Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Was It an Angel?

I use to live in a small town called Fort Beaufort in South Africa, I was about 8 years old when something strange happened to me.

It all started when Play Land came to our town, my gran wanted me to go with her to a movie which was to be screened in The city hall as Fort Beaufort never had a cinema.

So after the movie was finished,I walked to my house which was just across the road from the city hall, I kept walking and never heard my gran call me.

We had two gates that led to our garden, so I went through the first gate and I paused because I was to afraid to go through the second gate, so as I turned to my side I saw a Tall figure standing in front of me, It was a man wearing a white robe with a gold belt, he had white curly hair and beard with piercing blue eyes, he also had enormous wings and he was glowing.

As I looked at him he told me that I mustn't be afraid, so I looked at the gate and looked back to him, and he was gone, I walked to the front door and knocked, but no one was home. All of a sudden I heard my mom call me from the gate, I ran to her and told her that I saw an Angel, she believed me. Maybe It was my guardian Angel, who knows!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Demon Boy

OK when I got home from school no one told me that my mom was not going to be home and to go to grandmas house. So I walked inside and I saw this little boy sitting there in front of the TV. I thought that it might be my little brother so I said hello Josh I'm home aren't you going to say hi to me. Right when I said that It turned around and it's face was really scary half of his face was ripped and blood was oozing out but to my surprise the blood when it hit the ground soaked instantly up did not even stain the carpet.

I started to run away and it called out to me come back mommy I thought you loved me. it said that over and over. I was scared and confused. I'm only 16 I'm not old enough to even have a kid in fact I have never had a kid in my life and after that I don't even think I want to have a kid.

Sent in by Ellen, Copyright 2010 Ghost-Space.com

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Evil is Alive and its Coming for Me

So one day I was sitting on the bench swing in my back yard. I happen to look up over into my grandmas yard and right at the corner of her house I saw a man like figure looking at me. then I looked back and it was gone. But just then I herd this demonized roar coming from my grandmas house. Then that night the phone rang and I picked it up and all I heard was deep breathing So I hung up. Just after I hung up it rang again So I picked it up again but before I could say hello I herd this voice say I'm satin in like this really scary voice a voice I had never herd before so real that no one could even imitate it. I instantly dropped the phone and ran away to my room. I went on the compute and looked up you tube scary voices of satin and I listened to all of the voices and  their was not one that sounded like the voice I herd. Just then something pulled my hair really hard that some even fell out. So I turned around and all I saw was this hand coming out of the corner of my door. that was like a nightmare.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Return From the Dead

About a year ago me and my mate Carlos were fooling about with the snowballs on the field but it was more like ice we threw a snowball at a girl called Ellie and she fell over face first onto a sharp piece of ice sticking up from the ground we were so scared and we didn't no what to do we told the police and they let us of because it was an accident.

About a month after this horrific event me and Cree was walking across the field and we saw Ellie standing there and she was pointing at us with her left had and she had a snowball in her right hand we were so scared we ran and as we were running Cree got hit in the head with a snowball but there was no one about then about a week later I was laying in bed and I was taking pictures and every picture I took Ellie was in the background I got really scared and everywhere I look I see her is this just me or is this our guilt trip to hell.

Sent in by Carlos and Paeblo, Copyright 2010 Ghost-Space.com

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Interesting Experience

This happened rather recently. My friend decided that he was going to move out to his work office and stay there as they had a whole apartment in the back and he offered me to stay the night with him. Of course I thought it would be cool to do so I said yes. It was just him in me at the time and the office door in the front room was shut tightly and locked.

We had sat in the back just talking and working on our scholarship portfolios. Suddenly a door in the back slammed. I jumped ten feet in the air! It was scary. We sat there for a bit and it happened again, though this time you could hear the footsteps walking down the hallway.

We scuttled back to the office, spooked. He said this happened on a regular basis but not usually so close together. We moved back to the bedroom and were getting for bed when we heard another loud thunk. Thinking someone might have broken in we grabbed a bat by the door and wandered down the hallway. A picture that was on the wall was now on the floor.

We checked everything and still couldn't find any point of a break in. So we finally decided that we were just going to leave. It was starting to get way to spooky there.

Sent in by Jackie Dato, Copyright 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Devil Sits on a Throne in Hell

In my trailer in Rockford Illinois my daughter went into a vision. Christina saw the devil. Lucifer had black eyes, goatee and was coming up through the spirit world. The devil's red hands were sticking out from Hell. The devil was trying to pull Christina to Hell. Every time he would extend his hands she would see red hands.

The devil finally led her to a place not of this world. In this place the devil was sitting on a throne. The throne appeared to be like a king's throne. The devil was laughing and smiling. There was fire all around the devil on his throne.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Devil has Red Hands When He Drags You to Hell

In the Trailer that is Haunted in Rockford Illinois. My daughter saw the devil's hands rising up from Hell.  Christina was having a vision. It was late at night. Around 10pm. The devil's were red in color. The only thing that appeared at first was Satan's face and hands.  Satan's hands were red. His face was red, with black eyes.

He had a black goatee, with black hair. The devil had two pairs of horns. Like a goats horns.  He took his hands they red and pulled on Christina.  He was trying to drag Christina into Hell.

The devil's hands started to burn.  It was like she had some supernatural protection surrounding her.  When his hands started to burn he started to burn. The devil got dragged down into Hell. The devil's demons came to his rescue and pulled Lucifer back down to Hell. The demons made sad faces with sad expressions.The demons had wild looking eyes. But Satan wasn't dead. The devil was still alive. The demons were red. The demon's had on things that looked like Halloween costumes. Christina also saw dirt. dirt was for the ground for them to walk on. The demons ceiling was also dirt. There was fire everywhere. It was weird the demons could walked through the fire without even burning.

Sent in by Carri Williams , Copyright 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ghost and the Baby

About 20 years ago my Granddad died, the hospital did not tell my parents until later, my mum dropped me off to my Great Auntie, seeing as I was 1 year old nearly two, most kids would be fascinated with toys or jigsaws I seemed to walk to the patio. My Great Auntie heard me laugh and talk and yell a word "Diddy". She dragged me back to play game or a jigsaw, but I kept running back laughing and talking. My mum came to pick me up and said "Milan's Diddy died" my great Auntie replied "Diddy?" "Oh yeah Milan's granddad" my mum replied.

My Great Auntie did not tell my mum this story until 4 years later. My mum and my great auntie believed I had seen my dead Granddad just before he moved on.

Sent in by Milan Stanivuk, Copyright 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Marilyn Monroe

This is not a fake story. My mom told me this story but it takes place when she was about 16.

My mother was a really really big fan of Marilyn Monroe when she was in her later teen years. I don't know the connection but my mothers' mother was friends with a woman that had many books filled with posters, pictures, etc. of Marilyn. My mom asked if she could keep one poster of her and the friend said yes.

[caption id="attachment_1472" align="alignright" width="165" caption="Marilyn Monroe"]Marilyn Monroe[/caption]

Later that week, my mom put up the picture because it was beautiful and my mom wanted that to keep her motivated to loose weight so she kept it up in her bedroom. In about 3 days, the picture was taken off the wall. My mom asked her mom "what happened?" and my grandmother replied, "It was creeping me out so I took it down." My mother found that picture later and put it back up. The next day, my mom saw something unbelievable. The Poster of Marilyn Monroe was slowly but surly moving. She was dancing side to side very slowly. My mom, freaked out completely, took the poster down and ran to tell my grandmother. She told my mom that she saw the same thing.

The poster was either thrown away or lost but it was never seen again.

Sent in by Esther, Copyright 2010 Ghost-Space.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WW1 Terror

One day I was walking down my street on my way home from my friend's birthday party. It was about 9:00 pm on a Saturday night. I had to walk right past the old Bradley Cemetery.

I was almost to the cemetery when I saw a headless body covered in blood and gore laying in the road. Suddenly an old world war 1 Chevy halftrack showered in bullet holes veered around the curve and tried to run me over. I jumped in the ditch an the car and the body disappeared.

People say I'm crazy but I swear it is true!

Sent in by Jesus Lopez, Copyright 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Need Help I Think Im Going Nuts

I have been going through this for many years I am very sensitive to spirit world always have been but it got way worst since I went to Louisiana to meet his baby and father and there was a sixteen year old boy that had picked me up off the couch and I kept telling him to put me down and there was also an incubus there to I saw the reddest eyes I ever saw in my life do you think it has followed me cause now ever since I have really had problems but when I was in detention when I was young I was able to have a dream and know where I was going and my dyfss worker knew her name was Carol Megan she was completely freaked when everything I had told her was exactly the way I had told her before we got there?many things happen in my apartment and I have witnesses. Sometimes my friends are scared to come to my apartment but on the other hand it follows me to my friends next store and if I am upset it knocks over her dishes into her sink she gets really scared a lot.

Sent in by Tia, Copyright 2010 Ghost-Space.com

Friday, March 5, 2010

Haunted Cottages in Maine

It started about 6 years ago, when two young girls met up with Brooke. She was young, and they played together all the time. Her parents just thought she was exploring the outdoors, they cant see the young ones.

Brooke didn't know what she was getting herself into, she just thought they were two normal girls staying at the cabins. She later found out that they were ghosts, and they had ghost fathers, who weren't ones for fun, or happiness, should I say.

This takes us to about 11 months ago, Delaney and Brooke were always friends, but now they started to hang out more, and they found themselves running away from a lot of different situations.

After Brooke filled her in with all the weird stuff happening, they decided to take a look. They recorded, video and sound, and have found many different clues to the 'paranormal' happenings. Humming, rocking in the rocking chair, something touching the laptop, moving items, throwing, and the occasional orb/flash of light in the videos. Sarah and Julia are the girls' names, and the father's name's were Patrick and Jonathon.

Sent in by Delaney and Brooke, Copyright 2010 Ghost-Space.com

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paranormal Experience in Old Farm House

My experience happened at the house that I'm living in now. It is a old farm house that was built in 1862. The experience happened in November of 08 a few months after I got married. The day of my experience I was down stairs talking with my husband for a while it was in the late afternoon. I decided that I felt like going up stairs to take a nap for little bit. When I went up I got up on my bed and was laying on my left side and I had a house coat on and that was it. I don't fall asleep very fast it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes. I was laying there and I could hear everything around me the TV, dog and my husband walking  could see and hear things around me still. I was scared and could hear myself trying to call for my husband to help me but I couldn't yell loud enough for him to hear me. I felt violated and didn't have any control. I finally heard my husband coming up the steps and when he got to the top what ever was violating me suddenly what felt like it raised out of me and I had that same tingling sensation as that happened. This has not happened again since. I wonder sometimes when I'm lying down anywhere if it would happen again. God I hope not. I was not asleep when this happened.

I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else.

Sent in by Vicki Cox, Copyright 2010