Monday, March 31, 2008

Freaky Dream Premonition

Well, I just moved to an old house built in the 1800s. The thing is the premonition was of that house and of the room that I had claimed when we moved in. I had always thought something was weird about our old trailer (we lived in it before we moved). I felt that I was never alone and my mom told me some strange stories from when I was little, like the time I was learning to walk and I would go up to people and sway back and forth humming and all you could see were the whites of my eyes and it creaped my parents out.

Well, one night I had a dream that I was in this house (the house I live in now). I was in a room (my room now nothing was the same as furnishings go). There was really loud music and I looked out the window and I saw an apple tree (the apple tree that is in my yard now). Under the apple tree was someone in a black cloak with the hood pulled up with an ax. So I ran and ran and that's when my mom woke me up. See, in the process of screaming in my dream I was actually screaming, the same with the running, my covers were across the room and for some reason I had tears running down my face. I mean I was freaked out.

I have always told my mom about my dreams, but that dream I just thought was best to be kept in my head because I was worried she would think I was crazy.

Then one night I looked out my window (three weeks ago) and saw my dad in a black winter coat with the hood up in the exact same spot. I just screamed because I had my music loud too and I looked down and noticed I was wearing the same thing that I was wearing in my dream.

I was freaked so I ran down stairs and in spite of what I though she would say she just sat down next to me and tried to calm me down. Then my dad walked through the door and asked what was wrong. My mom told him and he was shocked I had even went that long without telling my mom that dream so here I am completely freaked out!

Sent in by Mary Wentz, Copyright 2008

My Grandmother's Last Words

It was a cold night, 48 days before Christmas. I was very scared because at that time my grandmother had died and my family was waking on her that night.

I went to my bed with my cousins because that was the only chance we could sleep for one whole day a few hours ago. My cousins slept, I was closing my eyes but my mind was still running, it doesn't stop. I couldn't sleep but I was keeping my eyes close.

Suddenly, I felt a cold thing as cold as ice on my feet. I opened my eyes and then a striking light was approaching and a blurred image appeared. I kept on rubbing my eyes to find out if I was just dreaming or not.

When I realized that I was not dreaming, my nervous system works, I was chilling because I was scared, but the image held my hand and then she said, "I Love You My child", and then my chilling stopped and I realized that she was my late grandmother. I raised up in bed to hug her, but she suddenly disappeared like a bubble.

Then that night I told it to my relatives. And then all the hair on my skin stood up when they said that the last words she said was, "I will only say goodbye to my favorite granddaughter". Then suddenly tears fell down from my eyes.

Sent in by Nicole Kimberly Garcia, Copyright 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nightmares And A Shadow Creature

When I was about four years old my mom married this guy named Ken (totally hate him) so we moved into the house my great grandmother left for her.

Before my great grandmother died, the house felt OK, but when we moved in something was out of the ordinary. About a month after we moved my cat, jasmine, got hit by a car while I was at my dad's. I thought it was a joke. They buried her in the backyard near the woods. I started having nightmares.

My first nightmare goes kinda like this: I was having my whole 5th grade class over for a field trip to my house. Jasmine was all bloody and had two moles with her. They both had bloody teeth. (I had gotten my new cat that I now own by then). They wanted to kill my new cat Moonlight. They all jumped at me while I was running with my beloved cat and I woke up screaming. I didn't notice I was crying and sweating.

My room, like any teenagers, was a mess, so I had a family birthday coming up and was wrapping presents in my room. All of a sudden the tissue paper starting bouncing around like a frog. I got freaked and told my mom, she said it's probably just the meds.

The next night I couldn't sleep so I got up to get a drink of water, and I felt like something was staring at me real hard so I turned around to see a black shadowy creature moving towards me. I started shouting all these things, I remember only few things that I said. I told it to go away and that it wasn't welcome here. Mom ran downstairs and the next morning she told me that I was pale white and she found me in the kitchen, and I was solid.

Sent in by Allie, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Ghostly Phone Call

This is a story told by my teacher who is a big fan of ghost stories.

This happened when her friend's sibling died (I really don't know why).

Before the sibling of the friend of my teacher died, she tried to call on her cell phone to communicate with my teacher's friend, but she didn't know that her sister forgot to bring her cell phone with her.

And one day after a couple of days (After her funeral), someone called in her sister's office, but she wasn't there because she was in a leave.

The one who received the call asked her name and the name given was the same as the name of the sibling of the friend of my teacher who died.

Then when the friend of my teacher came back from her leave, they told her everything that had happened. And she told everyone that before her sibling died, she was trying to contact her sister. They were very scared. What a relief from  a frustrating, scary, and thrilling paranormal encounter.

Sent in by "Fisher-Price", Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Nightmare - Vision Of A Past Life?

Every now and then I have this reccurring dream of being in a cemetery in a long flowing evening gown and all of a sudden I hear running footsteps coming after me and saying I will find and kill you.

I hide in a coffin and this coffin is like the biggest one, the rest are all of those old fashioned coffins with the crosses engraved into them. Also, what was strange was that they were the size of babies.

I hide in the large one and soon I hear the footsteps passing me. I lay still as I can and about five minutes later I hear someone say,"it's ok you can come out now I wont hurt you". I raise up and look around. I am in the woods and I get out of the coffin and just collapse.

Then I wake up and I am laying on a couch surrounded by these coffins and embalming tools. I am still in my evening gown. I start to scream and my mind tells me that would not be a very wise decision because somebody is coming toward this room.

I have this dream all the time, and it is freaky because I am only 15 years old. Is this a vision of a past life?

Sent in by Bree, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Home New Hauntings

It all started seven years ago, I know only chosen people can see different ghosts but I don't believe I am a chosen person, I believe these ghosts are, well, making themselves be seen to people with maybe a little part of a gift.

Anyway back on the story. Our family had recently moved from the city to the country. My nana had given a subdivided part of her land for us so we lived right next to her. And my mum dad and brother who is three years younger than me moved into out nana's house while our house was being built. I was only 3 1/2 at the time so I didn't really put much thought into what I did.

We had just moved into our new house and I kept seeing flashes of light moving from our living room into our kitchen, which was right next door. I didn't make much of it seeing as I was only four now. I also always got the feeling that something was watching me.

I am 12 now and I still feel uneasy around windows at night because when I was eight I kept hearing scratching noises on my window. Mum said that it was probably just the cats, but I knew it wasn't.

A couple of nights ago I asked mum if she has felt a presence in the house and she said, "I did when we first moved in here, but now they are not as bad, in fact I hardly ever get any." I was surprised because I thought she would have said, "no", because mothers don't usually express that they have felt and saw weird thing to their 12 year old daughter.

When its totally quiet I can hear almost whispers but more like a rush of air going past me even if there is no wind. I haven't told anyone of these feelings or anything because I don't really know what they will think of me and we never really bring up a conversation of ghosts or spirits.

Sent in by Georgia-Leigh Truman, Copyright 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loss Of A Close Friend In A Car Accident

On October 9th, of 2002, A close friend named Neisha was killed in a car accident. I'm not displaying her full name because that information is truly confidential to me.

Two days after Neisha's Death, I was on the computer and an instant message from Yahoo popped up onto my screen. As I read in disbelief I just felt a chill go down my spine. It had read "Hey Joanie, I missed you".

Feeling angry, as if someone was trying to pull some foolish and cruel trick on me, I shot back and said, "Who is this? how the hell could you do something like this?" and she replied "No this is Neisha", everything is okay".

Neisha was always filled with such great spirit and love. She talked to everyone and respected them. She had a goofy side that everyone enjoyed. She was amazing, but from time to time her spirit would communicate with others, online or in person. Its almost like she's her regular self, only you can walk right through her.

To this day, I still cry at the thought of her death, but I will always love her. I've heard reports from my friends that they've seen Neisha walking around places, jut wandering off. I also had reports from friends of Neisha speaking to them on Yahoo or in person.

Its hard to try to act like everything is okay when your talking to a dead person, someone who has witnessed the afterlife. We miss you Neisha and we Love you.

Sent in by Joanie B Muler, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Ghost Who Ruled The House

We lived in a very small house with two girls. There wasn't enough room, so I decided that we needed to find a bigger house with more room and a yard.

Well, someone had told me about this green house. A little old lady use to live there with her husband until he died. Then she thought people were trying to break in her house and she didn't feel very safe, so she had someone to put bars on the outside of all the window's. Then one day she wound up in a nursing home.

When we first got to look at it there was nothing wrong, until we moved all the stuff in and got things put away.

When thing's started was when my oldest daughter, who is handicapped, was in her bed (she can't walk) ended up between her bed and the closet door. She was crying and her diaper was off. After that she would not sleep in there anymore.

Other people would not go in there because it was so cold and you could feel something in there.

I saw a little girl wearing a red dress and there was another women friend of mine who saw her too.

Down in the basement was a room that was closed off, but I opened it and had my niece and nephew help clean that room. Their use to be a rocking chair with panty house tied to the arms and legs before it fell all apart. When I and my niece and nephew were down there they saw her too.

Sent in by Ellen Morris, Copyright 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ghosts At My Grandparents House

Ok, when I was a little girl I had a little boy always on the floor watching me and every time I would move beds he would follow me!

I don't know why and how he gets in. I think its a ghost but my nanny says, "its your guardian angel!" I am like no, its not!

And when one night I went into my grandparents room to sleep in their room, but I didn't fall asleep though, then all of a sudden a black figure showed up in front of me just staring at me. I was gonna scream, but I was like frozen in fear.

Ok I was watching TV in my room and I saw what I thought was my sister, so I said, "I love you" and no response and she wasn't there. I thought well maybe she left and I didn't see her. Then I thought she came in again, but I paid attention this time and I said I love you and the person never did go out. Then I looked right behind me and it wasn't there!

Also, one night I was looking around and I saw this doll on the floor and it was like following me. I went to the restroom, it was on he restroom floor outside the door and then I screamed and ran into my grandparent room. When I came out with them with me the doll was gone. I was like, why did you go? You know!

I hope y'all enjoy this but I will have alot more put in here later.

Sent in by "Joker", Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aliens Are Real

An alien visited me one night and I fell asleep for some reason and woke up with a tube in my ear. I had a major headache. I stared at my clock and the two hands stopped at the four. It was exactly 4:00 AM.

Then there was a big light out my door. The door opened and there was so much light it was like the sun was in my room. I saw two black figures walking towards me. They had really big heads (oval shaped) and skinny bodies. They were also tall. They moved my bed out into where the light was.

They then gave me a shot in the head full of red stuff. Then the needle on the shot broke and the red juice fell to the ground and dissolved. I heard of this red stuff before (its suppose to give you short term memory loss). I didn't get it, thank God.

They stared at me as if studying me. They took out the tube and blood was pouring from my ear. I couldn't feel it though because they had paralyzed me.

I wanted to vomit because I saw creatures in glass tanks behind them, I even saw another person being dissected right next to me. I yelled, "Are you alright?" and the guy said next to me, "I think so."

The aliens were amazed at how we were communicating. They started to speak another language.

"What's your name I asked?" and the guy said, "Thomas, Thomas Bernard Keller." "How long have you've been here?" I asked, but he didn't answer back.

A shiver went down my spine. I blinked and I was in my room again. It was 5:00 PM. My mom called and asked me why I didn't come visit her today. I said I had been abducted and she hung up.

I tried looking for Thomas through phonebooks and the Internet, but its like he never existed.

One day I was abducted again and Thomas's lifeless body was next to me. I have a brain tumor now.But I am very healthy.I can go any minute because of them testing on me.

Sent in by Burt Reynolds, Copyright 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Haunted From A Young Age

Back in Thailand when I was five years old, I got haunted by a ghost. I was asleep until something pulled my legs, I screamed for my mum and woke her.  She then got up and asked me what was wrong. I told her and she said she couldn't see anything. I didn't either, but I could hear it trying to get away, of course my mum didn't hear anything. She had looked everywhere but still couldn't find it.

When I was 12 years old I was haunted again but this time I saw it, it was 12 pm the clock had woke me. I was sleeping in the living room, I had looked up and saw a little boy floating above the table not so far from me. He just looked at me. I was so scared I pulled the blanket over my head. I hadn't told any of my family about this but I had told my friends, I told them I might have been seeing things. I didn't want to believe it was real.

My brother had told his friends the same thing that I had told my friends, the boy he saw was in the living room and he looked to be about five years old. My friends then had told me that my brother had seen the same ghost.

From then on I had to believe that it was real. The boy was all white, like smoky in a way.  Folding his legs together, floating up in the air.

When I was 17 years old I had saw another ghost. This time was at the beach and it wasn't white.  She walked across my car. She was a black ghost, I really thought ghosts were only one color, she look like she was in her 30s. She was dressed in a long black dress. I thought it was a normal person at first until she vanished within a blink of my eye. My friend that was with me that night didn't see a thing. You only believe it when you see it, I really don't want to see it ever again.

I wish I knew why some people see it and some people don't. And why we see it?

Sent in by Ashley, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Little Sister The Ghost In Our House

Hi,my name is Lucy and I am 10 years old. Anyway it all started when we moved in a house a year ago with my mum and dad plus my little sister Lisa.

I went to bed that night and woke up thirsty. I went to get a glass of water when I saw a little girl in a long white shirt. I thought it was my little sister because she had long blonde hair, but I didn't see her face because she was looking out the window.

I told her to go back to bed, I turned around to check if the back door was locked then I turned back around and she was gone. I just thought that she was hiding or playing a trick on me so I went upstairs to check in her room.

It was then when I knew what it was. I looked in my sisters bed and she was fast asleep with a purple vest and pink shorts. I went to go to my room and the girl was there sitting on my bed.

I tried to talk to her and she just sat there looking at me like she was scared. But after since then she touches me alot and some times she will move my stuff in my room and I call her my little sister.

Sent in to us by Lucy Dodsworth, Copyright 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are My Imaginary Friends Johnny and Ryan Real?

I am a 15 year old girl. My first imaginary friend was Johnny, he was a nice person but one day he just disappeared and I haven't seen him. Suddenly I just started to see another one and I decided to name him Ryan.

Well, one night I was alone in my bedroom, it was was around 11:00 pm and I felt someone pushing me off the bed and when I looked over I saw that it was Ryan who was the one that was pushing me. At that time my mom opened the door and I asked her if she could see Ryan and she said no. I told her that he was real and that he could move things. She said that it was just my head.

My friends know that I have an imaginary friend, but they like to play around by telling me that they see him too. And when I'm writing an e-mail and I stop all of a sudden I don't feel the same. I feel like someone is inside of me. Then when I feel that way I start writing like if I was Ryan.

Sometimes I feel a presence within me. Around this moment I feel someone standing behind me looking at me at school when no one is sitting behind me and I sit close to the wall. I can hear someone calling my name and I know it is Ryan, I know his voice. He likes to sing with me and we have a lot in common, we both like the same things. But sometimes he hurts me and and won't let me sleep at night. He wakes me up around 3:33 am to go play basketball with him in the park and things like that.

The only thing is that he doesn't want me to be around anyone and he likes to be in dark places. Once my best friend said that she felt someone pull her hair and I was with her at that time and there was no one with us at our table in the library nor behind us. We both think Ryan is a ghost that wants to have someone he could be with all the time.

He once tried to choke me when I was asleep and then he said that he was just having some fun and that he wanted me to be with him all the time. He usually comes to school with me and never leaves my side. I need help!

Sent in by Ally Ortiz, Copyright 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Black Shadow Man

It happened when I got in a car accident five years ago. My leg was broke and I needed to use a wheelchair. But it was hard for me to go upstairs, so my mom decided that I will sleep in the living room for a while. She put my sofa bed in front of the kitchen door.

That night when I was half sleeping, I felt someone beside me. I couldn't move my body because I was scared he would know I was awake. I prayed Holy Mary three times. Then I felt him leave.

In the morning, our maid always leaves the kitchen light on. By that time I was already awake. The kitchen door was half open, and at the back of the door, I saw an image. It was a shadow, I thought it was nothing. Maybe it was a visitor of my dad.

But then in a flash I remembered that there was nothing to hold that shadow and it was at the back of the door, six feet tall. Then I moved my body to see him more clearly, but he moved backward.

So I laid down, and he looked at me again. Even though I didn't see his face, just a shadow, I knew he was looking at me. Then I just got a goose bump.

I shouted my maid's name and after I shouted, he disappeared. My maid ran to me and asked what was wrong. Even my dad and mom panicked. I just told them that I saw someone. My dad looked in the kitchen but no one was there.

After that night, I never slept in our living room again..

Sent in by Hazel, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Ghost In The Canning Room

When I was 16 My mother and step dad and a uncle, went to my step brothers house to do some renovating.

The house was in Lake Arrow Head, California. When we first walked in to the house I felt sick, like something was very wrong. My mother said go explore, So I walked up stairs and I hated it up there, it was creepy, I cant explain it.

I went to the basement that was an apartment, and on the walls there were drawings that kids made of sad faces, so I just looked around and went back up stairs and out to the back yard.

There was this canning room. My mom said they were going to town to get some stuff and to stay there. So I walked up to the door of the canning room and tried to open the door but it was locked. As I walked away the door flew open, so I walked in and the door shut and locked. So now I am scared.

All of a sudden I hear screaming all around me and a black figure in front of me. It had eyes, but I didn't know if it was a man or a woman. At that moment the door opened and I was pushed out of the door. The door locked and I could see eyes in the window.

I ran in the house. I told my mom what happened and my dad checked the door, it was locked. My mom said she felt strange there too. We spent three days there. As we painted and tore down walls the house started to feel better in there, but the basement and that canning room in the back never changed.

Sent in by Vonnie, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Haunted Trailer

My first paranormal experience happened when I was alone at my grandma's house.

I have always heard my half sister and my grandma talking about a little boy haunting their apartment. I never thought it was true until I experienced it myself.

Well my grandma took my sisters and cousins to the store and my grandpa went outside to smoke. As I was sitting on the couch flipping channels on the TV I finally found some cartoons to watch. As I was sitting there it felt as if someone had sat next to me and there was no one in the house so I just got up and left.

Ever since I can remember we have lived in a trailer for almost seven years now. I was the first in our family to hear footsteps and someone was moving chairs around on the kitchen. Neither one of my parents believed me. It wasn't until my dad heard the same thing, but he did get the courage to go see what it was and he said there was no one to be found.

Well, my brother has this custom where he stays up late and plays computer. On one occasion he said he got up to go to the restroom and saw a shadow just pass him by.

On a second occasion he did get to the restroom and saw what appeared to be a little girl sitting in the bathtub.

My sister says she saw a little girl like as if she was crying over in our kitchen.

To this day we haven't had any more paranormal experiences thanks to my mom spraying holy water in our house.

Sent in by Sara, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ghost Haunting In Milpitas

Alright, I visit my aunt's house sometimes. Her house has been around since the 70's, that's what she said. She lives on Lacey Dr in Milpitas, California.

I looked all over the internet to see if Milpitas had any haunted places in it and found nothing, but my family knows that there is a ghost in that house. It moves dishes around and makes noises with dishes.

This one time I stayed over, it might have been at Christmas, I couldn't go to sleep, but it was really late and everyone else was asleep. They were on the floor and the other couches asleep. I was on a couch but couldn't sleep.

I uncovered myself and looked near the kitchen. I saw a cloudy figure that was the shape of a man. It was a very tall man. I got too scared so I just just tried to sleep.

Then last week I went to visit her again. It was late at night when I heard a deep ghostly voice saying stuff. I couldn't understand what it was saying though. I know it probably wasn't anyone because everyone was asleep.

Then the next night at around 3, I heard more voices. The same deep voice, but it was calling my name. I could hear it clearly.

I haven't visited her house after last week, but I know I will again. I hope to encounter more things. And I wonder how the ghost knew my name.

Sent in by Kate, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Friday, March 14, 2008

Did A Ghost Warn Me About This?

This happened about a year ago. I live next to a cemetery so that may explain what happened.

I was asleep in my room when all of a sudden I woke up. I looked at the clock and it said 1:23.

As soon as I tried to get up something got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed. I could not move, my hands, legs everything. I tried and tried but could not get up. I could feel someone lying on my back.

I then begun to get dizzy and started to blink and I saw an image of a short haired girl driving a black truck getting smashed by a dodge. I did not see the vehicle, but I saw the dodge emblem. It flipped onto its side and spun.

The next day I called every female I knew and told them to not go any where. Then the next day, before I was headed out of state, I told my best friend to wear her seat belt.

A week later at 3:21 she was hit by a dodge van which flipped the truck on its side and spun it. Before I even saw the pictures I could tell her the exact way the truck was.  Was that a ghost telling me something or what?

Sent in by Brad, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knocking Ghost In The Attic

I've lived in Pennsylvania for about 5 years now, and the house I live in now is the first house I've ever lived in. Before me and my mom moved up here we always went from apartment to apartment. So being a big house kinda creeps me out.

But anyway, it was about a month or so after we got all settled in, and I just got home from a concert. It was about 1 AM and my mom was sleeping. I went to the fridge and got something to drink and went upstairs to bed.

I got all settled into bed when I heard this knocking coming from my attic. I know for a fact that no one could be up there because there's like no floor and the only way to get up to my attic is by the pull down stairs in my hallway.

I thought it was just me because when you're tired your mind plays tricks on you, so I closed my eyes. I heard the knocking again! I knew that it couldn't be my imagination this time. It was just like a tap tap tap. It sounded like someone was literally taking their fists and knocking on the ceiling.

At this point I'm really freaked out, so I went downstairs into my mom's room and I said, mom, and she asked me what I wanted. I told her that I'm hearing knocking from the ceiling. She opens her eyes and looks at me like I'm crazy, so I go backupstairs and lay in bed.

Right before I fell asleep it sounded like someone was pulling down the stairs to my attic! I was totally like freaking creeped out, so I got out of bed and slammed my door and screamed, go away! After that, I never heard any knocking ever again, but still, when I'm alone upstairs I feel like someone is just there watching me.

Sent in by Alyssa Marie Fiato, Copyright 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Band Camp Ghost

This one time at band camp I was playing my flute when I realized I had left the spit valve in my room so I walked back.

As I entered my room I realized it was really cold. I went to switch on the radiator. I tugged at the valve thing but it wouldn't turn so I gave up trying.

As I turned around I heard laughter. It sounded like a child. As I spun around, there in the corner there was a dark figure which was hard to see as my room was dark. It came towards me and said. don't be afraid I just want to play.

It picked up a red toy car which I was sure that hadn't been there before. It rolled the car to me and told me to roll it back. When I didn't comply it was angry. The car lifted off the floor and flew in my direction.

By this time I was running for the door which had been open up until this point when it slammed shut and the "ghost" started to laugh. I was petrified by this time and seriously believed I was going to die in this room.

I turned on the light and the ghostly figure disappeared and the door opened and my room warmed up. I ran out to the instructor and told him what happened. He did not believe me. This story is 100% true whether you believe it or not. If you believe me leave a comment.

Sent in by Bill, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ghost In My Basement

I have been hearing and sometimes seeing things out of the corner of my eye, really scary sometimes.

I do love ghost stuff and reading stories of them and watching shows with ghost and demons. I do beleive in ghosts.

So one night last summer, around 3:00, I heard something in the basement. It sounded like a basket moved across the floor. Again, no one was up. My sister and grandma were in their beds sleeping. I checked, so yeah.

I was so scared I could not move. My heart began to beat faster and faster. My grandpa had just died and I wondered if it was him. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. By now I was shaking and sweating! Then it stopped and then I went under my covers scared (I'm really bad at telling stories but I'm did my best ha-ha).

I'm having things like ghost sightings happening a lot now. I'm getting scared and I'm wondering who it could be.

Like one day I was in the shower, I have been scared a lot when in there like someone is watching me, and I saw a shadow man thingy that was by the shower curtain! I was shaking so badly, I called my mom to come in with me because I would not stay in there by myself.

To this day strange things are happening. I wonder if its someone nice or my grandpa.

Sent in by 'RandiRockstar', Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Monday, March 10, 2008

Scary Sleepover True Story

It was October 14th 2007 and I was having a sleepover of nine people. We went to the disco at Pegswood Social Club and danced, obviously.

It was 9:00 pm so we came home and told each other ghost stories. Hetty was telling a ghost story about the olden days and how people used to get buried alive because doctors thought they were dead, but they were really in comas. Then people would visit theie graves and they would here scratching noises from the people trying to get out. It must of been a horrible experience.

We were all laying on the floor below the curtains and something told me I should look up so I did and I saw a faint figure which seemed to be a dog on my windowsill. So I told all my mates and they were terrified.

We were also sleeping next to the wardrobe. When we were looking up suddenly there was a little bang on the wardrobe. So we suddenly glanced at the wardrobe and inside but there was nothing there so we turned back to the windowsill and the figure of the dog had vanished! Scary or what?

So since then I've never slept next to the window or wardrobe again, but you never know, this year at my sleepover all my friends might want to experience it again.

Sent in by Jazzy, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Am I A Paranormal Magnet?

All my life, I have believed in the paranormal. I am so much different than other humans.

I have two ghosts that live with me and one angel, (I have the ability to see them), and my two dead cats, Gus, and Frisky.

My whole neighborhood is haunted. When ever something/someone dies, they come back, only different, need I explain this? Just last week end me and my friend snuck out side through my window and (this was about 2:30 a.m.) and apparently I was the only one who heard this. We sat next to the boat and all of a sudden I heard a harmonica being played like next door and nobody was even home. So I was like, holy crap! Rebecca, did you just hear that? She replied "no" and we jumped through the window into the house.

And the next night we heard a mixture of Indian/military drumming and it wouldn't stop until I started praying.

My ghost (one of them) said that they were buried somewhere near and are just trying to scare, just as usual.

I am so used to the paranormal and I wont be afraid of them because I have some that actually protect me.

You think that my neighborhood is just haunted or is it just me? Please reply with your comment.

Sent in by Amaya Gill, Copyright 2008

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little Girl's Ghost

I don't have great grammar so please excuse my writing

You people may not believe me. That's okay, but I just need to let this out.

Well, I live in this house that has a little house looking thing in the back. Everytime I go back there to get something I get this weird feeling. Its weird.

Well anyway, it was about 8:00 pm and I had to get something from the back and the door was open a little, like a little crack and all of a sudden I just see this little girl with long light brown hair. I see just half of her face, it was really creepy

I thought it was just me, but like one week later my friend came over. I didn't tell her about what I saw and like in the middle of the day she started to get all freaked out and saying there was a little girl that had a red dress and long light brown hair.

I thought she was just playing around, but then she started to cry because it wouldn't leave her alone. After that I started to believe her because she looked really, really terrified, just the look on her face.

Then my other friend came to my house and said she saw this little girl just standing there staring at her.

Nothing else has happened for a while, but one night, I think it was a Tuesday like at 1:00am, I saw this little girl in the corner of my room. She was just sitting there crying I guess and I didn't know what to do. I closed my eyes for about 10 seconds and then opened them and she was gone.

I still live in the same house but I haven't seen her lately. I always get chills when I look at that corner where she was at!

Sent in by Lopez, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Unknown Truth

Before you read the story, just to let you know that, you might think it's impossible or stupid, but it's true, 100% true.

This story is about the unknown truth my Grandpa had experienced. My grandpa used to live in a small city. His house is really big and beautiful because I saw it myself.

Before I was born, there was a park/field that almost no one used to go after 6:00 pm.

My grandpa had always loved animals and he used to have some. One day he saw a little cow was running towards the field, he thought it's his cow and started running behind the cow to catch it. It was almost 6:00 and it was getting dark. My grandpa had no idea that when he was chasing the cow he was also going towards the field. There was only a little distance between him and the field.

He was almost there but at the perfect time his brother saw him running that way and shouted Amin! My grandpa Amin stopped suddenly and looked back at his brother. He was shocked that he was almost in the field.

When he looked back at the field he was even more horrified because there was no cow at all! The field was so big that even if someone ran for half an hour really fast, you could still see the person.

His brother then took him home and he had a fever for two whole weeks, but at least he was saved from the unknown truth. Anything could have happened to him.

I was scared when I heard the story, all of my relatives know about this. Now the field is no more there, but there is a pond.

Sent in by Faiza Rahman, Copyright 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scary Ghost Girl In My House

Well, my cousins and I were trying to watch a movie, but the TV kept on getting static (chchchchchch,chchchchch,chchchchc). Then we saw some one passing by it. She had a white dress on with gray flowers and had long hair. I really didn't see her face.

We looked at each other, except one of them who didn't see. So I didn't want to go in the hallway because I was scared like, what I mean, scared.

My mom came, so we told her what had happened. So a couple of days later my mom called the priest. He came and blessed the house. He said it was mad because we lived in her house.

What I notice something different about my house is that every time you walk near the front door you can see crosses on the door, but if you are far away from it you cant see any thing, freaky huhh?

And one time I was sleeping. I was putting on my phone to charge and my light from my phone turned off. Then somehow it turned back on after I just minded my own business, so I went back to sleep. A couple of minutes later I felt someone playing with my hair so I grabbed my hair but I still felt it on the side of me so I just put my blankets over my head.

After a couple of years passed the same things have been going on. My mom doesn't want to move, but this second while I am typing this nothing has happened, but if feel really cold even with my sweater on. I live in Hacienda Heights.

I feel scared right now!

Sent in by Nancy a.k.a Lazy Eyes, Copyright 2008 Ghost Crossing

Monday, March 3, 2008

No One Stays In This Haunted House For Long

Well, I don't know very much about ghosts but I do believe that everyone's put on the earth for a certain reason and if you don't fulfill it your soul remains on earth.

Anyways, my cousin moved in this really old house up the road from where I live now. The house is very, very creepy and nobody stays in it for more than a month or two.

One night I stayed the night and I stayed in the master bedroom. It didn't take me long to fall asleep. A few hours later I woke up to the sound of someone talking to me. I thought that maybe it was my cousin's wife.

Then all of a sudden it was like I was in an old hospital room and there was this lady standing over me. She was dressed like a nurse, with very pale skin and dark hollow eyes. I don't know why, but I wasn't scared. It was kinda like I knew her.

In the next room I heard a phone ring and the lady disappeared. That scared me because at the time my cousin didn't have a phone.

They moved out a week later. I never told them what I saw. There have been many people who have moved into that house, all claiming to feel people watching them or even seeing a man standing by the bedroom window in the master bedroom.  

You may not believe this story but everyone who has been in that house says different.

Sent in by Martina Rigual, Copyright 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Evil Ghost Next Door

I just moved to this town and was nice but the other house gave me the creeps. So I was walking down the road when I saw a girl. She was my age, 16, and she had blonde hair. That all I saw of her, she had her head down.

I said hello and she looked up and she looked bad, she had tear stains on her checks. She quickly wiped them away and said, hi, she asked, are you new?

I said, yea I lived right there. I pointed to the house then I heard her gasp. I turned and looked at her and asked what's wrong?

Do you know the house next door is haunted? she ask in a frightened voice.

No, but it gives me the creeps.

Did you see a grave stone?

No I didn't, but I will look.

No don't! she screamed. What is wrong with you? OK, I hate that house, she said, why I asked is because that's where my little sister was killed. Yeah, she was killed by a ghost.

Can you tell me what happened, or do you feel like you don't want to?

No, I will tell you. OK on a hot Tuesday morning me and my sister went to the house to play ball. I threw it too hard and it went over her head and went into the house. She said I'll get it. She said, I found it, but the door slammed shut and I heard her scream. I ran to get my mom. She banged the door down and we saw her lying there dead. There was something written beside her it said, STAY AWAY FROM HOUSE OR YOU WILL BE LIKE HER. Me and my mom looked up and saw her. She had long white hair and sharp bloody finger nails. She had ugly teeth and she pointed at me and said, you will be like your sister if you don't stay away from my house.

Sent in by Taylor, Copyright Ghost Crossing