Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spirits And Reapers

I am a Psychic. I was raised by a family that has contact with spirits. So far, I caught brain tumor and I entered this Near death experience. Like I was in this painful position where I wasn't waking up from. I just got up out of my bed and walked around through the hospital and walked to one of the nurses and asked him what year it was. The doctor ignored me so I thought maybe she didn't hear me so I asked her again. Then I began to wonder what the heck was going on. Then I walked in to my hospital room and saw a person who looked like me lying on the bed except the body was pale. I searched and saw my mother crying near the person who looked like me. I reached for her and said, "Mom!" But my hand went through her. I looked at my hands and saw them beginning to look transparent then they started turning pale. I looked at the wall and saw my name being scratched on there.

When it became dark out, I was just sitting in a chair, I heard my name being called. I walked and followed the voice and entered a room only to see a man that looked like he was twenty-nine years old. He was wearing a hat, he wore a black suit and a white tie. He had black tennis shoes. He looked at me and said, "Hey there buddy, are you ready to go?" I looked back and looked back at him and asked, "Go where?" The man said, "Your time ran up, your death schedule was up, I am here to take you with me, but I can't reveal the place you're going to." I said, "Wait, you're the angel of death?". The man said, "That's me, there are millions of me out there, but I only decide the death date." I said, "No, I am not going with you, I choose to stay here with my family." The man looked at me and said, "Very well." He reached in to his suit and pulled out something, I didn't know what it was but then he showed it to me. It was a scorpion! The scorpion jumped out of his hands and on to me forcing me to fall. The man said, "Now, you can either come with me, or my little buddy will sting you, which is it going to be?" I looked up at him and said, "I'm already dead, what's this little guy suppose to do?" The reaper said, "I know, but that sting will send you down to purgatory in to a deep sleep." I said, "Okay, okay I will go with you." The reaper reached his right hand out and I grabbed it as he lifted me to my feet.

I stepped on the scorpion with my left shoe. I said, "Wait, can you show me my death schedule." A calendar appeared in his right hand and he lifted it up showing me. It had scrolled blood on it. He said, "I can't allow you to see my true form, it will surely scare you.". I looked up at him and said, "Yeah right, there are horror movies about ghosts all the time, if anything should be scary, it's me." The reaper glared at me in the presence of his face of evil. He said in a dark demonic voice, "No, you will fear me!" I raised my right fist and punched him and he fell to the ground, I ran through the walls and out of there.

Then I realized how ghosts could possess humans and objects. The reaper came walking towards me. I manipulated one of the wheel tables to roll and it came for him and knocked him down. I got in my hospital room and then I lied down in the bed and I figured if I could possess things then surely I could possess my body and be back to life again. But I lied down and saw the reaper coming for me. He reached both hands in to my chest and I screamed as a bright light appeared. I blinked a couple of times and realized the reaper was gone. I sat up and put both of my hands and only to realize that they hadn't gone through it. I was alive! But something told me that the spirits that the reaper captured were kind of jealous of me. So now they began to haunt me. And I still feel the reaper is out there to get me.

Sent in by James

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Ghost At The Castle Museum

To begin with I would like to say, that I didn't believe in ghosts, or paranormal things before. Now I do... and my story will haunt me for the rest of my life:

When I was 10 years old my parents took me and my brother to see a castle, now being a museum. I remember reading about a girl who once lived there, her father walled her up and she slowly started to die. That should be enough to keep people away, but since I didn't believe in paranormal things, I went. And I will regret it for the rest of my life...

My parents and my brother was looking at something down stairs, so I went up stairs. I was walking around, and realized, that nobody was up stairs with me. And since I loved breaking the rules back then. So I began to touch the exhibits.
I heard a voice behind me telling me to stop, but when I turned around I just saw a grey shadow and blood red eyes...

I ran down stairs to tell my parents. They didn't believe me, but I know that it was the spirit of the girl. I'm 17 years old now and not that long ago I went back to the castle. I went up stairs and once again I was alone. I walked around and searched for the ghost, and then I felt a cold win behind me, and I saw a grey shadow moving. I screamed and ran out. I will never go back, and it was stupid that it did it again. Cause I think she is following me. I see her blood red eyes every where and see the grey shadow moving. I sometimes think I'm going nuts, but I won't ever stop seeing that ghost, and feeling her presence...

Sent in by Amalie Dagmar Devantier Terp

Encounter With Chall The UNKNOWN

Just a weeks ago a thing occurred to me which changed my way of looking at various things. I was not a kind of person that believed ya as a matter of fact thought about the supernatural, as people may call it.

I was with my parents on vacations to ManalI ,a popular tourist place in India. We stayed at a cottage which was away from the city and it was surrounded with forest. It was during night snowfall started. I became really very curious because it was the first time that I would see live snowfall.

I went outside and while I was still enjoying the snow a sound from woods came and I started following it. The sound took me all the way to the woods, after a while I could hear it no more. So I started finding my way back to cottage while I was doing so I heard a baby crying and inside my heart I had this feeling that something bad going to happen so I started running and a few seconds later the sound increased as if 100's of babies are crying and I was almost on the verge of fainting...

But I finally reached the cottage and the sound vanished first I thought someone tried to play prank with me but when the next day some thing weird happened with me it scared the crap out of me...

I went with my parents on sight seeing and while we were walking I could hear sound of stones being thrown on us and later the sound increased like huge rocks are being thrown on us but I could not feel it, I could just hear it when I returned to the cottage I was frightened and I still remembered the previous night. So I decided to ask a worker of that place about the forest if anything weird has happened there and he told me that there is a children's graveyard in the forest which frightened me. Since then I do believe 'The Unknown'...

People of India often call it 'Chall' and they believe it to happen in the places or near the places where people have died or buried like graveyards...

Sent in by Alana Z.

Strange Sounds In The Night At A Friends House

Me and my friend called George sat watching a film one night after he had invited me round to stay as his parents were out of town for the weekend, what I am about to tell you has changed my life for the better I believe, I now know that spirits are real and should not be messed with, respect them and you will be given the same treatment I hope, so here is what happened.

Me and my friend both sat in his room laughing and joking one night, the house to ourselves and all of our friends all ready asleep it being 2 in the morning we decided to head downstairs where we would be spending the night on the sofas in his living room, in his room is a large window that goes with the shape of the roof at a 45 degree angle, we were getting the last few bits from his room when we heard a massive cracking sound coming from outside, we both rushed to the window in shock and worry, but when we looked there was nothing, we turned away to gather our things blaming the noise on what we believed was a cat or a twig falling from a tree, the window gives off a kind of orange tinge from the lamp post about 10 metres away from his house, next to it is a large oak tree, and with it being winter and all it has no leaves and is illuminated by the only light source around, I gazed at it for a moment before it appeared to me there was a figure of a person just standing on a branch staring deep into me, I felt my heart sink and stop, I whispered softly, "George, come take a look at this now", he came over and I blinked, it was gone, vanished into thin air, I told him what had happen, palms sweaty and heart racing we turned on every light in the house and left no crevice un-touched by light.

It was around 4 and we were playing video games, the tree incident completely erased from my memory, then a cracking sound almost like when your fingers bend back to far and make that awful sickening sound, I turned to George and said "that was nasty, you'll get arthritis you know", he looked at me in confusion before saying, "I thought that was you" we both took deep breaths and gulped, we looked through a large rectangular window that leads onto the garden, darkness was all that could be seen, suddenly the feeling of being watched came over me like nothing I've ever felt before, we both turned to face the TV, it was off, controllers that were once on the table now on the floor, and drinks bottles that were full completely empty, we were not crazy something was happening, then from upstairs, 6 loud footsteps, before the landing light went off, we both grabbed our shoes and ran for the door, there we fiddled trying to get the lock off before hearing footsteps pounding down the stairs, I screamed "QUICK OPEN THE DOOR GEORGE", the lock made a clicking sound and the door burst open, we grabbed coats from a metal rack next to the door and ran out slamming the door behind us, we got to the other side of the road and through his bedroom window we saw a black figure standing in the only lit corner of his room, it just looked at us.

Since that night George and his family have moved house after his parents called in paranormal experts and were believed to have many spirits in the house, every time I hear a creek or a snap I shudder and feel my heart sink to the pit of my body, I shiver even writing this and need to inform you, if you ever believe to have a spirit present, please treat it with respect, who knows what could have happened if we had stayed in the house that night.

Sent in by David