Friday, December 31, 2010

Sleep Paralysis and Old Hag

I used to have sleep paralysis a few times when I was about 23 - 25 of age. I was living on my own in that time and had quite stressing period in my life. There were some similarities with all of these occasions.

First there was a dream, quite normal, feeling almost real, I was in bus, in supermarket or where ever with a lot of people and then really suddenly there was an old woman, an old hag, turning quickly and looking at me like saying "You are going to die, right now!"

In that moment I always woke up. Or my eyes opened, but I found out I couldn't move. I felt so tired but that I must not fall back to sleep or I would die. Sometimes I could see things like my covers floating. Once I saw a little boy sitting in the end of my bed and once I felt someone touching my knee. It always felt like a struggle to get my body moving and not fall back to sleep. It was horrifying.

The first time I thought it was just a scary dream. But then it happened again and again. I didn't tell anybody because I was afraid to be considered crazy. Then I got the idea to Google sleep paralysis. In that time (about seven years ago), it wasn't that common to Google things yet.

I haven't seen that old hag for many years now and hope I never will.

Sent in by Eva, Copyright 2010

Bad Dream or a Ghost?

When I was 10 years old I was sleeping and for some reason it felt like people were punching me but no one was in my room. My door was very loud and I would wake up if I heard it so I was sleeping and suddenly I was being punched by nothing. I wasn't sure what it was but I told my mom and dad about it and they said it was a dream but I didn't believe them because how could you feel punching if there's no one there.

So the next day I went back to sleep and nothing happened. I was very scared something was going to happen so I just went to sleep.

At age 11 I went to sleep in my room at like 2:35 and I locked the door. And I went to sleep when I was trying to wake up I couldn't like I was trying to move away from the pillow but my head just kept pulling me back I was trying all my force but no use but then I could finally wake and it was 4:00 and I was so scared because I must have been doing that for at least 1 hour.

Sent in by Victoria, Copyright 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Ghost Closed the Door?

I have never told anyone this story except for my family and I did not need to tell my friend because he also experienced this. When I was 9 and I still am I went to a camp called fitness for fun with my friend and he had to come over after the camp everyday and one day when we were eating our dinner and the door closed and it was not windy and it was the back door that opens out and the front door was closed.

When the back door was closed the kitchen door closed and it was like somebody closed it because it was pushed out and then it was closed in and me and my friend saw nobody there so we were totally freaked out and then my friend told me about his little sister was standing on a chair and somebody pushed her off it and nobody was there and this has happened to someone please tell me.

Sent in by Cian, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Possible Attack?

Last night I was up very late (around 2 am I went upstairs). The minute I turned off all the lights I could feel a strong presence around me. This freaked me out so I decided to go and sleep on the floor in my grandma's room. When I had almost fell asleep, I felt something grab my ankle and my right leg all the way up to my waist felt heavy, like there was something sitting on it. I forced it off and put up a makeshift spiritual barrier (I'm slightly psychic) and fell asleep.

I ended up having a very unsettling dream where I was with my friend and we ran upstairs because we heard screaming. Next thing I remember she's disappeared (I could feel she was dead though) and there was a very tall, pale man with sharp teeth and a horrible aura rushing at me swinging two long whips. I was struggling battling him and in a few seconds he was within touching distance and he whispered to me "Ha it figures you would be asleep when we actually faced." I tried biting him because he was so close and I suddenly woke up right before I could touch him.

I woke up very shaken and freaked out with the feeling that someone was watching me. My dog was sleeping right next to me (she never sleeps with me) and my mom told me that she had been whining and barking all morning and she hadn't left my side.

Sent in by Danielle Swichtenberg, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boy Demon

Before I tell you about my story I just want to let you know I'm 16 and I have mild insomnia.

This happened only last night. I moved into a house with my family and my mam is getting married but ever since I have been here I have noticed strange things. My friends father is the local historian for my town and told me where I live was a "workhouse" back during the famine (by the way I live in Ireland) well I always seen things in my house and although I am open to the paranormal and I can see and feel spirits there's one thing that has really scared me.

I woke up one night at 5:00 am and was stuck to my bed but I could move around but couldn't get up and I could speak! But I looked around my room to see if anyone was here and I looked to my door and clinging to my ceiling there was a boy about 13 looking at me with dark eyes and with a sinister grin (even now I feel uneasy and very upset for some reason).

If anyone can tell me what this boy was I would really appreciate it because I am beginning to notice it a lot lately. Its a shadow everywhere I go even in school....

Sent in by caintee, Copyright 2010

Ghosts of Windsor Castle

This castle is private of Queen Elizabeth 2nd has more than its share of ghostly tales. The queen sometimes leaves Buckingham Palace in London to spend time there.

[caption id="attachment_2088" align="alignright" width="259" caption="Windsor Castle"]Ghosts of Windsor Castle[/caption]

Windsor Castle is over nine hundred years old. Today it is the most largest castle in the world that people living in it. It also might be the most haunted castle there is. Some of the kings and queens who lived there sometimes turn up as ghosts.

People declare they hear King Henry 6 groaning and moaning as he drags himself up and down stairs (during his lifetime he had terrible sores on his legs). His daughter Elizabeth 1st seems to be haunting the castle as well. Some families say they hear Elizabeth's high heels clicking across the wooden floors. Soon her ghost appears and walks proudly through the library.

King George 3's ghost has been spotted gazing sadly out a window. And poor King Charles 1st whose head was cut off shows up in the library and in one of the other houses on the grounds. Some say bells in the Curfew Tower ring by them self.

Sent in by Joshlyn, Copyright 2010


Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Boy Vanished From Plain Sight

Went out on a Friday night with some friends and about 12 decided to have a movie night. Well about 3 am we all went to bed.

About 3:30 I was barely going to sleep and my cellphone vibrated. As I opened my eyes I saw a little boy at the foot of the couch looking at me and as I stared back at him he began to point towards the door. As I looked at him I told him no! and shook my head. As I said that he slowly vanished from plain sight. I still remember what he looks like. He was about 7 or 8, curly hair ,dressed in summer wear, a white tank top, blue cut shorts and a little dark complected.

I never returned to my friends house to investigate by browsing pictures or going online to see if there was a death in the apartment swimming pool but regardless it was eerie.

Sent in by Jay C., Copyright 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

True Stories of Paranormal Encounters from Everyday People

The Ghost Next Door: True Stories of Paranormal Encounters from Everyday People

Most people think of ghosts as rare, elusive creatures that are more or less inaccessible to the average Joe. Sure, we read about them, watch TV shows about them and tell stories about them, but we'll probably never run into one - right? Don't be so sure. Even if you've never personally encountered a ghost, chances are you know someone who has.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Restaurant Ghost

I have had my share of ghostly encounters over the years and have shared many of my experiences right here on this website!

I work in the Country Store at a local Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Last Sunday I was greeting guests and handing out samples of candy when I got a chill that ran down my arm and through my entire body. It is quite warm in the store during the day with so many guests shopping and sunshine streaming in the windows so that chill caught me quite off guard. A guest standing next to me must have felt it too, as she gave a sudden shiver.

A woman walked up to me and said, "A ghost just walked by you." She winked and walked away leaving me, to be perfectly honest, stunned... so either we have ghost at Cracker Barrel or something followed me to work....

Sent in by Patricia, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

St Charles Missouri USA Ghosts

Hey, My name is Nathan. Me and my friend were down on main street in Saint Charles, Missouri, USA (A very old historic town, and previous capitol of Missouri and it's known for being haunted but no one was ever able to capture evidence), around 2 and 3 in the morning, because we were down there Wednesday driving around when we came across a white anomaly, a little boy ghost who ran out in front of our car, and an old woman ghost (my friend saw this one but I didn't.)

Rail Way Ghosts

A long time ago in Chilton near Ferryhill there was a horrible train crash that killed a lot of orphaned children now the rail way tracks are gone and now are just fields with some farms in them in Chilton a farm near our farm near ours.

My brother told me that when he went for a walk with my uncle when he was little he say some little kids walking along then just vanishing before their eyes he asked my uncle why those kids looked like gremlins my uncle was just scared and took my brother home. My brother asked my mom and dad why they looked like gremlins they said stop been silly and blanked him. But our sister told us that there was a train crash there a long time ago with a lot of kids in the train So the kids were killed and mangled in the crash which has made them look like gremlins.

Now I don't know what to believe if ghosts exist or not but that story always sends chills down my spine.

Written by Robert Shipman, Copyright 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dark Energy

So, I have written about my initial experience with the supernatural, but this time I have no idea what's around.

Background: I'm in the military I live in the barrack's which for the most part are pretty crowded. Now since I've moved in I have always felt the energy of the populace living here. And recently I have recognized a noticeable difference in the energy surrounding us. It has become darker, heavy as though a water balloon is being pressed onto the us.

Now I have brought this up to my battle buddies and a few of them have admitted to feeling the same thing, while others have claimed to see something. Now I haven't seen anything I didn't pass off as reason but from what I gathered too people both female have reported seeing a shadow of somebody staring at them but when they give a second look it's gone.

The Van

One night actually one morning (3:00 in the morning) a friend and I decided to camp out in my family's conversion van. We were sitting and listening to music, we were sitting in the very back seat, and if you've seen a conversion can then you'd know that the very back seat has two seats in front of it. We heard noises like "BANG BANG" on the side of the van, I thought it was my brother, Travis, playing a prank so I yelled out his name. That same second that I yelled out his name, the back seat we were on jerked forward. And since our feet were on the seats on front of us our weight was leaned back so there was no way the seat could've moved because of us. We immediately sprung up and ran to the front of the van. We were terrified. It was only us in the van. We were so terrified that we held hands, and for your information, we're not lesbian so we don't hold hands often. We were extremely confused, what if something was in the van? Or what if something was outside? We didn't know what to do, so we decided to both run out the side door.

My Imaginary Friends

I don't remember this, but my mom told me stories about 'imaginary friends' I had when I was little.

From age 3 to about 5 I had 3 imaginary friends. I remember a lot of things from that age but I don't remember anything about this. I use to talk to them and play with them like they were real. My mom told me they lived at my grandmothers house, one under a chair, others went places with me. They had strange names, but they were the same friends until I stopped seeing them. She said I would have tea parties with them and answer them as if they were asking questions.

I wish I could find out if these were just imaginary friends or if they were actual ghosts. I do believe in ghosts, even though I've never seen any or had any strange experiences. The stories my mom told me that I don't remember make me curios, and I'm an open-minded person. I'm hoping to find out more about these friends. It really interests me.

Sent in by Kaylen, Copyright 2010

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The Promise

Ok, here it goes. I met my friend in 2000 the beginning of my senior year in high school, we were real close and he and I would always talk about how haunted the neighborhood was (I live behind a cemetery called Jacksonville Memorial Gardens in Orange Park, Florida). He told me that if he died he would come back and watch out for me.

I moved away after graduation for a short time and I came back and he would still tell me he would watch over me. Well, as life went on him and I saw each other less, because I had my boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. Well around Christmas time in 2005 I was sharing a room with my mom, and I would tell her I could hear a basketball up and down the street. She told me that it was probably the neighbors kids and I said at 3 am. So, knowing this she told me she believed that it was ghost.

Catlettsburg Kentucky

I'm only 12 but this is really creepy. Okay the history I know of this house my dad and step mom own, is that an elder lady died in the house. Plus a little girl did too.

One day I was with my sister Celeste, and we were watching Ghost Whisper on Ion. On a break, she said " Will you get my cake? Please?" Being younger I said sure. As I was getting her a plate I heard "Hey" but it was very faint. I returned, but forgot a fork for her. I went back and over the drawer there is a window to the outside. I looked out and I saw a little girl on the side walk. I thought nothing of it, because there are many kids in my neighborhood.

As I went to bed that night in my bunk bed, I looked up at the ceiling. There's a mark that I sometimes noticed that looks like a person a little. I stare at it and I pass out and have some sort of vision. In my vision I see a hospital hallway and it's very dim. In the hallway is a faint but noticeable figure.I can see it spine through it back. I jolt awake.

I've also been touched on the foot, whispered to, and saw faint figures.

Sent in by Caitlynn Price, Copyright 2010

Funny Ouija Board Story

All the stories here are very serious ( as they should be) but I thought I'd add my little funny story.

After my last Ouija Board experience (see Demon of The Ouija Board) I haven't touched one. But last summer my ex and I were at Toys 'R Us looking for a board game and I saw a Ouija board. She is very religious and would never consider touching anything like that. So I thought I would mess with her and recommend getting one. She gave a predictable no. And I mocked it a little, than I said "C'mon it's no big deal. Just like saying 'Are you there God, it's me Margarette'" well apparently the big guy didn't like that joke. The entire stack on Ouija boards falls into the floor.

Looking back it was kind of creepy but I laughed and picked them up and that was that

Sent in by Seth Clayton, Copyright 2010

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The Ouija Board Devils Magic

If you are a believer, like me than I need your help. I'm sure that you have heard about Ouija Boards and how really religious people say that they are 'devil magic' and stuff like that. Anyway, I have one of them, but I've never used it.

I bought a ghost book and it something in it on holding séances. That's where I found the thing. I'm thinking about using it. I know about the prayer and stuff. You say it before and after. I'm worried though because I've read stories about people getting cursed and haunted by demons. If we do use at my house I know that no evil spirits shall come because there are ghosts in my house, but they are ghosts of my family. I guess you could say that my mother and I have the 'gift'. We see and hear them. Human and animal alike.

Comment and tell me whether or not I should use the board. Thanks!

Sent in by Luna, Copyright 2010

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Scout Masters Ouija Encounter

I'm a boy scout and we like to tell stories around the camp fire. Inevitably, someone wants our scout master to tell his Ouija Board story. Here is how it goes.

He was about 17 at the time. His older brother was having his birthday and my scout master, lets call him Brad, came along. One of his brother's friends brought an Ouija Board and they were contacting spirits and the boys had done their research. They had names, birthdays, death days, anniversaries, and age. Brad and one other guy were the only ones really interested so they were contacting spirits alone. At the time the were talking to a young murder victim named Mary. All of a sudden, the room got very cold and they asked if Mary was still there. The board said no. Brad asked who are you. The triangle marker thing went to 666. Brad then asked, "Are you the devil?" It said yes. Brad was stupid and said,"Prove it." The board responded by saying, I don't have to." Brad then went screaming from the house.

I know this is true because one month he took us there and showed us the house.

Sent in by Andrew, Copyright 2010

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Strange Visit by Vampire Like Creature

Last year I was staying in a motel 5 hours from home. I woke to hearing loud music in my head. I was lying on my back in the bed and I saw a figure in a white coat sitting at the end of the bed. I don't think he was on the bed but further away yet the room was small. I couldn't move but I wasn't scared.

The figure moved incredibly fast to the right side of my bed but again it seemed further away. It then moved incredibly fast towards my bed. It looked like the a vampire from the really old vampire movies. Whitish gray. Body seemed hunched. I thought it was a vampire and I started to feel afraid. It bent down and I thought it was going to bite my neck but instead I felt air rushing into my mouth and I drifted back to sleep. I awoke in the same position on my back which is totally different to how I usually wake up.

For months I could not get this out of my mind as it was much clearer than a dream and the memory to this day has not faded. What was it a dream or an actual abduction. I really don't know.

By Lisa, Copyright 2010

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creepy Ouija Board Story

I was in high school and me and my girlfriend at the time decided to play the Ouija board, we played it a few times nothing to remembering happened. One day we decided to play we went to the basement covered all the windows lit 2 candles one on each side.

We didn't call any particular spirit, the spirit we contacted gave us his initials D.B.U, said he died in the war, he lived in California. So I continued to ask questions where at in California, he said San Diego. I then proceeded to ask what his full name was he said David B Utter, I asked if his wife was still alive he said yes. Not thinking much of it at the time a few days later I decided to look up the name on, and sure enough 1 listing come up on in San Diego, Ca and the middle initial was B. At this point I was freaked out and I never called the phone number to see if there was a connection or not, I'm 26 now I was probably 16 or 17 when it happened.

Sent in by Jon, Copyright 2010

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Demons in Our House?

My step-daughter is 15 and her best friend is 15 as well. Her best friend and her sister are staying with us right now because their mom was in an accident.

My step-daughter and her friend have been seeing something that is completely black with red eyes and it seems to be coming out of this one bedroom. The door to that room will swing open quickly and unexpectedly and it is really cold in there.

I keep trying to tell them that it is because we live in a really old house and that the draft will swing the door open.  However, the other morning I was asleep and I woke up to someone stomping through the house. The only problem was no one was there. I even called for my husband and went and checked all the doors and no one was there.

My step-daughter and her friend are very scared and I am starting to get that way as well. Can someone help us?

Sent in by Amy, Copyright 2010

Horrifying Dreams and Demonic Influence

It was back in April of this year when all of it started. (I'm 15 years old.) It began with the dreams. They were really strange, horrifying, and oddly realistic. Most of them had to do with demons or weird religious stuff. For example, in one of them, Satan was forcing me to eat copy paper. Another involved these weird wolf creatures chasing me through an airport and trying to put my mom into a trance. I had at least one nightmare most nights (and I still do). One day, I decided to tell my mom about the dreams, because they were really bothering me and I felt like I had to tell someone. We were in the car. When I began to tell her about the dreams, I started feeling really strange. I couldn't remember where I was, and I got the feeling that I was going out of my body.

To this day, my mom and I don't like to talk about it. As I write this, I feel shaky. I don't know what's wrong and I don't know how to make the dreams stop. Maybe I'm meant to be haunted by mean spirits forever...

Sent in by Raindrop, Copyright 2010

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Ghost Robber

So, I know this story title is corny, but this is a 100% true story. One day, me and my friend Dara were at my house. My grandma was sleeping, so we were basically home alone. We were hanging out in my room, when suddenly we heard what sounded like a baby crying. "That's probably my little brother Ezra." I said. "Wait. Ezra is not here." Then, we both heard whispering. And we stared freaking out. I bolted of the bed and shut the door and locked it. Then jumped back onto the bed. So we grabbed the nearest "weapons" we could find. ( A plastic baseball bat - Dara and a Barbie Magic Pegasus baton - me.) We slowly crept out of my room and into my empty dads room. No one there. We did the same thing all over the house.No one.But as we walked,we heard footsteps. We (me and Dara) think this spirit might have been Bloody Mary, she is known to be a mother.

Also one time in my basement, we were talking about Bloody Mary and the door opened by its self.  Then the lights went off. So please comment with advice and theories.

Sent in by Bella, Copyright 2010

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Isabella Imaginary Friend or Ghost?

So, this is my second story on this site. But this time, it isn't about me. It's about my baby sisters, Payton and Brooklyn (Brooke). They both claim to have a "friend". Her name is Isabella. But that's not even the scary part...

Payton's room has a door to the attic in it. Previous owners that have had this house say they've seen a little girl in a yellow dress with pink ribbons on it.

That's how my sister described it. She said she doesn't like my Mom or Brother. She said they're too mean. Payton sits in her room on occasion and talks to Isabella. How do I know this? I've physically stood by her door and she'll talk and... get a reply.

Brooke has gotten bit and scratched. She also randomly screams in the middle of the night for me. I have never seen her. But I think she IS there.

Can anybody help me? I think my sisters are both in danger. I always see a figure in my mirror if I'm home alone with the girls and they're napping. Please help me!

Sent in by Ally, Copyright 2010

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Haunted High School in Cherokee Nation

This story actually happened to my dad. I have had paranormal experiences but this one is freaks me out more. I live in the capital of Cherokee Nation. So as you can imagine there are a lot of freaky things that are around here with the trail of tears ending around here. The pow wow and stomping grounds are behind this school.

My dad was a security guard at the high school at night. He would walk around and make sure nobody's messing around at the school at night. One night he was sitting in his car doing some paper work when he looked up and seen an old Indian man dressed like a janitor looking through the old cafeteria doors at him. The janitors were usually gone by that time at night. So he got up and walked around and checked every door, all were locked, and the hallways and nobody was there. That school supposedly haunted by several ghosts.

I personally never attended that school. I'm glad I didn't though. There is an old building by that school, I don't remember what it is now but it used to be an insane asylum.

Sent in by Amanda, Copyright 2010

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brianne's Ghost Story

Well, I'm not sure if this a ghost or something, but I think my house is haunted. Well me and my family moved into a house and we were renting it and people have lived here before, so we don't know what happened before us, but one night me and my two friends were sitting and playing in the living room. My friend had just sat down and then we heard a knocking noise, and I thought she had knocked on the table or something but she didn't, so of course three teenage girls freaked out, and we started screaming, and my mom said it was nothing, so we believed her.

That was the last time we heard anything like that, but one day, in the summer, I had just got home from cheer practice and we have an attic door, and it was open, and I'm very positive it was closed when I left, and I always have problems with that door! The last major thing that happened in the house was I had a really bad dream one night, and I can hear when people are walking up the stairs, and I thought my dad was coming up the stairs to check on me, but nothing happened, and I said, "dad?" and no one answered, so I got out of bed, and tried to open the door but it felt like someone was pulling on the door and I couldn't get it open, so then I ran downstairs. That's all that's really happened, but I think other things will too.

Another thing, my mom has had paranormal activities happen to her too, so you never know! Thank you for reading!

Sent in by Brianne, Copyright 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny or Something Else?

Ok, last night I was reading through some of the stories (on ) and I got into a discussion with my mother and sister about some of what I had read (I actually submitted stories there before) And she was telling me about how she saw on Easter one night as a kid a tall rabbit in a tuxedo laughing and walking around and he disappeared after awhile, and my little sister claims she had seen the same exact thing just a couple years prior but since she used to believe in him back then she thought it was really him but of course now knowing he is not real this is pretty freaky to her. She told my mom before my mom told us of what she saw which makes it even crazier and chilling.

I am basically looking for answers and decided I would post it for you guys because if I went to a non paranormal site I would get ridiculed and bashed but I wanted to know because if two people have seen it.... there must be others right? Anyone have an explanation or perhaps have seen this as well?

Sent in by Winter, Copyright 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

An Awaited Return

My new home in Alaska seemed like the perfect place, until I got an unexpected visitor. I'd lost my partner a few months earlier due to a car crash when he was touring in Hawaii, and haven't had another boyfriend since. I have no kids or pets, so when I heard footsteps in my hallway, I knew something wasn't quite right. When I first moved into my new home in Alaska I absolutely loved it, the house, the people, they were so nice, and the view was just amazing. But a few weeks passed, and week by week things started to turn strange.

It was only little things at first, like disappearing mail and pots going missing, but it soon lead onto to stuff like windows opening my themselves and photo's being smashed on their own. It was a quite nice thought to begin with; the whole idea of sharing a house with a ghost was kind of exciting. Especially, as I thought it was my late boyfriend, letting me know he was still watching over me. But when the ghost started creeping into my bed at night and pulling off my quilt, I knew it was getting serious.

Demon Familiar Spirit

When I was young, eight to be exact, I thought my uncle was still in his old house. I later found out that it was a demon called a familiar spirit.

One night I was staying with my grandma as usual and saw something out the corner of my eye. I turned and it was gone. Later that day I went to the part of the house where my friend Amber lived and we played with her makeup. As if to be acknowledged a demon put blush on the wall. Her mom came in and yelled at us but we told her we didn't use the blush. She looked at us and could tell we hadn't touched it. I have never used blush since that night though I have plenty.

Another encounter was when I went to see my granddad in his room the light dimmed, they were the ones that you could twist to make the room brighter or darker, I never understood why it wanted to do that until 4 years had passed. There were many other encounters with the demon but I no longer acknowledged it and it went to pass that it left at least I haven't had another encounter over there.

Sent in by b99, Copyright 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Experience in Solang Valley Manali India

My story goes like this. In 2006 I went on a trip to learn to ski in Solang Valley in Manali in India... We were 10 people. I was 15 years old then. It was a 6 day course, the first three days were very good. We all enjoyed taking the lessons. But later I did not feel so good in our cottage where we were 5 girls. I felt very scared and felt like someone was constantly watching me. I even feared to go to bath.

Then on fourth day night when we returned from our dinner we found some human faces that had come out from a closed door in my room. When we asked the hotel manager he said that room was closed since a year... we ignored it. But later while going to bed I found a cotton bud that I had used to cover my ears in the bed. But it was red, blood red. We were all shocked that how can it turn red.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seeing Hearing and Feeling a Spirit or Figure

This is a true story ok when my mum when to bed along with my brother going to bed before her when they both went to bed it was all quiet.suddenly I had heard a noise our cats even realized that there was a noise. I was on the computer that night any way then I herd the same noise again. I couldn't believe it happened again my heart started to pound. Then I knew something was not right. I felt like I had to get out of there and it was a small area too.

This happened to me a long time ago as well. Me, my mum and my brother were in the lounge and my mum was somewhere in the house when suddenly the door to the kitchen opened by itself and I had nothing else to do but to curl up with my legs on the couch and I didn't scream but panicked. OK back to me on the computer I had to turn of the computer immediately and grab some dinner. I heard the noise again and rushed straight to my room and went back to sleep. That was the most real true story. Whatever or whoever was in our house must get out.

Can someone tell me what might of caused all these things in our house because its really creeping me out. I even had a dream of ghost and spirits and I'm not going out in the dark alone ever again.

By Alexia Campbell, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Spirit of Suicide

When I was child my brother passed away and it grieved me so much that I would pretend to be in a coffin to contact him. Well within a short time I started hearing and seeing spirits. My first encounter with the spirit of suicide I was only 10 years old. I started blaming myself for my brother passing away and I started feeling like life doesn't matter any more. Day and night I was tormented with thoughts of suicide and I found no relief.

By age 16 I started drinking heavy and the thoughts of suicide were going away at times but always coming back but now I felt like I am not good enough at anything so I started to imaging what it would be like to be dead and who would come to my funeral. This went on for a long time. As I was getting ready to graduate from high school I was so messed up on cocaine and meth plus drinking all the time just to numb my feelings because when the spirit of suicide would come before me he would bring such depressing thoughts with him to my mind.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visitor in Paducah Kentucky

Ok believe it or not this a true story. I was living in Paducah, Kentucky with my boyfriend at the time. I had gotten up at about 9 am and I had went out to have a smoke to start the day. I made my way up the hallway and walked into the kitchen and walked out the back door and went outside. While standing there smoking I was still trying to wake up.

I had finished my smoke and I was making my way back into the house so I opened the back door and I swear that when I opened the door I looked in toward the kitchen door and it was standing wide open like someone was holding the door for me to go into the house. The door did not slam shut, it was like someone wanted me to come on in. So the first thing that came to my mind was to turn around and go back outside. So I did.

Sent in by Black Sunshine, Copyright 2010

Little Girl in the Bathroom Mirror

My family had moved in to our house about a year before I had my ghostly experience. One morning, when I was about 12 years, old I was getting ready for school. I was in my bathroom, facing the mirror. My bathroom door was open. Suddenly I felt a simple tap on my back, when I turned to see what it was, there was no one there and I looked in my bedroom next door, thinking it was my sister playing a prank, only to find her still asleep in bed. I figured it was nothing and continued to get ready.

As I glanced in the mirror I suddenly saw what looked like a little girl peeking out from behind the open bathroom door. I don't remember being able to make out her face but I remember she had long red hair. I stood there in shock as she then played, what seemed like peek-a-boo in the mirror behind my back, moving her head back and forth, continually peeking out from behind my back, like a child would. This all happened in only about 10 seconds but seemed like minutes.

I remember staring at myself in the mirror after experiencing this, unable to move for a moment, frozen in terror. Then I of course went screaming into my parents room. When my mom calmed me down I told her what had happened, she was in shock and a little while after told me it was my great grandmas birthday. She had died a few years before. She had red hair.

I don't know if that was her ghost coming in the form of a little girl to say hello. But it certainly was a weird coincidence.

Sent in by Ciara, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Someone Was in My Bed

I live in Shelby, North Carolina with my parent's and younger brother. We all played in and enjoy this house in the 70's early 80's. I was 8 or 9 at the time and I had never encountered anything until one night.

I got prepared for bed as usual and laid down. My parents were across the hall in their room and my brother was in his so I knew everyone was in their rooms. I drifted off to sleep but something awoke. I just knew something was in the bed. I was facing the wall with my back turned to whatever it was so I reached out my arm and moved my hand towards it and it felt like a person with the cover on top. I could not believe it. I touched it trying to figure out what it was but at the same time was scared and in shock.

I finally got the courage to turn over to face it and when I did it was gone. I went to my parents and asked them if one of them slept with me and they both said no. I knew my little brother was young and he was in his bed. I just know what ever it was it was big and on it's side as well with the back turned to me. I just can not understand what or who it was in my bed.

Sent in by Michelle, Copyright 2010

Witch's Castle Cameron Park in Waco Texas

I just want to let all you non-believers know that the witch's castle is very real! There have been many stories and many of them where changed. I have the actual lowdown on this story!

You see as a teenager my friends and I spent many evenings and late nights at Cameron Park (Waco, Texas) We would drive all through that place! We drove down the seven sisters with the head lights off! (pretty stupid now that I am older and realize it) and head out to the witch's castle so here is the description;

It was late almost midnight we noticed that there was a mist of fog rising up from the narrow paved road. You could sometimes smell a stench in the air of decay really funky! In the far off distance you could hear moaning like some animal was in distress. It was hard to tell how far it was, it may have been just a block or maybe a mile away so we exited my grandfather's old beat up truck and made our way down the path.

We walked further down the path to where the ruins of where the witch's castle laid; the story goes that the witch lived there with her children (not sure how many as this number always changes) and she kept a pack of dogs to keep people away from her property. It is told that she became possessed and murdered her entire family including the beast that guarded her castle. All was lost and what was left was a slab and parts of the chimney. Time passed and it was also added that there had been visitors that had mysteriously disappeared! Now that I can not confirm so please beware if you dare to visit this area especially at night! Roam at your own risk!

Sent in by Dela, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Haunted Theater and the Ghost of the Garage Attic

One night at the little town's theater, I went in to my play practice. Our director, Sandy, was getting everyone together, then suddenly, it happened. We covered our ears at the big screech and looked to where it was coming from. We realized it was coming from the largest speaker, and the sound girl turned everything off, from the whole sound system, to the lights, and to the walkie talkies. It seemed just to get louder and louder! Sandy said to start the music, and it was never heard again. I found out later that the theater was haunted.

That play's performance was great! But the girls in dressing room 5 decided to test if it really was haunted. They slid a hanger halfway under a locked closet door, and something on the other side pulled it all the way under!

My parents just bought a beautiful old house and I invited my friend, Alexis, over to see it. Me and Alexis were playing in my garage of the house when Alexis wanted to go upstairs. Of course I said yes, it was going to be my first time up there. My Dad pulled the ladder down for us, we said thank you, and went up.

When we got to the top, we looked around. A fan, a poster with a basketball guy, a raccoon trap, a bench with a weird shadow behind it, a old che- Wait a minute! Weird shadow? I looked closer. "Alexis! do you see a little boy-shaped shadow?" I said. Alexis answered, "Yeah! Do you think its a..." she paused. "Well, if it is, Ghosts are angry if you are scared of them. So just... calmly... walk... to... the ladder."

We slowly walked backwards in a little fear... I admit it, I was scared!

The shadow was still there when we moved everything out.

Sent in by Emily Dorman, Copyright 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Edinburgh Horror Tours

Hi I own and run Edinburgh horror tours, we start our tour on the royal mile outside the police museum/ fringe box-office shop, and end up in the Greyfriars cemetery, and finally inside the locked private covenanters prison site the most haunted tomb in Britain.

You may think another Ghost tour well you would be wrong, as incredibly coming through the old stone walls inside the tomb are horrible faces ,the incredible thing is some can see them right away but if you take a picture and later enlarge it you will indeed see the faces with all their fear clearly exposed for all to see.

A strange paranormal thing that is impossible to explain away as I think seeing believes.

Edinburgh Horror Tours

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bizarre Rat Like Creature in the Kitchen

This happened to me when I was about 8 years old. We had gone to this village-like place near Texas, where my aunt lived with her three kids. It was late into summer and very hot. We  were driving along in my dad's blue family van. It went slow and kept stopping on the road. We were on our way to my aunt's house.

I had met my aunt only once and I had met just two of her kids (the older ones) at a wedding in New York. Now my aunt had another kid with her boyfriend. The kid was four now. So at the wedding I must have been four. My brothers and I were really hungry. On the way, we saw a Pizzeria at which we begged dad to stop. He didn't listen to us since he was in the mood to eat traditional American food. Anything was OK with us.

We looked around for an American restaurant. We came to one finally but it looked very old and tired out. But my dad didn't care. He just got us all into the restaurant. Inside, this place was freaking dirty. And we were supposed to eat here? I got sick just looking at the stuff on the walls.

I ran into the loo and puked up a storm because it was worse in the loo and the toilet was really stinky and I had to puke on a lot of cockroaches, dead and alive. Once I was done I came out but just then I stopped. I saw in the kitchen a really strange thing lying in a pot full of soup. The thing was floating around in the soup and it looked like a dust ball. Then  to my horror, it moved. I saw that it had very small pink hands and feet and a rat's tail. But it wasn't a rat. I observed it more closely and then it looked like a lizard because it had reptile's scales on its neck. It was swimming around like a really weird newt and I was so scared of it!

Sent in by nobodyinthedark, Copyright 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Haunted Cracker Barrel

OK so the Cracker Barrel in Knoxville Tennessee is haunted. If you use the payphone you can hear a ghost voice sometimes in the back. Also sometimes you can see a waitress named Margie (says on her name tag) but then if you ask they will tell you no Margie works there anymore. She used to but along time ago and she has been dead awhile I guess.

My friend asked the manager about it and says that she is seen a lot and pours coffee and even still gets tips! So if you see Margie be sure to be nice and tip her!

Sent in by Cori, Copyright 2010

Spirit Help

During the first couple of months that my fiancé and I were together, we found out that we both believed in the paranormal.

Well, one day, we were in our hotel room and we were getting ready to go out to eat when I noticed that I couldn't find my money anywhere! I was sort of freaking out because I could have sworn that I put it in my pocket just two minutes before. Well my fiancé took off his crystal necklace and suggested that we use it as a pendulum and ask spirits to help us find the money. So we asked yes and no questions like "Is the money by the bathroom?" and it swung side to side, meaning "No". We finally asked if it was near the bed and it went in a circle, meaning "Yes". So we asked if it was under the bed, (answer was no), then if it was on the bed and we got a yes. So we took the blankets off one by one and there it was! It was under all of the sheets! How it got there from my pocket I don't know but I am still thankful for that spirit helping me find my money! That was definitely one of the nicest spirits I've came across.

Sent in by Darya Ruslan, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Urban Legend of Kokomo Indiana

There is an urban legend in my town of Kokomo, Indiana. We have many urban legends in fact, but there's one in particular. The story is set on Old Sycamore Road, which an old road in the farmland, an open field area of my town.

There's a small bridge off of Old Sycamore Road that takes you onto another road, that leads to the next town. The story goes, a man, or a boy fell off the bridge, and died hitting his head on the rocks underneath. And if you were to drive on Old Sycamore Road at night, and cross that bridge, then the "ghost" of the man, or boy appear next to your car once you pass the exact spot they had fallen from, until you exit the bridge.

My friends and I have tested this urban legend many times and we have yet to see anything. We don't even know if anyone really died there, but true or false, it's an eerie story and visual

Sent in by Mr. Mystery, Copyright 2010

Native Drums

I don't remember this happening at all, I only know if it from my mom's stories. I was about three at the time, and we went out at a place called Red Rock for a bit of a hike. It used to be an old Native American tribe's living place.

So we wandered around for a bit, going to see an enormous pit in the ground with a face of a stone wall (completely natural, not man made) standing out at one end of it. The was very little water left in the bottom of the pit. This was where the Natives would have dances and rituals, if I remember correctly, using drums and squash shakers for music.

My mother remembers me always asking to go home, covering my ears with my hands and looking very grouchy. I was the only one of my sisters who was doing so. Finally she asked me why I was acting this way and why I was so eager to leave.

"The drums are too loud, Mama." I had said.

We left shortly after that.

Sent in by SH, Copyright 2010

Also of interest - Native American Shamanism

House Built on Aboriginal Graves

My house was actually meant to be built on Aboriginal graves. When my father was going to buy the house the man kept on warning us not to buy it because of that reason. I've been living in the house for 14 years now and a few weird things have happened.

The first one is when I keep waking up to a random scratching noise. The second is waking up to movement of stomping in the hallway when no one is there. The third is when I see hooded figures on the computer chair. And last when I feel like a hand is pulling my hair softly.

Recently I heard walking down the hallway and I have a clear sight of the kitchen and the footsteps were walking into the kitchen so I looked at the kitchen and I saw he pantry door fly open and then slowly close.

Sent in by Rabbit, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knoxville House Haunting

This is my friend's mom's house that she grew up in and where this happened. She told my friend and I that when she was in about 7th grade, her friend Susan came over to spend the night but also study for a test that was coming up the following week. When it was around lunch time they went to get some lunch and they had stacked up all the papers so they would not get messed up.When they came back all the papers had been like thrown all over the place.

That night Susan the friend started hearing foot steps all over the papers. She thought it was Missy's older sister. Susan tried to go back to sleep, but she just kept hearing them over and over again. After awhile Susan started to whisper, "Missy, Missy". When Missy had heard that she woke up and Susan told her about the footsteps.

The next morning they picked up all the papers and when they went to go eat breakfast they heard footsteps on the papers. Missy thought that she was lying that night but oh no she learned her house was haunted.

Sent in by Ally Barker, Copyright 2010

History Repeats

So I was talking to my mom last week and she was telling me that my brother has had a sudden fear of everything. I had just recently visited them over the summer and there was definitely something wrong with my brother. He is now 9 years old and he refuses to sleep in his room. He didn't like being alone under any circumstances.

But my mom says it has gotten even worse. I am very concerned because I did feel an odd presence in my mom's apartment. I also have the strange feeling that my brother is experiences what I did when I was younger. If any of you have read my last post about my strange childhood, some of the same things are happening to him. My mom describes the genuine fear in his eyes. He hears strange noises coming from my mom's closet and sees things in the bathroom.

My brother is very deep in the Christian faith and I fear that evil beings are trying to attack him... What do y'all think?

Sent in by Marisa Chapoy, Copyright 2010

Who Were They?

It was a no moon night. And me and my friend 'James' were just strolling about in my house. He had come for a stay over. We decided to go to the balcony and look at the sky... so we did.

We were standing there watching the stars when we saw someone walk quietly on the street. The dim streetlights were on and we could only see the dark figure. The figure kept on moving there. Then another figure 'quite small' joined the other figure. We went down and decided to see who the figures were. The people, a man and a girl were absolutely new to us and didn't live in our street.

The man suddenly went off, signaling the girl to stay there. We saw our chance and went to talk to the girl. Her name was Emily as she told us. She said her father was the new watchman and she had just come with him. She was very small and was obviously telling the truth. Still there was something sinister about the way she walked and talked. We said good bye and returned and as we did, the girls father came back and they walked off. I told James that something was wrong and he agreed.

The next day, when we inquired with the day watchman we came to know that there was no new watchman and the old watchman certainly wasn't married...

That night, I was alone and was looking out for the girl and her father. The girl came and passed and behind her came her father. I kept looking for them because I knew that the street had a dead end and they would have to come back the same way. But as I saw, The girl and her father came from the same way as thy had before. As they came, the girl waved to me (there was still less or no moon but I could see a hand of the figure wave to me) and then suddenly disappeared. I watched for them many times but I never saw them again.

Sent in by Dark Boy, Copyright 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Graveyard Footsteps

In Harrisonburg, Louisiana, there is a graveyard on a hill. One evening at the basketball game I overheard a conversation of the Pentecostal pastors son to his friend. It went like this:

I took my girlfriend to the cemetery to make out. It was a full moon. Right in the middle of all that we heard footsteps. They were very loud, but they were footsteps for sure. They were getting closer, too. The light was bright as day. There was no one there.  I got the "__ out of there and I'm not going back there either.  I said to myself "yeah right", especially since he was the local drug head.

About a year later my best friends ex-boyfriend called and I went out with him. I wanted to restore their relationship if I could. Instead of taking me to get a coke like he said he took me to that graveyard. He proceeded to act in a very ungentlemanly manner. A thing he had never done toward me before. I remember as he threw me to the ground to ravish me that there was an angel grave stone nearby. In a panic I realized that I was going to be raped. It was a full moon bright as day.

Suddenly, heavy and loud footsteps began approaching us. As I fought him off, he raised his head to look for the approaching person. No one was there. A person of light skin and bright red cheeks... he turned white with fear when he realized there was no one there. He picked me up (he was twice my size) and threw me into the truck. He didn't say anything to me at all, but he took me safely home. This event scared the jehosifat out of me, but it saved my virtue. I like to think it was one of my ancestors buried there.

By mkl, Copyright 2010

Domestic Dogs and Spirits

I have read quite a few stories. I make the assumption that the authors of most of these stories are making a sincere effort to accurately report their encounters with spirits.

Having said all that, I want to relate the consequences of not protecting your pets.

One couple had a fairly large Rowdier they kept in a small cage in their backyard. This dog must have been very aggressive, relative to all the other stories I've read where most dogs are rightfully afraid of spirits, presumably evil.

This dog was in perfect condition, but overnight the dog was severely beaten, broken bones, lacerations, you name it, and died shortly afterward the next morning. The cage was still locked.

Had the dog not been caged, I'm sure it would have run and hid itself. But an animal that is cornered will fight to live, even if it fails.

Sent in by Gregory Brown, Copyright 2010

Dear Rita

My story is a difficult one to tell, for several reason, so I shall have to start at the beginning.

I had never believed in ghost until what happened to me, happened to me. Several years ago, my girlfriend and I were having an argument about something stupid as usual, (I think it was about fixing a hole in the roof but it was so long ago I can't be sure.) After about 2 hours of screaming at each other I decided to get in my car and get as far away as I can.

I drove for most of the night and was traveling down a long and winding road, I was so tired that I closed my eyes just for a second, the next thing I know I was in a ditch by the side of the road. I started to twist and struggle while shouting for help but no one came by. I knew it was the end for me and once I accepted this I saw a bright light and I the moment I closed my eyes I felt a great weight lifted off of me and I knew I had died.

But I haven't pass onto the next life yet and I can only assume this is because I haven't resolved issues with Rita so I contacted a medium called Maxwell and asked to tell Rita I love and I miss her greatly. I also asked Maxwell to tell the world my story so no one makes the same mistake I did. Tell those you love how much you care for them, because you don't know if you will ever see them again.

Sent in by Stuart Sutcliffe, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ghost Rape

Well I never really believed in ghosts until July 8th 2008.

Well I'm babysitting and so it time for him to go to bed. I put him to sleep. I'm laying down listening to music looking at my ceiling. BAM! Someone or something grabs me by the throat I can't breathe! Gasping for air, I cant see who or what it is. Its a blur I know I'm in my room I see everything my bedroom door is open I look out the door I'm seeing faces I cant picture who they are I know they're human I just never seen them before.

My TV is on I can hear it I can tell its the price is right, some game show. Now I can tell its a man, he gets on top of me and I'm trying to scream nothing coming out my mouth. Still not able to breathe now I look down I see my nephew asleep cradled in my moms arms. I'm trying to kick my mom to wake her up now trying to scream her name. I still cant breathe. I get desperate trying to fall on the floor, make some type of noise to wake her up. I give up. I'm ready to die. I'm tired. I let go. Suddenly my eyes open, I look to my left to my television the Price is Right's on, my bedroom door open just like in my dream. My mom still holding my nephew in her arms. She is awake. I start asking saying how could my dream be so accurate if it was a dream. I seem crazy but I ask her over and over again was I sleeping she kept saying yes! One thing I remember is I didn't have sore throat when I laid down. I could barely talk now.

Nicole Hatfield, Copyright 2010

Unexplained Balls of Light

My friend Lisa and I were having a sleepover one night over the summer about 4 years ago. We had never believed in UFOs, aliens, or any kind of alien life before this experience. We were both having a great time, relaxing and watching an old movie when something caught our eye outside Lisa's bedroom window. We both stood and watched as basketball-sized balls of white and yellow light fell from the sky. As each ball hit the grass in Lisa's backyard, they bounced a couple of times and would finally rest in place. They would stay lit for about half a minute and then fade out. In all, about 15 fell that night. Lisa and I were so frightened we did not go back to the site until the morning. That morning, there was no evidence of the balls of light.

I'm not sure if this could qualify as a "UFO" or "paranormal" experience, but I have never seen anything like this since.

Sent in by Jalara, Copyright 2010

Check out

Dark Shadow on Web Cam

It was almost six in the evening when me and my husband just started to chat... he's working abroad so it is our everyday routine to chat 'til we go to sleep, that time... I just opened my cam and was waiting for him to accept it as he was busy preparing his meal, I was viewing my own cam. I saw something in front of my viewed image... it was a shadow, something like a huge flying object. I thought I was seeing a shadow of a big butterfly... but why on cam? I asked myself. I don't see anything flying around me though... then the shadow went at my back... it seems like something dropped a bit far from my behind. I turned my back, but nothing was there... then looking at my own image on the monitor there again the dark shadow at my back forming like human, I was shocked, but I managed to ask him "who are you?"

Still looking at my monitor cam the image seems coming forward then I turned my back as I felt my hair standing. I got up from my seat then the black shadow suddenly disappeared. I looked at the monitor. My husband just accepted my invitation to view my cam. I asked him if he saw it... asking me back... "saw what?" then I told him about it, he told me to  pray. I knew it wasn't something from the computer as it was my first time experience after having been chatting for about a year now, and I got so scared that I moved my computer out of our room to our living room.

Sent in by Elaine, Copyright 2010

Church Building Demon?

I was in Mexico and I was staying at a church. I was not sleeping in the church but I was in the building next to the church it was attached to the church. I was sleeping and in all truth a car wreck next to my face wouldn't wake me up. I was sleeping on the floor with people in the room and I woke up out of a dead sleep and couldn't move one of my shoulders off of the floor.

I woke up wanting to sit right up for no apparent reason. I just my body knew and wanted me to try to sit up but I could only get one shoulder off the floor and I tried with all of my might to sit up. It felt like someone was trying to get at me then the pressure was relieved and I had the automatic reaction to look to my right where the window was and there was all black which was not normal like I couldn't even see out the window something was covering it but the night before  could see the light that they kept on at all times there was no switch to turn it off. I couldn't see the light.

I woke my grandma up who was sleeping next to me and told her to go to the bathroom and tell me if the light was on and it was on. I'm not sure what happened but was told it was the presence of a Ghost or demon.

Sent in by Brook, Copyright 2010

Banging on the Window

I was around six years old when it happened. My Brother was asleep at our friends house next door. I was lying on the top bunk of my bunk bed as my stepdad was downstairs cleaning the dishes. I was just dozing off facing away from my window when all of a sudden someone was thumping against my window very hard as though they were trying to get in desperately. I did not dare turn around in case I would have nightmares, so I just stayed still pretending I was asleep hoping he or she or it would go away. When it stopped, I looked at my window to find lots of hand prints on my window. I rushed downstairs to tell my stepdad what had just happened but he told me I was just dreaming and to go back up to bed. (Typical) From this day on I never knew what went on there. I no longer live in that house though.

Another experience was a few months ago, I was walking to my friends house when I see a wedding vehicle drive down my street. There was a bald man wearing glasses driving it. Ten minutes later I'm walking up past Asda about half a mile away from my house when I see the same car with the same driver pull out of the opposite street. I thought it was maybe a coincidence and forgotten about it until I saw it again! About another half a mile up the road. Weird huh?

Sent in by Kieran Jobling, Copyright 2010

A Lady in Brown

I have lived in a haunted house for almost a year. My mother lived in this house when she was round 12 or 13. She moved out and moved into a different house. Then when I was 8 or 9 she moved back into the house she lived in years and years ago.

Now my Mother said the house was haunted, but I never paid attention to it. That was a big mistake. When I was 9 I had my first ghost experience ever. I was asleep in my room and my closet had a padlock on it. Anyway I was awakened by a metal clicking sound I thought it was my brother who was trying to get into my room. I said "Get lost." But it kept clicking so finally I opened my bedroom door to tell him off, but when I opened the door no one was there. I closed the door back and got back in bed. The clicking started again this time I knew where it was coming from... My closet.

I hid my head under the covers and tried to drift off to sleep,but all of a sudden I heard a creaking sound. My closet door slowly opened. I looked up and saw a woman with her stringy gray hair pulled back into a bun and she was wearing a faded old looking dress. She looked like she was from Civil War times. Which I felt was normal because my mom said the house was made during the Civil War. She looked at me for a while, I got a slowly and walked towards the door. she asked "Where are you going?" She had a twang accent a little bit. I gasped she could talk. I felt like couldn't. I said "Go back to where you came from. Go." I guessed that's all I had to say cause she faded away. I never saw her again.

Sent in by Lauran, Copyright 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nightmare in Aurora Friendly Neighborhood Demon

Ever since I was a little boy I have been able to see ghosts. Believe it or not but my first experience was when I was about five. I cant tell you what the ghost wanted because that is a different story.

Not long ago in my house here in Aurora I was visited by a demon.

As a little family joke we named him Joe. About a month ago I was watching TV in the living room when in the corner of my eye I see someone move, just as this happens I turn and sure enough there is Joe standing in the middle of the hallway I believe that as soon as he noticed I saw him he dropped backwards and caught himself with his hands and crawled into the bathroom.

As soon as I saw him going to the bathroom I followed when I turned on the light my dog came running out.

A few days later as I was falling asleep I felt a hand slipping around my waste, not knowing what it was I sat up. Just as I did a shadow flew under the bed.

To this day I try not to mention my "friendly" neighborhood demon to any person I meet.

Sent in by Drew Vigil, Copyright 2010

Gwen My Imaginary Friend

One cold rainy day when I was 4 I met someone. Her name was Gwen. Gwen was cruel to me. She would hit me and punch me and even say for me to go to hell.

Well one day Gwen had told me to follow her. We came to and old park with a peeling crooked sign. I could even tell this place was dangerous. The place even had a burnt down house and a very deep pond. I could tell by looking at it. We played then went home. My mom asked me where I was and I said a park, not a very dangerous park.

That same night I had slipped on my bathing suit since Gwen and I were going to the park to go swimming. When we got there we dove into the water. Gwen grabbed my arm and pulled me under! She was trying to drown me! I was able to get away.

After that I never saw Gwen again. Was she fake or was she a ghost? I didn't know!

Sent in by Aaron Hendrickson, Copyright 2010

More About Imaginary Friends!

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Imaginary Friend - Imagination Or Ghost? Is it possible for an imaginary friend to be a ghost? Most often an imaginary friend is a harmless product of a healthy, active imagination. However, there have been many cases where a child's relationship with an imaginary friend has proved to be problematic.

Imaginary Friend Wikipedia Imaginary friends and imaginary companions are a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality. Imaginary friends are fictional characters created for improvisational role-playing. They often have elaborate personalities and behaviors. They seem real but are ultimately unreal to their creators, as shown by studies.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ghosts of Octagon Hall

[caption id="attachment_1596" align="alignleft" width="223" caption="Octagon Hall Museum"]Octagon Hall Museum Franklin, Kentucky[/caption]

My name is Val, I am a paranormal investigator. I also am the lead investigator of my own team of investigators. My story is a true story. I saw my very first full apparition on the grounds of the Octagon Hall Museum,Located in Franklin, Kentucky. This place is a gold mine for paranormal activity.

We were there on a investigation, we were taking a break out on the back porch,I was looking out across the grounds toward the slave cemetery, located on the back side of the property. I saw a grayish shadow walking toward the slave shack, also located on the property. It looked like a woman as it was small in stature, but not small like a child. I laughed to myself and looked at my team mates and James asked me what was wrong. I told him what I saw. To my surprise he said he seen the same thing I saw. That was enough for me to know that what I saw was real.

If you are ever in Franklin, Kentucky go check out Octagon Hall, It should be on every investigators list of places to go check out.

Sent in by Valli Kimery, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Witchcraft Spells and the Book of Shadows

I am 17 years old, when I was 15 I got involved with some witchcraft stuff. I was really into the spells and the paranormal stuff, so I bought this book called "The Book Of Shadows", It had a bunch of spells and pictures of witches in it. So I tried some of the spells just to see if they were real.

I did this spell called the money spell. It was the first spell I had ever done, I lit some candles and put some stones around the candle to form a big circle. As I sat their chanting to the spells from the book,I felt something strange, weird like someone or something was breathing near my ear. I kind of got scared so I blew the candles out and went to my room, and fell asleep, nothing happened that night.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 A.M for school. While I was walking to school, I found a 100 dollar bill lying on the concrete beside the street. I was shocked! I said to my self could this be the spell working?

So the next night I tried a Love Spell. I liked this boy at my school named John so I did the spell on him. The next day I went to school, when I arrived, I saw John standing outside waiting on someone. So I just went in to school acting like I didn't see him. Then I herd him calling my name, right then and there I knew the spell was working, he never associated with me ever... ever since then we have been lovers, and I have really gotten deep into this witchcraft. I just love it, and every one thinks I'm a freak except for John. Humm why is that?

Sent in by Catherine, Copyright 2010

Red Sari Ghost

This has never happened to me but I have heard it from a friend. Please believe this story. It makes me shudder just thinking bout it. I used to have a friend, Rhea. She was once very nice but then something changed her, god knows what. Well, she lives in a certain colony opposite of which is another colony.

In the colony in which my friend lives, there was talk of a few certain ghosts. People said that these ghosts were seen in the middle of lanes, in old, deserted gardens and in abandoned buildings and houses. The ghosts came from the opposite colony, where a family had recently died. Ghosts of all sorts were seen wandering about. Some say that this particular family had been killed in an accident. They died before the elder daughter got married, and now they were back, looking for a groom for her.

They often stopped cars passing through these two colonies, and the most popular ghost was a woman dressed in a red sari. No one knows who she was but she would stop cars in certain places, asking for lifts. She would take lifts only from men. It is believed that she was looking for the groom. The ghosts don't come anymore.

Sent in by Simran, Copyright 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Rocking Chair in Broome

My house is in Broome, Washington it is built on the old dump and graveyard and I have seen things some people would never imagine were true;

When I was a little boy living there I used come home from school to an empty house being that my parents were always at work till about 6:00 to 7:00 pm and I've come used to not facing my back to which I can't see, so I'm at my kitchen table doing some homework as I look and just catch something walk into my mothers room. I ignored it and then caught it walk out again and scared as I was I went to my phone and called my aunty to come and pick me up. At the time we had these old rocking chairs and as I hung up I looked to the right and an old lady dressed in blacks rags was sitting on the rocking chair and head turned and looked as though straight into my soul, freaked out as I was I put my head down and looked back... it was gone but the rocking chair was still rocking. From that time on a lot of events had occurred in my house to seeing little boys, lights flicking off and on, doors opening and a lot other unexplained events which I have come to being used to.

Sent in by Quinlan Jaffery, Copyright 2010

Hospital Whispering

I would like to share a story about my experience working at the hospital as an employee.

I was working in nutrition located in the basement level of the hospital. I was preparing the tea and coffee to go up to the wards when I started having this feeling of being watched. It was almost like static electricity surrounded me. The hair on the back of my neck started to rise and I was feeling nervous but I talked my self down by saying I was paranoid and nothing was there.

I proceeded to fill cup after cup stacking the trays but the feeling was intensifying. I turned to grab the stack from the top and lift it over to the other counter where it would be transferred to the carts. Both counters were made out of stainless steel and I am adding to this because they are great for impressions made from cups and trays. They are sensitive to hot and cold. So when I turned to put the tray down I was not expecting to see a hand imprint from the other side of the counter. The fingers were faced towards me and as I watched the hand print slowly evaporated off the counter. That was it I'm leaving I thought.

So I started down the kitchen past the fridge when I heard my name. It was not a loud out burst but a soft voice that made it sound as if it were asking if that was truly my name. Kinda of like a question. I paused in shock that I heard my name. I proceeded then to where the rest of the staff was and asked if maybe any body had called for me and they said no.

Crazy but true. Thanks for your time.

Sent in by Brandy, Copyright 2010

Mommy Who is That Lady?

When I was younger, the house we lived in was haunted. My grandfather found old arrow heads, hats, bullets, etc. in the wall in the basement, our dog max used to dig in this certain corner in that basement until my grand mother would pull him away.

One of the first things that had happened when I was about two years old. My mom was giving me a bath in the kitchen. It was only me and her home at the time. As we were walking into the living room to get me dressed, I looked at the top of the steps. (you had to pass the steps to the upstairs in order to get to the living room) there was a figure of a woman standing at the top of the steps. I turned to my mom and asked, "mommy, who is that lady at the top of the steps?" My mother was beyond freaked out. She asked me what I was talking about and I told her there was a scary lady at the top of the steps, she didn't bother to look until someone else got home.

Then, another thing happened to my grandpap. He was in the kitchen, doing something at the counter. (he told me this) then, he said he felt a pair of hands on his back. He said when he turned to look who it was, something shoved him into the counter. He turned around to see nothing there.

Sent in by Taylor, Copyright 2010

Haunted Barn?

This story happened last year around October but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday afternoon and one of my friends came over to ride bikes with me, I told him that the bikes were in this creepy looking barn so we could go ahead and get them out. When we started getting the bike out we heard footsteps on the top floor but there is no way to get up there. At the time we didn't think to much about it cause I didn't believe in ghosts at the time. The next week I kinda got to thinking about what if something paranormal was in there so I invited another friend over to check it out.

When my other friend arrived at my house I told him that something was in my barn, because I heard footsteps on the top floor and that there is no possible way to get to it. He looked at me with disbelief and so I showed him and told him what exactly happened and then we heard footsteps again. I looked at him and said "do you believe me now?" He shook his head yes so we went around the barn and showed how there was no way to get up there. We went back inside the barn and found like a old shutter from a window and made it into a ladder to get up onto the top floor.

When we got to the top floor we started to investigate where we heard the footsteps and we looked down and there was a light imprint of a shoe scuff. we kinda got freaked out at that time. We started to taunt what ever was in there, all of a sudden we heard a scratching kind of noise it sound like it was claws scratching a tin roof. So that scared us, we thought that was pretty amazing so we decided to taunt it more all of a sudden we felt a burning feeling on our arms. We looked at our arms and it was red not light red but blood being brought to the surface red. We jumped out of the barn and ran to my house. We washed our arms and we saw claw marks on our arms. I still have the scars to prove it...

Sent in by Ian, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Dog Sensed a Ghost

My story happened about 5 months ago, my Akita at about 3 am in the morning was walking around and running in my home with her head straight up in the air, she couldn't move it, she was looking through the corners of her eyes but could not put her head down. I calmed her down and eventually rubbed her and prayed, she came out of it, but took off running out the door, she would not come in till the next day.

My other dog stayed in a room that was haunted and stayed there as if she was protecting us, never really moved from there.

When I moved this past summer I had to give both away, they acted like normal according to the new owners and I had cat that would act very strange too, so there is no doubt they use their sixth sense, like we have. They are not ridiculed like humans are so they use it naturally as it comes. I always thought this way, if we weren't criticized, it would come to us more so, instead we suppress it as its not "acceptable"

~ Randy

Also see Dogs Seeing Spirits

Friday, September 10, 2010

Could a Relative be a Warlock?

I have a relative who is up in age, always claiming to be broke, does nothing to help himself, and yet is receiving all kinds of gifts and benefits from those he talks to (relatives, neighbors, friends). From what I have been reading, there is a Law of Attraction which says you are what you think about.

Since he's always talking about how bad his situation is all the time, yet raking up all kinds of freebies, while I have to struggle and pay for everything I get, could he be using some kind of power to manipulate people? Every time I talk to him, I always have to have something expensive repaired, which costs me money.

He seems to live a simple life; I've never seen any books on magic or witchcraft lying about, but something really seems strange here. He even goes to church regularly.

Am I just imagining things, or could he be doing something which I don't understand? Am I jealous?  Your opinion would be appreciated.

Sent in by Pat, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Little Boy on Rosebush Street

I live in Florida, Rosebush Street. Our house is a type of house. I live with my son Tom, two daughters Maria and Riann and my husband Marky. Everyone (family members) except Riann love this house. She kind of hates this beautiful house. Well, let's get on with the story. There have been strange happenings in the house. Once, at around 9:15 pm, I was ironing our washed out clothes when the iron stopped working. I checked and found the cord had been plugged off without me noticing anything! Just then, I heard somebody laughing. I went to ask is Riann, Maria or Tom had been up in the laundry. They all said NO.

After that,when Marky came home, I asked him to sit on the settee while I got his lemonade (Marky has a habit of drinking lemonade every day when he comes home). When I approached him with the lemonade, he was kind of looking pale. I asked what the matter was and he told he heard a voice laughing and then saw a dark figure walking in the hallway. I had often heard Tom talking to someone or something I couldn't see. When I ask him to whom he was talking to he said my "friend". I haven't understood the mystery of this house but I think its haunted.

Sent in by Jennissa Wayne, Copyright 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It Sat on My Chest and Held Me Down!

Hi, my name is Chance and something happened to me I will never forget. I started doing a little research and its starting to make sense.

I was sleeping on my back with my arms laid out and I woke up to this weird noise. I'm trying to explain it the best I can. It sounded like "WWEEEEEEEEEEEE" then there was a pop noise like your ear popping. Right after the pop something was on top of me sitting on my chest. It was also holding my arms down. I could not breathe and could barely move. My brother was in the room beside me and I tried to scream but nothing would come out. It was dark and I could not see anything. What ever is was, was very strong. I am 230 pounds and am not weak. I thought I was going to pass out cause I couldn't breathe. I got one of my arms free and reached up and I grabbed some hair. It was long greasy hair and I twisted it and pulled whatever it was off of me. When it came off, I heard the pop noise again and it was gone.

Everything I have said here is true. I was wide awake through the whole thing just as awake as I am now typing this. IT WAS REAL! I don't even want to go to bed cause I don't ever want to go through that ever again.

Sent in by Chance, Copyright 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Devil Chair

My dad found this wicker chair in the garbage one day. When I was younger it was in my room. I began to hear this heavy grasping from behind me. I turned around in my bed and there sitting in that chair was a man he wore no close but his legs were crossed his hands were in his lap. It was dark so I couldn't tell if his fingers were black or if they were claws. He had very dark red skin and very long fang like teeth. I started to shake with fear and I felt a deep feeling of hate emitting from him. I rubbed my eyes for a good 2 minutes till they were raw taking a break every few seconds to see if he was there. He stayed there all night staring at me not blinking for a second. The next morning I disregarded it as a bad dream.

But a few days later I was alone in the house. My dad was a paper man at the time hence how he got the chair. My mom and brother were in DC on a high school field trip. So I thought I would just lock my door and cover my head with blankets. I heard my door knob scuffle then a repetitive series of loud knocks I thought it was my dad so I yelled out "DAD?" The knocks stopped. Then I opened my door after a relatively loud banging knows followed by wood snapping. (my bedroom door is made of two thin connected boards of wood. There was no one there. So I shut the door locked it and put a chair in front of it.

The Devil Keeps Visiting my Daughter

My daughter's hair was standing on end today. We just got back from church in Rockford. When I got back we heard the devil's sinister laughter in my daughter's bedroom. we had just put olive oil in the sign of the cross, in our trailer to rid him of his presence. In the bathroom the medicine cabinets started to rattle.

Last night when I was falling asleep my bedroom closet started to rattle and bang. My daughter keeps seeing the devil almost every day. We just learned the man across the street committed suicide last year. In his trailer is a massive pentagram on the floor and the wall. The woman next door has a pentagram on her shirt. But on Sunday's right before or after church he becomes very active.

Mountain Spirits

Years ago a buddy and I were traveling in the mountains of North Georgia and got lost. We ended up on some isolated dirt/gravel road. Sometime after midnight we rounded a curve too fast and ended up in a deep ditch. We were stuck and had no idea what to do. Luckily a full, crisp moon was out so we started walking and after a few miles we heard a vehicle coming our way. What an eerie sight to see dim lights approaching in the still of the night along a deserted road.

The truck stopped, an older, gruffy man stepped out and approached us. His breath came out in misty puffs, his walk magnified by the crunch of gravel. I was somewhat scared, I'm sure my buddy was too. Thoughts of Deliverance rang through my head! All he said was "What's going on?" We explained what happened. "Ain't no one can git ya out till morning". He did say there was an old fish camp nearby that we could probably sleep at. "I can drop ya off there". We hopped in the back of the truck and he took us to the place. Led us straight to a room, it was open and told us to stay there; someone would come by in the morning. I asked his name and he said "Henry Holcombe". We thanked him and said good night.

Paranormal Contact in My Dream?

I had this dream about a year ago about a little girl and her family. In my dream the little girl had a brother and a mum and a dad. The girl had bright blue eyes and curly blond hair and was wearing a pretty white frock, they were in a lovely house. Then I saw her all alone in the house crying and her family were gone. The house looked all old and dusty now.

When I woke up I thought nothing of the dream and nearly forgot about it until 1 year later when I was in Queensland with my mum. We were on a holiday staying with some family. I had just got out of the pool when I saw a little girl with blond curly hair and a pretty white frock looking right at me. I asked my friend if she could see her and she could not see her. I saw her for about 2 minutes and then she was gone. I thought I was going crazy or something until I saw her at my house. Mum could not see her either. It happed again at school and at camp, but none of my friends could see her either. It happened over and over again, she just stands there looking at me. Sometimes she looks sad and sometimes she looks happy. I still see her, but I don't no what to do. My friends and family says she wants something from me, but I think she need help. If she was evil she would of killed me all ready. I think she's a poor little girl who needs me to do something. The weird thing is I'm not scared of her.

I swear everything is I've said is true. I'm not crazy, just confused.

This is my story.

Sent in by Unknown, Copyright 2010

Are They Following Me?

This is a true story. A few years ago I found out my mother had 2 miscarriages. I have a feeling the 1st was a boy the 2nd was a girl. I feel they are with me, watching over me sometimes playing tricks on me.

Today I woke up and I had a heart shape on my forehead I rubbed it off with water. I did not have this on my head when I was going to bed, because I washed my face. It was very unusual. When I'm sleeping usually things happen, like a cold hand on my shoulder or someone by my side or sometimes I hear a singing girl. Even when I'm not at home something has touched my side. Or played with my hair. I'm sitting on a recliner and I feel a very cold presence near my foot just pass by.

My dog also stares at things or growls and his eyes follow a person that isn't there. I consider myself lucky for being born into this world that is why I feel the miscarriages are watching over me protecting me. They are not evil just silly trying to mess with me sometimes. Sometimes I feel their sadness of not living and sometimes I feel them being happy for me. I think they make me stronger. I recently broke my ankle and its healing quicker than usual. Do you think they are following me? Or can all this be explained. If you don't think they are I will always feel that they are helping me through life.

Sent in by Emily, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battling Demons

I have so many scary stories, and they're all true. I think this stuff follows me around. I Have always seen ghosts my whole life. No, not ghosts, demons, and angels. Now I'm 17, and I just recently got saved and started going to church. ever since I have accepted Christ really freaky stuff has happened to me. All my old demons are mad! and so is Satan.

The first really freaky thing that happened was when I was jogging around my neighborhood after my first youth group. I have only been to like 4 or 5 youth group meetings, but anyways I was jogging and I felt very uncomfortable like someone was following me. then a wasp flew in my mouth and I was choking and spit it out! then I sat down by a tree and said Satan I rebuke you from this spot in the name of Jesus Christ. then I felt this overwhelming peace. I also felt a stinging on my arm. I had a huge red scratch down my right arm and a gash in my thumb. So I ran home. That same night I really felt like running,... in the dark...

The Daytime Fright

Like many of you I have had many encounters with the paranormal too. This story was about a particularly eerie encounter that happened out of the blue in broad daylight.

It was a typical sunny day in October and I was busy with chores not thinking much about anything just getting my work done. I remember it was a warm day for October in Minnesota and I had all the windows open and the back screen door too. The breeze was blowing the living room curtains and the fresh air smelled great. I went into the bathroom where I stored the clean bedding and headed back to my bedroom. I was looking down making sure I had 4 pillow cases and I saw two feet, legs, torso in front of me! I stopped suddenly realizing that my husband was not home; I was alone or so I thought! I gasped! At this point I thought someone had come into the house! I looked straight up to see their face and the apparition disappeared! Needless to say I was quite shaken! I went outside to get some air and get out of my house while I calmed myself down.

You expect to see and hear things at night usually but there IT was in broad daylight making it's presence known! I never saw IT again thankfully....

Sent in by Pat, Copyright 2010

Alien Buddy

I was young when I lived on Concordia. We lived on a kiddy corner house. It was old and rotting away, strange noises could be heard from the basement and attic. This house had a terrible entity to it. One that could not be controlled.

I slept upstairs, on the third floor. I had an imaginary "Stuffed" Friend. He was an Alien named Alien Buddy. I loved him and would play with him and talk to him like he was a real person. In fact, I still do today! Of course, back then, on that foreboding kiddy corner house located on Concordia avenue, he was alive. Or so my parents thought. It all started one night, me fast asleep, covered by a warm comforter, my parents down in the living room hanging out. My mom decided she was tired and climbed up the stairway to her room, she had to pass my room. Alien buddy was in a toy box I kept safe in my closet, until mom passed my room. There was alien buddy, on my floor, watching as mom went to her bedroom. Dad followed her and Alien Buddy kept glaring at them with two felt black eyes shaped like walnuts. A devious string smile was under the eyes. Mom would look once at Alien Buddy, then burst into full speed to the end of the hallway, where their bedroom was located. "I swear that thing is possessed". She would say, a frightened gleam in her eyes. This happened every night, according to her and dad.

We threw him in the attic, I begged mom and dad not to, but they wouldn't listen. I still spoke to him through the ceiling. Alien Buddy still carries that Foreboding feeling of the Concordia house with him, but I pay no attention to him. Sometimes, I talk to him, and he answers back.

Sent in by Celestine Navarre, Copyright 2010

Ghost in Port Dover Attic

I live in Port Dover Ontario my name is Jacob when my aunt bought an old house she gave me a room that had the door to the attic in the corner. I fell asleep in the bed that night and woke to the door shaking frantically. I ran out of the room and hid in my aunts room.

The next day me and my friend Randie and Jojo went up and we saw something run across the room we ran down stairs and shut the door and never went back up when we came down we looked at Randie and her arms were covered in bruises. I've never stepped in that house again and I never will thank god my aunt moved.

Later on in life we got a call from a old friend who now lives at the house and they told us a story. It seems a guy who lived in the house before both of us hung himself in the attic but the rope broke he fell down the stairs and smashed on the  door for help but no one came.

Yesterday me and my friend Noah were walking by the house and he screamed. I asked what happened and he said he looked into the attic window and saw a guy in the attic watching him. Scary thing is from what the people who live there said the attic is boarded up now and no one can get up there. If any of you guys can tell me what this ghost is it would help a lot

Sent in by Jacob, Copyright 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Luck From Ouija Board?

I have always been curious about Ouija boards. I have played them when I was younger, and nothing ever happened. I have always heard that they would open a door and invite nothing but evil into your life, well all the horror stories is WHAT made me so curious.

A few months back my cousin was talking about his basement being haunted and he blamed it on the Ouija board that he found down there. So I told him that I would take it off his hands. I have to admit I was a little nervous because of everything I have heard and read about them. That night at work I found a co-worked how wanted to play at lunch. Well nothing happened.

After that I found myself wanting to play it very bad, but my fiancé wouldn't let my bring it in the house, so I played it in the garage. I never actually talked to any spirits but I did have a string of luck that calling it bad is an understatement. I lost my job two days later, we almost lost our apartment, I was having dreams that something was watching me sleep and would wake up scared.

After I got rid of the board after breaking it in half my luck slowly got better. I do believe that the Ouija board brought on my bad luck. I am now a believer and my fiancé says I was probably lucky (ironically) not to have contacted anything.

Thanks for reading and sorry that I wasn't scary!

Sent in by qumichael1023, Copyright 2010

Imaginary Friend in Beaufort South Carolina

I lived in military housing on Laurel Bay in Beaufort, South Carolina from 1990 - 1993. My three-year old son had an imaginary friend named "DD". Anytime a mess was made by my son, he would say it was his friend DD.  He constantly talked about DD. I thought it was cute.

One day I was getting dressed for work and my son came into my room and said that DD was standing beside him. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I asked him what DD looked like. He told me that DD was a big black man.

I went to work that day and told a friend about it. This friend had lived in Beaufort her entire life and told me homes were built on top of unmarked slave graveyards. From that point forward, I asked my son where DD was and what he was doing.

On moving day (when we moved away from Beaufort) my son said that DD was in the car with us. At some point when we left South Carolina, and were in Tennessee, I asked my son how DD was doing. He said that DD jumped out of the car. He has never mentioned DD again, and doesn't even remember DD, other than the stories I've told him.

Other than DD, I had the worst nightmares of my life while living in Beaufort.  I haven't experienced anything that frightening since.

Sent in by Michelle, Copyright 2010

My Encounter with Shadow Creatures

Me and my parents were sitting at the dinner table and there was air freshener on top of  the fridge. Then I saw a black shadow out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over it was gone. Then I kept eating shrugging it off when the air freshener fell off the fridge. My moms boyfriend then said " what the heck?" Then we all glanced over to the fridge area. We all started wondering how it could have possibly fallen seeing as there was nothing to make it fall.

When I went to throw something out outside, I heard screeching and whispers and I ran inside and told my mom and she just said it was nothing.

Later on that night I went upstairs in my room to read a book.I had my door open and I kept seeing black figures run across the hallway. All three of my cats were in my room my dog was down stairs with my mom and my little brother was sleeping. I called from upstairs and asked my mom if she had come upstairs at all. She answered no.

I couldn't sleep at all that night and I have been seeing shadow creatures everywhere, including friends and family houses

Sent in by *Bob Billy, Copyright 2010

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Am I Being Haunted?

I stay at home alone a lot and I have recently noticed a bunch of strange things happening in my home. during the summer when my mom and other family members have been gone at work I would stay home by myself, well we have a dog (this only happens when its just me and him) he stares down the hallway and barks. And its not a playful bark its a mean bark. I rarely ever hear him growl but he growls and just stares down the hall for minutes. recently he was barking and he backed up and starting crying and jumped on my bed with me. this isn't the only thing that has happened. I feel watched. I feel as if when no ones home there is someone here with me.

The past few nights I have woke up and my blankets and pillows are on the other side of the room. the other morning I woke up and my fan (I have a stand up fan) was laying flat on the ground. I am a very light sleeper so I would of heard it drop but I didn't. I hear things move all the time. I can hardly sleep. I'm worried. If any of you have any advice for me it would be a big help.

Sent in by Nicole, Copyright 2010