Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Shadow Man - What Am I dealing With?

My story is not a dream. These encounters with the shadow man started when I was three or four. My family lived in a house that had a large back yard with a garden at the end of the garden was an alley. When we would be put to bed I would go to the window facing the garden and each night there would be a man, dressed in all black with a black wide brim hat on I could make out no facial features at all just the silhouette of him he stood around 6 feet and was about 230 lbs he would stand there and beckon me with his right hand to go to him. I would shake my head and look around to see if anyone else was around to see him then run into my parents room. They would come and look but no one ever saw him but me and they would tell me it was just a dream. My parents divorced and I was adopted by my aunt and uncle.

I moved. I never saw the shadow man after that, but to this day he now haunts my sleep there is not one night that I don't wake up from fighting with him. I even talk in my sleep about him and people around me say that I literally carry on complete conversations. It has got to the point that I don't even sleep at night because for some reason he doesn't come to me in the day light.

Can anyone tell me what I am dealing with I am pagan and have talked to my pagan friends and they seem to think I need to confront this man and cast him away from me but I have tried and nothing works.

Sent in by deedadee