ring as the pointer. We took the paper to the creek and began using it. We spoke to a little boy who called

Psychic Thursdays on the Biography Channel

Hello everyone, among all the stories we are publishing this week I am including some information that will be of interest to a lot of our readers.
I am sure that many of our visitors enjoy watching paranormal related programs on television. These days it seems that paranormal related programs and movies (and websites!) are more popular than ever.
Have you seen Paranormal Cops and Paranormal State yet? Watch these programs and comment below about your thoughts.
Psychic Thursdays on the Biography Channel
Follow real life cases with unexplained and mysterious circumstances each Thursday, only on Biography
The Biography Channel presents two extraordinary new shows to join Psychic Thursdays, a series displaying the effects of the supernatural with everyday people.
Throughout May, the series will be following families, investigators and psychics to help uncover the truths surrounding paranormal experiences.  All experts in their field, each psychic attempts to solve unexplained, dramatic crimes.
Paranormal Cops
Applying forensic and investigative…

Strange Teardrop

My mother passed away in July of 2005. On her birthday, the following February,a few relatives and I decided to try to contact her. We went to her house, where she died and gathered in the room she died in.
The four of us sat in a circle and concentrated on her for a few minutes and then began asking her to show us a sign if she knew we were attempting to contact her. Each one of us told her that if she tried really hard, she could get a message to us.We just wanted to know that she was alright.
After a few minutes of coaxing her to contact us, I was really surprised.I was a total skeptic and never ever expected any response.
A teardrop shaped orb ( don’t know what else to call it), about the size of a half dollar, began floating around directly in front of me.

Haunted Hotel Congress Tucson Arizona

My son and I took a vacation. We left Phoenix traveled south to Tucson. When we got there I looked for a cool hotel that was old in hopes of it being haunted. I asked the manager if it was and he told me yes and that employees witnessed things from orbs flying around to seeing apparitions. The maintenance man told me story after story and the history of the hotel which was in a huge fire maybe around 1940. The room we stayed in was supposedly the most haunted one and a woman had shot herself in the bathroom. You can kinda see where they patched the hole and if you open the closet you can see where the bullet went.

At the time I drank a lot of beer due to the fact I'm an alcoholic so I had a stack of empty beer cans sitting on the desk. While I was there I witnessed a beer can move about 16 inches. I said holy crap did you see that to my son. He wasn't paying attention and said what? I said the beer can moved by itself as I slid it back where it was. He was about to say no way, and it happened again this time my son saw it... it sent a chill down my spine and my son was so scared he hid his head in my lap and started to cry. I didn't want to scare him and tell him the room was haunted or he'd never want to stay in there, so I didn't.

On the first night I felt uncomfortable in there and a little depressed, but I figured it was my drinking. When I woke up the next morning there were magazines all over the floor that were on the dresser. Also as you walk up the main staircase you can smell roses. There is also said to be a ghost that looks out the window toward the train tracks... waiting on something. I'm not sure about if ghosts exist I've never seen one but I want to believe there are and stuff like this interests me. I'm definitely going back to Hotel Congress and other places like it so I'll have more ghost stories to tell, hopefully... that's why I came here.

Sent in by tmyby, Copyright 2010

Not My House Causing It

My house is not haunted it was only built about 2 years before my mom, step-dad, sister, and I moved in.  But my dog pin is sitting on a hill in the back yard. I had come to find out that on that hill there was an 800 year old house. Well I have seen a few things in my house and I am just now starting to think that maybe the spirits have moved on into my house. Here is are some stories.

Okay, the first story is that me and my step dad were outside at night to feed the dogs. When we were walking to the dog pin. We saw a light behind the dog pin so I told him that I was going to go out and look. I got a little closer and with my own eyes I saw an old man look me in the eye then turn around, walk in my woods, and disappear, my step dad had saw him too.

Another night I was getting the dogs water on the side of my house with the hose. I slowly turned around when I felt a chill and standing behind me was a man in uniform.

When I was younger I was in my room trying to go to sleep. My sister had a friend over and they usually played tricks on me when I was sleeping.  Now abilities run in my family. I KNOW when there is someone in the room and how many people. Well one night I got a cold chill then the feeling rushed over me. There was someone in the room and the first thing that came to my mind was Amanda (sister) and her friend but this was a feeling of one person. So I opened my eyes and there was no one there. So I turned around and as the lightning struck there was a little girl standing by the front of my bed. I put my head under the blanket.  When I felt safe again I looked back and there was no one there.

There are many other stories but I do not have the time to right them all down.

Jamie, Copyright 2010

My Uncle and the Devil

The story that I am about to tell you is very true... I am from Chile (South America) my mom's side of the family lives in Quillota (a city located in central Chile) and the people that live in this city are very superstitious because of all the supernatural events that have earned Quillota it's reputation.

My uncle was a young adult at that time and he was always looking for a good laugh and since he was not a believer he felt amused by what he heard, someone had told him that on the night of San Juan which is June 23 (which is the birthday of the name Juan, and we also believe that on the eve of san Juan the portals of the supernatural world open) if he sat down below a willow tree right at 12 holding a guitar the devil will help him play the guitar and that this would also be the good time to make a pact with the devil.

That night my uncle rode his bike to the farm where he worked (Quillota is also known as the city of agriculture, and almost all of my mom's family worked in this land) the farm was very dark and the only light was the moonlight, my uncle spotted one of the many willow trees in the land and sat down below the tree with a guitar just as the person had instructed him to do so, and as he told me he sat down and started to play with the strings in the guitar, laughing he yelled "come on devil help me!" He looked at his watch and it struck twelve, then he felt really cold, and just as he was about to leave he felt two freezing cold hands grab his, place them on the guitar and started to play perfect melody, my uncle stood up and he urinated and pooped himself, then as he was about to run, a tall (as tall as a house) figure of a man smiled at him, exposing his golden teeth.

My uncle told me this story and swore to me that it was true, he told me that we shouldn't play with the supernatural because it is very serious and it could harm anyone who dares to play with it's power, my uncle has never recovered from this experience and thanks to that night the restless spirits will not let him live his life in peace.

Deysi Aguilera, Copyright 2010

My Experiences

When I was little, I started having weird experiences. At this time I was about 3 years old and we lived in an old house in Orange County, California. I would see dark masses in the corners of my room and the mobile above my crib would spin by itself. I lived with my mom and dad at the time and they later told me they would hear weird noises or wake up and see people on their walls and ceiling. I definitely believe that house was haunted.
I moved out of that house and into one in Fallbrook, California where I had one of my creepiest experiences ever. I was laying on the couch when I slowly started to float to the ceiling. I didn’t know what was going on but I managed to stay calm. I could see my body on the sofa but I was asleep, and I

Monday, May 17, 2010

Banging on the Window

I was around six years old when it happened. My Brother was asleep at our friends house next door. I was lying on the top bunk of my bunk bed as my step-dad was downstairs cleaning the dishes. I was just dozing off facing away from my window when all of a sudden someone was thumping against my window very hard as though they were trying to get in desperately. I did not dare turn around in case I would have nightmares, so I just stayed still pretending I was asleep hoping he or she or it would go away. When it stopped, I looked at my window to find lots of hand prints on my window. I rushed downstairs to tell my step-dad what had just happened but he told me I was just dreaming and to go back up to bed. (Typical) From this day on I never knew what went on there. I no longer live in that house though.

Another experience was a few months ago, I was walking to my friends house when I see a wedding vehicle drive down my street. There was a bald man wearing glasses driving it. Ten minutes later I'm walking up past Asda about half a mile away from my house when I see the same car with the same driver pull out of the opposite street. I thought it was maybe a coincidence and forgotten about it until I saw it again! About another half a mile up the road. Weird huh?

Sent in by Kieran Jobling, Copyright 2010

My Old Home on Easton

When I was still a baby my mom and dad bought a house on Easton. It was a big home, perfect for a family of four… my mom, dad, brother, sister and me (of course). The basement was the weirdest part as well as the upstairs, I always felt like something was there with me. I remember asking someone in my family to walk me to the bathroom at night cause I felt that something was watching my from behind. At the age of 12 my brother was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. My family spent most of the time going back and forth from Cornwall to Toronto Ontario for operations in chemo. After awhile the cancer was cured. But at the same time my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died when I was 8 years old. That’s when everything started happening. On a trip to the grocery store

A Dark Intruder

A few short years ago, I was homeless and destitute. I had no job, no money, no wage benefits of any kind.
I spent most of my days walking around the city looking for a place to sleep for the night and trying to keep food inside myself and the odd luxury of a pouch of cheap tobacco and cigarette papers. I had a few friends who I would occasionally meet up with and ‘crash’ on their couch’s for a day or two before moving on.
I knew I was being a drain on them, so I tried to never stay in the same place for too long. Nights when I couldn’t hook up with my buddies I would just find an abandoned apartment block or warehouse and curl up there instead.
I hold a dual American/Canadian citizenship so I often found myself in either downtown Vancouver or in the Seattle area, In

Imagination or Fact?

Imagination or fact? You Decide And Tell Me…
My uncle Albert who was and still has a key role in the group died last May 8th 2009 In Albany Medical Center with a blood clot to the brain. Albert was 64 years of age. He passed at 10pm Friday night. Now it was hard. He lived with us and was like our best friend.
Well it was around 10 am Tuesday morning May 5th when I was upstairs and Albert was downstairs. It was quite down there so I went down to see what was going on. The TV was on and Albert was in the bathroom. I sat in the kitchen for awhile and went next door to my cousins house. Which was only across the hall. I sat there and talked with her for about 15 minutes or so. I went back to my apt. and the bathroom door was

Dark Shadow on Web Cam

It was almost six in the evening when me and my husband just started to chat... he's working abroad so it is our everyday routine to chat 'til we go to sleep, that time... I just opened my cam and was waiting for him to accept it as he was busy preparing his meal, I was viewing my own cam. I saw something in front of my viewed image... it was a shadow, something like a huge flying object. I thought I was seeing a shadow of a big butterfly... but why on cam? I asked myself. I don't see anything flying around me though... then the shadow went at my back... it seems like something dropped a bit far from my behind. I turned my back, but nothing was there... then looking at my own image on the monitor there again the dark shadow at my back forming like human, I was shocked, but I managed to ask him "who are you?"

Still looking at my monitor cam the image seems coming forward then I turned my back as I felt my hair standing. I got up from my seat then the black shadow suddenly disappeared. I looked at the monitor. My husband just accepted my invitation to view my cam. I asked him if he saw it... asking me back... "saw what?" then I told him about it, he told me to  pray. I knew it wasn't something from the computer as it was my first time experience after having been chatting for about a year now, and I got so scared that I moved my computer out of our room to our living room.

Sent in by Elaine, Copyright 2010

Community Cemetery

Hi everyone, I love reading your stories.
In the summer of 1970 seven kids in our neighborhood (one was my sister) went hiking in the woods near where we grew up. This hike ended at the Community Cemetery about 1/2 mile by road from our house.
Since they went through the woods they came out at the back gate, when they got there they were hot and decided to go inside to cool off and rest before they started back to the house.
This cemetery was always strange to me, it’s always cool no matter how hot it is there is a cool breeze blowing inside the gates.
As the kids went in they noticed that under hill between 2 trees there was a casket with a blanket over it, they went a little closer to see if they could tell who all was there. When they could see through the trees they noticed

Shadows Dreams and a Demon

All of my life I had dreams of bad things that were to happen, one time I dreamt that a friend of mine along with my ex was to be hit by a car and 3 weeks later they were.
Then it started, at first it was just every couple of days I would see shadows following me. Then it became an everyday thing, I would feel as though I was being watched; I’d see shadows following me everywhere and I couldn’t block them out.
Then one night I was staying over at a friends house (Sammy) when her parents were out at a party. I woke up screaming, I could see one of the shadows stood at the window approaching me and watching me. Sammy let out a little squeal and flicked the light on. “What was that?” She turned round to me, I looked to her in shock “don’t say

What is Happening to Me?

I’m 25 and very aware of my surroundings. I have always felt presences, heard things, seen things move/shadows. Never have I had a clear experience where I actually seen something, but I still had experiences related to that.
A year ago, as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I felt a warm/soft hand grab my wrist and hold my arm, which was pulled in the air. I was on my side, with my arm on my side. As it grabbed me, I felt my body… more like my spirit, turn… it pulled me by the arm. So, my head was where my feet were and my feet were towards the headboard. I couldn’t move, couldn’t open my eyes, couldn’t talk. I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. My face was up, eyes were closed and I could feel something looking at me. I had a strong feeling as if

The Girl in the Mirror

One day before I moved in a house my mom and dad were talking to the Realtor and I was bored. So to entertain myself I went upstairs for no reason. I looked around and I heard a female voice saying a language like mine. I didn't understand what she said so I continued in a big room and I saw a mirror leaning on a wall.

I looked in the mirror and saw a faint form of a girl. I looked closer and she came out of the mirror and stared at me. Her blue eyes confused me and I stared at them. I couldn't stop staring. A force went inside me and I thought she was doing something to my body. She disappeared leaving me and the mirror alone until I saw one of my eyes blue. That blue eye was hers.

The next day I went to the mirror and stared at it. Nothing happened. I went back still staring at the mirror until I saw her by the windows of the attic. She ran towards me and I backed up. Then, she pushed me on a mattress I never noticed before. She disappeared again. Her force was like a... ghost. A poltergeist I think because of the force she had.

I called my friend and we both went to the attic. We saw nothing. He said he had to go, but once he left I saw her again but this time closer.

A fake you say? No! It is a real ghost! She walked up to me and... kissed me on the... lips. I fell to the ground.

I woke up in the hospital and I saw my mom and dad and my brother and sister. "Are you okay?" my mom said. "I... what happened?" I said. "Kevin found you on the ground without breath." my dad said. "Do you remember anything?" my sister said. I shook my head. Ever since that day I never go upstairs alone.

Sent in by Daniel, Copyright 2010

Missing My Sister

My sister died on November 5, 2009 from a very long battle with Lupus and other related illnesses. I was with her the day before she was placed on life support, sitting on and near her bedside, trying to pass the time and not acknowledge her imminent passing. During our visit, my sister asked me (for a third time) to be sure to raise her daughter, should anything happen to her. I said of course, I will. I did not want to continue our conversation, because I did not want to face the possibility of her death. Looking back, I wish that I would have reassured her more.
The next day, she was placed on life support, as she could no longer breathe on her own. She was on life support for 7 days, and I stayed with her at her bedside each day. Thursday night, she had a procedure to

I Don't Want to Die

I work in a call center, and during our free minutes when calls are really scarce, what we normally do is chat. And believe it, there are only three topics that is commonly talked about in a call center sales floor: Sex, the government and Ghost stories. This is about the last entry.

My agent Mark had a cousin (Boyet). They grew up together, slept in each other's houses, shared the same school and go out on barkada trips. Basically, they're inseparable.

Then an unfortunate accident came. While Boyet was driving his motorcycle on his way home one day, another motorcycle driver dared him to race. Boyet obliged and when the other driver saw him winning, he kicked the rear part of Boyet's bike. Boyet wasn't able to control his bike and he accidentally hit a post in a grassy area; head first and parts of his brain splattered on the edge of the post.

Boyet was rushed to a nearby hospital but never survived the crash.

Mark never believed what he heard when he got back from school; he even wondered why there are lights on his cousin's house and asked whose birthday it was. He even jokingly said that it's impossible and that one should never joke around with that kind of news but when he saw his cousin's coffin, the thought finally sank in and the manifestations began.

During his wake, strange noises would be heard from his room, doors would continuously open and close and dogs wouldn't stop from howling.

One evening, Mark dreamt of his cousin. In his dream, he told his cousin "Yet, patay ka na ah..(yet, you're already dead.)"  Boyet replied "yeah, too bad". Mark woke up to transfer to his mom's room but was surprised when his younger sister opened the door like she was expecting someone and angrily told her "bakit ba kanina ka pa katok ng katok?(why do you keep knocking on the door?)" He told her that it wasn't him and told them that he wants to stay in their room because he just dreamt of his dead cousin. Suddenly his sister told her "makikitulog ka na nga nagsama ka pa, sino yang kasama mo?you want to sleep with us with a companion? who're you with?)" shocked; they both ran under the covers.

The day of the funeral came with a heavy downpour. The village elders stated that this is a sign that Boyet doesn't want to go over the other side yet. They waited for the rain to subside and proceeded with the funeral march with umbrellas, but the funeral hearse broke down and surprised the driver because they just had the vehicle tuned up the previous day. The relatives, who still want to proceed with the funeral carried Boyet's coffin to have it blessed. Surprisingly, when they arrived at the church, its doors are closed (to think that the church expects a funeral blessing on that day). They opened the doors of the church but the moment they had the coffin ready, a strong gust of cold air suddenly blew and slammed the doors shut. "A bad omen," the elders said.

Still, they managed to have Boyet's remains blessed and had it buried in the town's cemetery but his apparitions never stopped. Others would claim that they can see his ghost at his old room during the night, and strange noises can still be heard.

Maybe he doesn't want to die yet. Maybe he refused to die.

By Paul Deveza, Copyright 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Have Had a Demon Encounter

I know that people will say that this is stupid and I was just high or something so keep reading to here it all before you make a decision.

It all started when me and a couple of friends would go up to what we called the slate dump to huff gasoline and then my step fathers sister started going and that is when it all got weird. I was up there alone with my step fathers sister one day huffing when it felt like my head had went threw the gas tank on my motorcycle. Then I looked up and she was standing there looking down, but when she looked up her eyes was really pale looking and she had this like look at me to join her or something. I looked at her and really got scared and jumped off my motorcycle and I could feel hair and my teeth grow but the hair grew all over my body and then I finally came threw like 15 minutes later or whatever happened.

Then I started taking counseling because of this. It scared me that bad. So I had stopped doing the gas thing or flat out anything then I was in the bed at my grandmothers house which I had lived with her all my life, and nothing at all was ever weird at her house. But see this girl use to write letters to the devil and to her dead mother. Then she had came up to my grandmothers house to stay all night plus it was about a year later and I was in the bed then I heard something and I went to the guest room to see what it was and the same thing happened to me again except the were no drugs or huffing gas involved at all. Now she has died and her baby sister has come out and said exactly what happened to me has happened to her. So take it how you will but I know what happened.

By Ernest White, Copyright 2010

Baseline Street Panic

This event took place more then a few years ago. In the City of Rialto, California. There is a street called Baseline which my family and I used to get home.

This happened late at night (typical), but my mother was driving and I was sitting in the passengers seat just counting down the seconds until I would be able to lay my head on my pillow which awaited me.

We were talking, passing time and trying to enjoy each others company. All of a sudden I panicked and yelled, "STOP!" I swear I thought my mom was just inches away from hitting a woman running across the street.

My mom slammed on her breaks and said "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" I was confused and nervous. I opened my eyes and took a good look around... I did not see a single thing or person for miles.

After my mom got the car started I told what I seen and this is exactly what I saw... A woman dressed in all white but not glowing, she looked older and had white hair and pale skin but I can not remember any facial features. Just a woman in white darting in front of my mothers car on Baseline Road.

By Yoly Kelso, Copyright 2010

Deer and Reincarnation?

I became fascinated with the paranormal about two years ago. I can naturally say that I am a skeptic, when they say that all a skeptic is is someone who simply hasn’t had their own paranormal experience yet. I haven’t. My sister has claimed to have paranormal experiences both in the past and still today; although, she never tells me what they are. I do not blame her for keeping them to herself, as I am sure they are very personal in nature.
My wife and I are from Omaha, but my family owns 80 acres up in northeast Nebraska, and my grandparents always told us growing up that the land was blessed and that we would always be safe there. Well, being a little kid, this not only made me feel safe, but also a little scared, knowing there was always something watching me. Both grandparents and all their sons

Unknown Thing

I had one experience in this building where I lived. I didn't live there very long needless to say.

It was on the second floor in a old time building, with a Window in front of my bed. I was not high.I am not a nut!

I Woke to the alarm saying 3:59 and tried to sit up for a cig but couldn't move and Looked out the window. I could tell the time of day by the light coming in. I woke to a tall dark caped image looking at me, just staring.

The smell was like rotted potatoes, and there was a haze that was like dry ice. I was frozen for several minutes in fear and could not turn on a light for comfort.Then as fast as it came in it faded slowly away. I sat up turned the light on and nothing was there, but the smell. I Stayed up the rest of the night looking for the smell and never found any sign of anything having a bad smell. By noon that day it went away.

By Karan, Copyright 2010

Ghost in My House?

I had just watched a program about religions and was talking with my mum about whether God exists or not because I don't see any evidence, mum said that she knows there is an afterlife but whether its heaven or hell she doesn't know. We both believe in spirits so I thought perhaps there is a God who created a spirit world similar to how ours looks maybe, mum agreed that I could be right and she told me about her encounter with a ghost or spirit:

She said that late at night when the rest of us were asleep she went out to go to the toilet and she bumped into something but there was nothing in front of her and it wasn't me or dad as we would have remembered and mum would have seen us. Maybe the reason we have had encounters with spirits and ghosts is because our world and the spirit world are so alike they may cross paths and create like a 4th dimension or a twilight zone between the two worlds, what are your views?

Also this may be unrelated but for four days in a row I heard sounds at 3 am, it started as a banging of a wooden gate outside then the sound of the creaky bathroom floor and then like a pitter patter of bird feet on our conservatory roof, they all came in one after another and played all together for about five minutes then stopped all of a sudden, that was about a month ago now and I haven't heard anything since. I would like to try and connect with the spirit in this house but I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. Help would be appreciated thanks.

By Jana, Copyright 2010

Two Heads that Looked at My Mom

Hello, I have a short story to share. I’m Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam. My father fought in the Civil war with the U.S. After the U.S. force withdrew, the communists imprisoned my father for seven years. During the time, my mom had to take care of three kids (I was not yet born) under the tight economy. Working extremely hard to raise money and kids, she had very little time to do the regular chores. So, my mom often performed these tasks at night when all my siblings are deeply asleep at night.
Our house had a built bathroom outside the backyard. We had a well in the backyard and a small outdoor tub next to the well for bathing.
One night, she was washing the kids clothes right next to the well where she retrieved the water from. There was no light. We were poor and could not afford

Haunted Cries from Cold Mountain

The Story begins when my family and I are at somewhere far away in Alaska (I don’t want anyone to know the location of this mountain) on a summer trip with my favorite uncle Tommy in his rented cabin, my dad and I are going to get some wood the old fashion way instead going to the small town almost near our cabin to get some logs there for the fire place. That creepy night, my family and I hear strange wolves howling at exactly 12 am then suddenly stops at 3:33 am, it keeps happening almost every single freaking night man. One night, while we were all downstairs together (Its a huge Cabin with a bunch of windows and rooms, its like a 2 story house made of wood), we hear loud thumping sounds upstairs dragging something that CAME FROM MY ROOM!, we came up and saw nothing, we

Virginia Prison Spirit

I was in prison for a two year sentence and by then had been getting back into reading the bible and rethinking my life. I’m not some easily convinced person when it comes to the paranormal, and would say that even spiritual experiences should be tested and thought through using a little common logic, reason, psychology and an understanding of human behaviors and surrounding conditions.
I was on the second tier at the Powhatan correctional prison in Virginia. We were all locked down for the night. They have these huge fans that you can hear running like generators just outside the cells somewhere. I was on the bottom bunk of a two man cell. I was laying down fetal position facing the wall. My cell mate was sleeping above me.
As I lay there, I started to drift asleep when suddenly I felt

The Man Next Door

A few years ago, I was spending the night at my best friends place for most of the night we had just been watching movies, joking around and talking boys, like most teenagers.

It must of been around 12am when I decided to go out the front for a smoke, it was fairly cold and eerie, no cars had past the street the entire time I had been outside smoking, which I found odd considering she lived on a main road.

A few minutes had past and I had this strong urge to look to the side of me, focusing on the house next door. Leaning against the fence was an older man, must of been in his early 80's at least. He wasn't looking at me, all his attention was directed in front of him towards the road. He didn't seem to notice I was watching him.

Usually people would shrug this off and think nothing of it, but it being so late and nobody else being around and being the age he was I knew something wasn't right. As I studied him, I realized he had a faint gray mist around him, almost like little gray dots forming the mist, I realize how insane that sounds but it's the truth. I lost focus when the front door swung open, my friend wondering why I'd been taking so long. I pointed towards the fence and was about to say something but he was gone. Instead of just shrugging it off, thinking nothing of it, I asked her who lived next door and explained to her the man I had just seen. My friend had no reaction, her face just going a little whiter than usual. She then explained to me, the man who lived there had passed away 3 weeks before. It was just his wife living there now.

By Rhianna, Copyright 2010

Is My Brothers Room Haunted?

When my brother was 5 he went to sleep and after a couple of hours he woke up to find an old lady hovering in his room!

He was scared at first and thought it was his mind playing tricks on him, but when he came down stairs in the morning and told my mother what he had seen, my mother instantly thought that it could have been her Nana (my great Nana) as the old lady had black curly hair and no legs (because she had a operation on them when she was alive). The old lady was waving at my brother and he hid under his blanket, although he thought it wasn't real.

This story is true, my brother hasn't seen any other strange ghostly figures since and he is 7 now. So do you think it was his mind playing tricks on him or do you think it was my great Nana?

Sent in by aqua, Copyright 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Family Beach-side House

When I was 9, we moved to a beach-side neighborhood that was old, and ghost experiences there were almost like a dime a dozen. Some of my family had experiences that later convinced them our house was haunted. The house we moved into had a creepy feeling of being watched at night. It had a dark basement and our dog never voluntarily went there, where my older brother and older sister had their own rooms.
First some strange things that happened:
My big sister was woken up from a nap by someone knocking on the bedroom door. She called out to come in, but nothing happened. She was home all alone.
I was having a sleepover in my brother’s room after he moved out, and woke up in the middle of a restless sleep to the door knocking with passion. (This was kind of like a crappy door made of wood with a

Haunted Home In Danby Vermont

I am writing this as solid proof of paranormal activity in Danby, Vermont. I know it’s not Wallingford, Vermont. However this one location is very close to this town. I have to keep the location undisclosed due to client preservation.
This is a very old and large house on Rt 7 in Danby. A dear close relative of my fiancé, who was born and raised in Danby Vermont, told the group of this happening. She told us this:
Her grandfather who was very religious and never believed in paranormal activity ever… went to this house to do an electrical job for the owner of the house. He was working there in a room upstairs on an outlet when he noticed something from the corner of his eye. He looked again and saw a man hanging from the ceiling of that very same room above him. The figure was solid and he thought

Is it Possible for Me to be a Medium?

Ok, well when I was 5 1/2 my grandmother whom I was very close to had passed away. She was my favorite person in the whole world. About a year later my mother was taking pictures of my little sister on the couch. My sister was only 3 month old when my grandmother passed. So she really didn't know her. Anyway, two months later when the pictures developed in the pictures, you could see the form of my grandmother.

A little while after that, I began having these weird dreams about a little girl names Lisa, who was murdered in our house. She came coming up to me saying she wanted me to leave. She told me to tell my family to move out. Well, shortly after I told my family that, we decided to go on vacation to my aunts house.About two days after we left, a bad ice storm came through our city, and the ice storm ripped apart our house. If we hadn't left we would probably have been killed.

Every now and then I still get dreams about Lisa, but nothing very serious.

But just a couple weeks ago I was having a sleep over with two of my Wiccan friends. We decided to go outside and do a few spells. So I grabbed my candles and headed out to my porch. As we started with a few light spells. My friend suggested me see if we could make a spirit talk through one of us. They chose me. I started speaking in a British accent.Apparently they said I said my name was Lisa. And I blacked out from there. My friends recorded me saying I was going to kill them and such. After I came back we just disregarded the spirits warning. But yesterday my friend was in a terrible car accident. I was so scared. but she pulled through. And yesterday I got a "vision" that I was running through a field of yellow flowers. I don't have any clue what this means.

Written by Danielle Fay, Copyright 2010

Terror House in Ohio

It all started in Conneaut, Ohio. I am 12 now. I was 11 at the time. My mom decided she wanted to live in this creepy house in the country. I for one didn't really care. It had been about 2 months when my experience started. My mom started earlier.  She was just sitting on her bed when she heard my step-sister and her grandmother arguing. She went to go check and everyone were just asleep and snoring. Then she heard a dog growling outside her door. My little brother started fidgeting so she knew he heard it too. She could hear it's paws going back and fourth. So, she got on her knees and stated saying a prayer and it stopped.

Then, that same night my step-grandmother heard a dog. It's growling was so loud and terrifying that she hid under her covers can you believe that! Then, books were falling rapidly off the shelf. She could hear them being tossed around by the dog. All of a sudden she felt the dog run over her leg and saw it run in the computer room. She sleeps on the floor by the way.

Then I kept on seeing figures in the hallway. I knew they were watching us. I was watching the figure and my step-sister went out the room and it followed her. I got out the bed and followed it. I was watching her in the kitchen and it was creeping in on her. I quickly ran in but when I ran in it disappeared but we did here growling  sounds after. She didn't question me after though.

I still see the figure sometimes. I know he still watches me because I stuck up my middle figure and it growl at me. We finally moved and I thank god we did.

Sent in by August, Copyright 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Help Please with Strange Presence

I’ve lived in Tasmania all my life I am 22 years old. I moved to Richmond whilst I was pregnant nearly 3 years ago. The home we rented was beautiful sand stone home merely 5 minutes from the old grave yard and old geol. Richmond is known to be incredibly old and apparently 95 percent of places are haunted there including the pub.
On with my story I WAS a total non believer in the paranormal etc. The first few nights we stayed at our new home was fine a little eerie but nothing to serious, then after at least 3 weeks little thing I noticed kind of creeped me out, for example, I put the brush on my dresser near my bedroom door one day and went out for lunch with a friend, when I came back it was on the floor. I didn’t take much notice thinking it might

Mary Kitchens Road

Here is another Pensacola area story. Sorry, Jim… Again! Garcon Point! A little history needs to be told. I never saw any thing “but”… I heard this, for lack of a better word, noise, screech, I don’t know.
I have heard two different versions of this story.
One: Mary Kitchens was brutally murdered on a road on south Garcon Pt. Another she was killed in a car crash. I do not know which is true… sorry!
This happened three times when I was by myself, I would hear a screeching woman! It sounded like someone being tortured. I would be standing on my girlfriends front steps smoking a cigarette and hear this God awful shrieking!
At first I thought, coyotes, peacocks. I didn’t know what was making that noise! I was friendly with my girlfriends neighbors, so I asked around about the “screeching”. They looked at me like I was crazy so I dropped

Was My Grandpa Knocking?

It was 2001 or 2002 my junior or senior year of HS my grandpa had been living with us for about a year hospital bed and all due to cancer. Everything happened quick when he passed.

The viewing was a day before the funeral so after the viewing my sister, then about 10, stayed with my aunt that night. I had no choice but to go to work that night. I got home at around midnight. The house was silent. Sister gone. My dog asleep on my bed and mom and dad asleep in there bed. No TV or radio on. As soon as I get in my friend John calls my phone to tell me he just got back from vacation and heard about my grandpa. I go smoke a "cigar " with him outside (he'd called from my driveway) we sat and talked for what seemed like hours. I go back inside after alone.

I was a bit out of it so the first thing I did was make a plate of leftovers and go to my room. I started stuffing my face and was interrupted by repeated knocking on my door. I tried to say hold on! just a minute, but even while I was opening the door the knocks were still very loud and clear up to the point I realized no one was there. A feeling came over me quick that can't be described. Frozen and covered with goosebumps with my jaw dropped. I freaked and checked every room in the house. I had no what if to fall back on and no explanation. BTW my grandpa used to knock like that on my door to get a rise outta me. What you think?

Sent in by mik, Copyright 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trouble with Shadow People

Towards the end of last summer me and my best friend were walking home from our friend’s house. He only lives about a block from my house so I am allowed to walk there and back at any time. We just turned off his street and on to mine when we got this uneasy feeling. I knew something was wrong and so did she. It felt as if someone was following and watching us as we took every step. There was no street lights for a 30′ radius but the  moon was bright and we could see no one was there. But we could feel them around us, and then we saw shadows dart from one side of the street to the other. I am a strong believer in the paranormal and such, and she was some what into it. It takes a lot to scare me usually and all

Was My Grandpa Knocking?

It was 2001 or 2002 my junior or senior year of HS my grandpa had been living with us for about a year hospital bed and all due to cancer. Everything happened quick when he passed.

The viewing was a day before the funeral so after the viewing my sister, then about 10, stayed with my aunt that night. I had no choice but to go to work that night. I got home at around midnight. The house was silent. Sister gone. My dog asleep on my bed and mom and dad asleep in there bed. No TV or radio on. As soon as I get in my friend John calls my phone to tell me he just got back from vacation and heard about my grandpa. I go smoke a "cigar " with him outside (he'd called from my driveway) we sat and talked for what seemed like hours. I go back inside after alone.

I was a bit out of it so the first thing I did was make a plate of leftovers and go to my room. I started stuffing my face and was interrupted by repeated knocking on my door. I tried to say hold on! just a minute, but even while I was opening the door the knocks were still very loud and clear up to the point I realized no one was there. A feeling came over me quick that can't be described. Frozen and covered with goosebumps with my jaw dropped. I freaked and checked every room in the house. I had no what if to fall back on and no explanation. BTW my grandpa used to knock like that on my door to get a rise outta me. What you think?

Sent in by mik, Copyright 2010

Black Eyes

I have had various encounters with the paranormal throughout my life, but recently I had something unusual happen that I don’t understand.
On a recent Sunday morning, my husband and I stopped by our local pet mega-store for something for the cat in our lives. As we were getting back into our car to leave, I noticed an older woman who was getting into the car that was facing our car. As I glanced in her direction, I was shocked to discover that where her eyes should have been, there were two pitch black holes. The holes were bigger than her actual eyes would have been, they were more like sideways ovals that extended from the top of where her eyes should have started to about the middle of her cheeks.
I thought I must be seeing things, so I looked back at her. The black holes had gotten smaller and were

My First Apparition Who is She?

I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal, but I’m also the type of person who needs proof that ghosts are real and quite honestly I still don’t know despite my little encounter. Could it all be in my head? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Those are the questions I ask myself every time I think about it.
Anyway, a few months ago, I began to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night to always see this bright light passing over me. I’d wake up and look around and go right back to sleep, not worrying about what it could be. For a while, this bright light was something that just slipped my mind. Perhaps I was dreaming?
Then one day, I’d just gotten home from work and I was relaxed, sitting on my bed when I noticed my cat was acting stranger than usual… staring up at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dauphin Island Haunting

Dauphin Island Specters – The Haunting of Dauphin Island
Early French explorers originally dubbed it Massacre Island for the mounds of sun-bleached bones that they found there. What they didn’t realize was that they had disturbed a sacred Native American burial ground that is rumored to be watched over by supernatural specters at night.
Since that “spirited” beginning, the whispers and shadowy folklore surrounding Dauphin Island, Alabama and its resident apparitions have grown and continue to this day.
According to the Islanders, the ghosts at the prehistoric Indian Shell Mound Park are to be respected. Filled with cottonmouth water moccasins that lurk in the shadows of giant, ominous live oaks and a thick canopy of Spanish moss and foliage, the Shell Mound is creepy by day. But after dark it can be down right terrifying. Legend says that late at night you can hear Indian maidens singing to the beat of tribal drums

A Different Kind of Ghost?

This is the true story of my dad’s experience of a very different kind of ghost.
I am sure that there are different types of ghost; going from the accounts of people’s experiences, there seem to be ghosts of people, animals and inanimate objects which appear to be just shadows or reflections of something or someone who was once there. There is normally no apparent reason for them to appear. Perhaps they are something like a mirage? Or “time-slip”? (I am thinking of the famous case of the Edwardian ladies who found themselves spectators in the 18th-century for a time during a visit to the palace of Versailles.) There are also similar phantoms from the past, but this time with perhaps a reason for their appearance, such as strong emotions or a tragedy. They are often said to appear on the anniversary of a particular event but, like the other sort,

Its in my House and Will Not Leave

I had a pretty normal day at school that day. I did what I normally do. But I had taken one of my friends pills to see if I could get messed up.
Nothing really happened during the day. It was fairly normal. But I had started to get really sleepy. Okay lets fast forward to night time.
I stay at my aunts house. My uncle had died in that house in 2005. I have always had the feeling that he was still there. And my friends have too. Every time I brought someone over to the house they felt as if someone were watching them. I have always felt that way too.
Well that night I had taken that pill (it was adoral) I had a weird feeling that someone was watching me. Now, I sleep in the basement room. Away from everyone in the house and there are no windows in

Strange Music Box

I'm not sure if this is really a ghost story, but it is strange and is the only strange thing I have ever experienced.

This happened in the mid-90s when I was 25. I used to have this jewelry box/cabinet that also played music when you would wind it up. It was like a small cabinet, with a glass door on one side and 4 small drawers on the other side. The music would only play if you opened the bottom drawer and it had been wound up.

I lived alone at the time and I had the jewelry box sitting on top of a dresser drawers in my bedroom. I hadn't touched it or wound up the music mechanism in ages, it was pretty much just sitting there collecting dust.

Then, one night in the middle of the night, I was awoken by it playing all by itself. Needless to say, it freaked me out and I spent the rest of that night with all the lights and the TV turned on.

I have no idea what caused this. My grandmother had died earlier that year and I often wonder if it was her trying to contact me. I'm not 100% sure if I remember correctly, but I believe it was she that gave me that jewelry box.

Anyway, that's my story. Not particularly scary, but strange and I still wonder why it happened. Maybe there is some logical explanation, or maybe there wasn't, I have no idea.

Sent in by Cookies, Copyright 2010