Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ghost Within

It was 1992 I was living in a small house adjacent to my uncles house. It's a 2 bedroom house and I live alone. My parents and older brother was living in Singapore at that time. I stayed behind in the Philippines because frankly I enjoy being around my friends, I was a teenager back then, you know how it is.

Looking out my bedroom window you can see trees and a few feet away is the road. Now the story is (according to the neighbors who lived in the area for a long time) someone found a dead body in the road near my bedroom, it was a female and she was raped and beaten badly. No one was found guilty of the crime. Sometimes when I come home around 1am or 2am from hanging out with friends I would hear these cries for help.

The sound seems to come from far away as I can barely hear it. Sometimes though it would be loud enough for me to plainly hear a woman crying for help. It freaked me out. I was alone in the house and you hear things like that in your bedroom, it would scare any adult let alone a teenager. I told this to my friends and they just shrug me off with over excited imagination. It became so frequent that I would hear it 3 times a week. What can I do? nothing.

So I would just cover my head with a pillow every time I went to bed, frightened. Every morning I would think why I never heard it before when my parents were around. I honestly have no idea why. A month had passed since I started hearing the cries for help. One afternoon a friend of mine invited me to a party. It was a lot of fun and took my mind off the eerie noise I hear at night. The party ended at around 10pm. Hung out with some friends before I finally went home. Time was around 12:40am. It was really hot so I went for a quick shower. I couldn't sleep right away because of it was so hot.

I was lying in my right side and wide awake. The lights were off but there was enough lights outside seeping in I could see around my bedroom. Then just like that I felt like a cold breeze, like someone opened a freezer door and letting all the cold out. I kept thinking, what the?? What's going on? I was about to turn to my left side and check the windows but halfway through my turn I froze at what I saw!. Right there at the foot of my bed was a  ghost, it was floating, dressed in a long dirty white gown. I sat bolt upright! I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing! I was screaming but nothing was coming out of my mouth. I actually thought I was gonna die right there, that's how scared I was. Its gown was flowing, like wind was passing trough it. Then finally I managed to let out a cry for help, and I shouted at this "thing" to leave me alone and manage to throw one of my pillows at it. And just like that it vanished. I rushed out the house and straight to my uncle's house and started hammering my fists at the door. He was surprised to see me at that hour of the night. I told him what happened and I was so upset because he wouldn't believe me. I said, believe what you want but I aint going back in that house!

The following morning I did go back to the house, sat in my bed and kept thinking of what happened. I was actually at a lost for word. It felt so weird having witnessed that. I didn't know what to do, who to talk to or ask for help. I didn't sleep in my room ever since, my uncle was kind enough to let me sleep in their spare room. My uncle told my mom whom also did not believe me.

A neighbor a couple of days later heard my story and told me she saw it too one time when she was coming home late. She saw it by the road near my bedroom window. Instead of being relieved because someone finally believes me I got even more frightened. I never saw that ghost again, nor did I sleep in my own bedroom again but that experience I will never forget. who can?. The fear, I can never forget the fear I felt.

Sent in by Eddie V Copyright 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Animal ghosts & strange behaviour

Apparently I come from a long line of mediums (my Gran tells me), but I haven't experienced any feelings or sensations, so I don't really look into it.

I do however love a good ghost story! I guess I believe in ghosts, but I'm not the type to assume that strange occurrences are ghosts, I firstly try to explain them away!

Some however cannot be explained away such as the few small experiences I've had with animals.

First when I was younger, about 8 I guess, I lived on a small holding (small farm) with my parents and grandparents. My grandparents had a few york shire terriers and I remember one day going downstairs to see them and one of the dogs, named Netty, was staring at something in the middle of the room just to the side of me. She stared and I called her name over and over and started to wave my hand in-front of her face. She just tried to look past my hand and kept staring. She then continued to follow something with her head past me and down the hallway.

I looked all this time to see what she was looking at but never saw anything, no cobwebs, moths, dust. The horrible thing was that her eyes were looking at something quite tall.

I can't quite remember weather that occasion was before or after my Uncle died, so I cant use that as an excuse really.

second: In a new place, I was around 16 or so. Just a short story, but I found it very odd. I will take this moment to say we have always owned cats! and I love them!

Setting with my parents watching T.V in the living room. I decided to go upstairs to my room and promptly got up and headed for the stairs. At this moment Rocky (my mums cat) decided to race me up. You know how animals have to be the first ones up and the first ones down the stairs if you own dogs and cats!

So I ran up the stairs after him when he stopped dead at the top! This was so sudden I nearly ran over him, stopped myself and nearly fell on him. He stood there looking into my bedroom door which was slightly open, but pitch black inside as it was night time and no lights were on. The fur rose on his back and he let out an almighty hiss, then turned around in an instant, nearly crashed into my legs, went under them and ran back down the stairs.

I watched him, then looked to my door pausing. Suddenly I didn't feel like going in there. Then I thought maybe it was just one of the other cats and he was just seeing things, I went into my room and searched but nothing was there.

Third: Moved again, this time with my sister and 'then' boyfriend (ex). I acquired a cat called Patches, she is (I still have her) white and ginger, her tail is all ginger.

I was in the living room with the door shut one night when I thought I saw patches go up the stairs through the glass. The door has that wavy glass in it you can see shapes through it.

I saw a white cat go up the first set of stairs slowly, so I naturally called out Patches name. I got up opened the door and went up the stairs, no cat, I searched everywhere but there was only one door open, my room, and she wasn't in there. She later came in that night.

I will also mention at this point that we had a magnetic cat-flap, so other cats cant get in (nor were there white cats around, only a couple of tabbies and a black one). Also you can hear it when a cat comes through it and it hadn't occurred to me that I hadn't heard the cat-flap.

Second time was when I was getting ready for work, I think this was January 2006. I was putting on my coat when I noticed again at the corner of my eye, a cat at the bottom of the stairs, wander from the kitchen into the living room. I called out Patches name again and thought I'd say goodbye, so I went to the living room and again no cat.

When I say 'out of the corner of my eye', I don't mean I think' I saw something, if you pick up a chocolate bar or anything, and put it beside you but don't look at it, you can still see it there, you know it's there at the corner of your eye. Well this is what its like. ESPECIALLY when that object happens to be moving!

Third time. I had my 13 year old cousin over. we were in a room where I kept some reptiles (used to keep lizards), he loved my bearded dragon and we have a lot in common. Anyway we decided to leave them in peace so my cousin left the room first and started playing with a wine cork on the banister at the top of the stairs.

I closed the door and saw again what I thought was my cat sat at the base of the stairs, it got up and lifted its tail as if it had been waiting and walked around the banister like it was going to climb the stairs to come and meet us.

I leaned over the banister (this looked down onto the hallway not the stairs) and called to her. I then walked around to the stairs where this cat had walked to and there was nothing on the stairs.

Since my cousin had witnessed me do this, I asked him if he'd seen a cat in the hallway, he said he hadn't.

It then occurred to me as I put the image back through my mind, that the cats tail I had seen was white, and my cats tail is ginger. So it couldn't have been her anyway!

Fourth time. Basically I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I had rather a large hot dish I was holding onto with a cloth. I suddenly became aware my cat was in the middle of the kitchen floor as I turned, and I had to step over her to get to the over. Whilst I did this I was saying 'oh for crying out loud Patches, move it!'...

When I turned nothing was there, I would have plainly seen if she'd left the room, or even moved from that spot.

I started calling it ghost cat in the end, but that was the last time I saw it before I moved. I actually kinda miss experiencing this. But I'm sure its not the last time.

Recently I did think I saw a ginger cat jump off my parents wall as I walked past but when I looked of course it wasn't there, and I looked far too fast for it to disappear anywhere. But that could have been anything

There have been other small things, but I do tend to try and dismiss them. What I have said above happened, and I cant as easily dismiss it, so thought I'd share it instead.

My gran always sees a black dog around before one of her animals dies. She recalls it each time. The last time she saw it was before Netty died (2008), the dog in the first story.

She was very old, but the black dog appeared under her kitchen table, a week before Netty actually had to be put to sleep. She sees the dog the same way I saw that cat, at the corner of her eye, thinking its one of hers, then realizing its far too big to be a Yorkshire terrier, and no dog is ever there when she looks properly. I find it sad.

My gran has many stories to tell. I'm wondering if I'll have more, I kinda hope so, but dread it at the same time. hehe

Contributed by Penny and Copyright © 2012 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Penny

Friday, May 11, 2012

A True Ghost Story From Ireland

I want to tell you about a ghost experience that was shared with me by a friend from Ireland, but first a few words in general about ghosts:

A ghost is the spirit of a dead person, or sometimes an animal, and sometimes manifests looking very much as they did in life, and is usually encountered in places the person spent a lot of time while they were corporeal. The word "ghost" is also used to reference any spirit or demon. Ghosts are usually found haunting the area in which they died.

According to parapsychological circles a ghost haunting is the nearly steady occurrence of supernatural phenomena associated with a particular area, like a house or a stretch of highway, and is attributed to the activities of a disembodied entity, or ghost. The haunting may include the physical appearance of a ghost, or some poltergeist activity, glowing orbs, disembodied voices, etc.

Ghosts are a strange phenomena that has fascinated mankind for ages. According a 2005 Gallup poll, about 32% of Americans believed ghosts exist. The word apparition is now used in the field of parapsychology, because the word ghost is thought to be too imprecise.

The belief in ghosts as the souls, or spirits of the person who has passed on is tied to the very old concept of animism, which teaches that everything in nature has a soul, including, animals, plants, human beings, rocks, trees, etc.

Ghosts, whether you believe in them or not, are a part of human history. For as long as man has sought for the meaning of his existence and the knowledge of what happens after a person dies, stories of encounters with the ghosts, or spirits, of loved ones have been told. For some, it is a comfort, a confirmation that there is life after death.

Here is a true ghost experience that was shared with me by a friend:

Well I remember when I was about 6 years of age my parents had bought a small hotel in the west of Ireland, I used to get very bad nightmares all the time from the time they moved in, one night I remember waking up in the middle of the night and the curtain on the window of the bedroom was suspended up in the air, and something said my surname, the window was shut and there was no breeze, I knew this was out of the ordinary and started roaring.

Anyway we had a live in barmaid from the country and she used to hear noises in the wardrobe at night, she would hop out of bed and open the wardrobe thinking it was mice or something, there was never anything there when she did open it, things progressed so that sometimes she would see the door knob of her bedroom door turning and she would open the door and there would be nobody there.

One Night she dreamt she was being smothered and woke up with a startle and saw a "habit" (the Robe they bury a dead person in) floating across the room and disappear through the wall. My dad did some enquiries with locals and it turned out that someone had hanged themselves in the barmaids bedroom.

Needless to Say we didn't stay too much longer after that!

There is definitely something out there!

Written by D Slone, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Demon Zozo

It was her father who had passed. he were testing the spirit asking questions that only she knew the answers to. After 20 minutes it switched over and claimed to be MY mother. Once again answering questions correctly. We were both in tears and before we knew it the spirit switched over and we asked who we were talking to, the pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. we called him  Oz ,  we asked him to blow out a candle to prove himself and before we completed the sentence the candle was out. We asked him the time( neither of us had watches and we had been outside for over an hour) and we ran inside to look, it was exactly right to the minute. He then preceded to tell us that it was him the whole time, not her father, not my mother, him. He said he knew what we were thinking and that's how he gave us the answers to our questions, he was in our heads.

By the end of the conversation he began to curse at us so we stopped playing. A few weeks later we used the board again, and instantly Oz was back and he was nasty. cursing at us, saying dark things, we stopped.

That summer my sister in law and I both went through series of unfortunate events, we couldn't catch a break, one thing after another, negativity loomed over us.

At the end of the summer we used the board one final time. It was him, and he said that he made all of those things happen to us and that he created the negativity that was following us. we never touched it again. a year later while I was at their house she told me she still had the board in the garage and she asked me to look on the computer for proper ways to get rid of the board. While doing this I realized their were endless websites  and stories about  ZOZO  the Ouija demon. we were both scared and white as a ghost, as I was reading about him to her aloud, my nephew (her son)started running around the house screaming ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO!! and we frantically made him stop. I then read on a website that he will try to claim your first born son, I didn't actually believe that but it surely freaked me out. the next morning my nephew wakes me up and as were waking up he asks if we can go get breakfast so I put him in the car and pull out the driveway, not 2 minutes later a car runs a stop sign and slams in to us. now that could have been coincidence, but it was just too eerie for me to shrug off, ever since then I have developed anxiety and often feel panicky, and when I talk about him I feel the negativity pressing on my chest and my brain.

Written By Nynou 2012 Ghost-Space.Com


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