Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Cry at Night

A long time ago when I was 13 years old, (I am 25 now), I lived with my grandma because she thought it would of been best for me to get away from all the trouble I put my parents through, (I was a pretty bad kid), just to clear off my mind. She lived in a big beautiful house. On Summit Avenue close to downtown Saint Paul, Mn where all the riches lives and all the old buildings were. (well that's what I think because its so expensive on that part of the town).

In that house there was only me, my grandma, her two kitties and her little puppy. I thought it would be very cool to live with her, far away from my parents and just have the freedom to myself. Think again honey, just within two weeks living with her I got the creeps as if I was being watch. I couldn't sleep at night. I always kept the lights on when falling asleep. So one night I Wasn't tire so I decided to stay up and played on her computer. Then all of a sudden. A baby cries down the hall way. I was in my head thinking it is my imagination there is no way I heard that. So I decided to pretend I didn't hear it and just went back to what I was doing. Then all of a sudden again I heard it. Man it scared me so much that I was so stupid I had to go and see what in the world was it. While getting up all but butterflies was in my stomach looking for the sound. I walk checked my grams room she was sound asleep. I was too scared to look for the sound so I decided to go to my room call a friend and fell asleep. That was the very last time I stayed up at her house. She also has a very scary basement which I only went down there once and not ever again. So whatever the cry was I may never know.

Sent in by "silence", Copyright 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Dark Angel

In my grandma's basement,one day me and my friend and cousin started to play with my Ouija board I got at Hastings. We were asking simple questions like; "How do you spell my name?" "When will the world end?" and never asked who it was yet. He said, "the world will end in 2012 or 2010." So we didn't know what to say. But then we asked, "how?" it said, "from fire." We were a little weirded out then so we finally came to the question of, "Who are you?" and he said, "the dark angel." We didn't know exactly who it was til my cousin got thinking and he said, "oh my god its the devil." So we threw the board across the floor and didn't ask it any questions for awhile. Then we went back to it and when we'd ask it questions it couldn't spell at all. We didn't know what to say so shocked in all we left it alone and I haven't been down there since.

If you know anything about demonology and stuff about the devil and evil spirits getting through a Ouija board please tell me.

Sent in by "crinis", Copyright 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Boy

Well, Me and My family moved into this house about 2 years ago. At the time, I was 10. It was the first day 0f 5th grade; I was very excited. My sister Madison, claimed she saw a boy; a boy the color of blue, Jumping off our carpeted staircase, We had no boys in the house at the time; just girls and our good friend, practically sister Cassie. Nobody believed my sister we all thought she was crazy but then about a week ago, we were wrong and we believe there are actual ghosts in my house.

My friend Cassie was staying the night, and she got a phone call, off my mom's cellphone, everyone was asleep my mom was in the shower, and her phone was Downstairs, Cassie answered the phone and no one was there, she was about to wake up when she heard a whispering, almost like something wanted to tell us something important. The strange voice started moaning and groaning. Could there be ghosts in the house?

This is a true story; please no hate comments, thanks.

Sent in by Morgan Braden, Copyright 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haunted by an Evil Doll Spirit

I was eight when it all started. I was terrified by dolls, even my sister's American Girl doll gave me chills every time I saw it's evil smile. But that gave her a reason to put that stupid doll everywhere I was going. I would walk into the livingroom, and sit on it's head and jump up because I heard it say those horrible words, "Mama, feed me." I had nightmares just thinking about it!

Anyway one day our parents left me and my six year old sister (Anna) home with my Aunt Faith. I was sitting on the couch, when Anna ran in with that doll, and told me to move over so she could sit down. I remember ever single thing that happened that day even though I'm eleven and a half now. The doll literally spoke and said "So, isn't this a good show." And it wasn't even in that squeaky girly voice it would use all the time, it was a tough girl voice. I didn't think twice, and hit that doll halfway across the room. It jumped up and dove at my head, but my sister blocked it, and the doll pushed my sister into the counter, and Anna's head busted open. The doll ran outside, and I've never seen her again.

Anna told my parents what happened, but they think her head injury made her say that, and they didn't believe me either. So now I'm scared of everything.

Sent in by "hauntedbyevildollspirit", Copyright 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friendly Ghost?

I don't tell a lot of people about this, and sometimes I question whether this really happened. When We lived in Dover, Delaware, when I was very young, I'm now convinced my house was haunted. Not in an evil way though... First things that showed this I was too little to even remember. My mother said sometimes when I was playing and I would talk, but not to myself, I'd look ahead of me. She said she could never understand what I was saying because I was talking so quietly. Then sometimes I'd smile or laugh "At nothing". The first memory I have of these things were of a dark shadowy man wearing a hat coming into my room at night and talking to me. (My mother later told me that sometimes she would be awake at night and hear me talking in my room but when she came in no one was there but me) We'd talk for a very long time but suddenly he wouldn't be there and I couldn't remember anything we had talked about.

Also, I remember getting a nice, warm, watched feeling sometimes when I played in my room. Not a bad kind of watched, like the feeling you get when your mother is watching you play. My mom believes the man at night was just a dream... I'm not sure whether to believe it or not. These experiences started to fade and we moved out when I was 8 and I never had anything like that happen again.

Written by Joanna, Copyright 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Horses Hooves and a Carriage

When I was about 6 years of age, my parents decided to go to Mexico to visit my grandparents. When we got there it was about 5 pm so my dad decided to buy beer and bring his cousins over. My mom and me were tired so we went to bed, the room where we slept was the farthest. The door had to have a bull lock or very heavy chains around it to keep it closed. After around 3 am my mom complained that she heard something in the kitchen. My dad heard it then I did, it sounded like pans being thrown on the floor, then we heard hoofs walking to our door. Since the door was only closed by the bull lock I saw a mist going in the room and it sounded like a bull was ready to attack. But in a few seconds it was gone.

My parents told my grandma since her room was the closest to the kitchen if she heard something throwing pans around she said no, my aunt also said no. My dad believed it was the calves or horses in the back that got loose and came inside the house but when we checked the next morning the calves, cows, and horses were all inside and there didn't seem to be a hole where one of them could escape. To me it was a weird experience.

The next day my cousin told me about an old carriage that you could hear in the night and that you could also hear horses hoofs. When I heard that I was too young to think it was a dead haunted carriage, I thought it was an old carriage that you could ride until my uncle told me that it crashed and ever since that day sometimes you could hear horses hoofs and a carriage.

Written by Krystal, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Haunted Lives

We are the Cannon family and we live in a house that is haunted by some good and some bad spirits. We have one really mean spirit that likes to attack people that live and come in the house. Both my daughters have been attacked by this thing. My youngest was attacked twice and my oldest has been attacked several times now and the attacks range from scratches, bruises, pinching, words and symbols ,and burns. It is really scary for everyone in the house but I refuse to show it my fear. I get angry and I say a protection prayer every time it acts up and things quiet down for a few days and then it happens again.

Just recently a friend and her family came to visit and her and her husband and her oldest daughter was attacked by this. She got a big bruise that formed in the mid back area. Her husband got scratched very badly on his shoulder and arm area, and the daughter was also bruised on the back. So far it has not attacked my husband and I. We do see and hear voices or think we see people walking from one room to another we hear strange noises of someone walking down the hallway but no one there. Things fall from places sometimes that have been sitting there forever with no reason why it should have fallen. Things fly across my daughters bedroom like knives, lighters, cd's and things like that so we removed any sharp objects from her room.

Well that is all for my true haunting and for all you doubters out there if you don't believe in spirits one night at my house when the activity is high you should come and witness what we are going through then tell us you don't believe. Peace and Love, Cannon Family.

Written by Carrie Cannon, Copyright 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Work of the Devil

This happened a few years before when I was young. It was late at night when it happened. My mom had already lost one child trying to have yet another kid eight years after having my sister. She tried but had lost it for working too hard. She was now pregnant again and was wishing not to have it. I hated the guy who she was having it with because he was a rat right off the street. He would have already been dead if it were not for us and he still didn't respect us because we are all women. My mom still found the guts to fall in love with him and bless him with a child.

That day I was mad because I felt the house breathing. I was running away and she had not cared and didn't even know I was gone til I came back. I got mad because the point she never noticed was because she was too busy with him. I took a shower that night and with all my anger I remembered when I was young how my grandma use to make spells to call our ancestors so with all my anger I called them back and asked them to find a way to get rid of him and his baby. Later that night I remembered that my aunt had told me that the only way you can kill someone is calling the devil for them but that if the person was a devils partner he would not take him. So I called the devil after my mom's boyfriend - they are not married yet. That same night the devil came I could feel it. I woke up but then the devil went from my room to my mom's where she was asleep with him. Then it came back it looked at me with anger and he wasn't carrying my mom's boyfriends soul but my baby brother. My mom's boyfriend is a work of a devil and he sill lives with us.

Written by Rosalina, Copyright 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scary Night in Iowa

When I was sleeping in the basement of my aunts house I heard some creaking noises. Now I knew that there was a small party up stairs and they had been trying to scare me and my two friends. When we first heard it we were not scared because we knew it was the people up stairs trying to scare us. But then my friend who lives in this house (which makes her my cousin I think?) told me that it has been here for 77 years. You can kind of tell from the look of it. She said there was a huge fire and a small girl who was 9 died in the fire.

Then about three hours later, it was now about 9:00 pm, the adults took the party outside and no one was in the hoUse but us. Then we heard a little laugh come from the upper part of the house. We thought it was my younger cousin (who was 7) was trying to scare us. We told her to cut it out. Then the horrifying news came to us. She was sound asleep on the air mattress behind us. We traced the sound to the guest room. Which had been the ghost girls room. When we ran in my older cousin (who is twelve and was standing next to me) Fell out of no where! She claimed she had been kicked but most people may have not believed her. But with the sound of her voice I knew she had not been lying. About two seconds later I heard the same laughter. Then I ran outside and we stayed out there for the rest of the night.

This experience has kept us out of that basement for good. When we told the adults they did not believe us. This has been the most terrifying experience ever. I hope that you have enjoyed this terrifying ghost tale.
Written by Ariel, Copyright 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grey Lady of Saint Chads

It was only November last year when I was waiting for a bus and one did not come so I decided to walk home. I thought I would walk past the local church in Saint Chads when I heard the strangest noise. It was like a dress sweeping across the floor. I turned round and I saw a shadow behind a tree. It was like a woman's figure. At this point I was really crapping my self and I held my breath so I did not make a sound. I started to walk and get by some light as quickly as possible. Then I started to hear foot steps behind me. I got really panicky and started to run. It was pitch black and I got lost about five times!

When I eventually got home I told my mum I felt as if I were being followed. She chuckled and did not believe me. I felt really silly that she did not believe me. I just ended up thinking it was my mind playing on me. When I went to do my teeth I looked as I put the tooth paste on and when I looked back up I saw a woman in the mirror! It was a quite young woman with grey hair and skin. It had a terrifying stare and I took a moment to look and I screamed and ran down stairs.

I never saw her again. It took me about a year to go back in the bath room on my own. But just the other week my friend said the very same experience as mine. If you don't believe me come to Kirkby and take a walk in Saint Chads at night. You may just see her! Thank you for reading.

Written by Bethany Inman, Copyright 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Unseen in the Basement

Well this goes back a few years. From the first moment I walked into my new house it felt creepy like and uneasy feeling. Me and my boyfriend just had our first baby. Anyway there were many occasions where we would hear somebody walking around in our basement making loud noises and just being a nuisance.

One evening we were in our living room and I heard footsteps, like some one wearing heavy boots, come out of the bedroom down there and it stopped at the stairs and I went to look at my boyfriend and he was already underneath the blankets telling me that he heard that too. Then the footsteps started up the stairs and then stopped at the front door then they started up to the top of the stairs. I hid under my blanket and I was so scared I couldn't scream or yell or even move. Then the footstep carried on through the kitchen and literally the back door opened as if someone was leaving. Then I jumped up and my boyfriend was like lets get out of here and we left.

We moved back many years later and we rarely hear noises or experience what we did back then. This is so true and tell me what you think of it.

Written by Shealah, Copyright 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haunted Gary Indiana House

This House was on the West Side of Gary near Chacharis Drive. I heard from a friend about his buddy named Arthur. Well this house was witness to a terrible train wreck. Most of the injured and dying were taken to the front porch. This was in about 1890. Afterwards to nearly recent times strange women in mourning were seen walking upon the upper second story stairs. Up to the modern times in the 60's. This family bought it. Here tragedy followed.

Arthur would invite people over, and suddenly be seized by an invisible force and have members thrown against the wall or floor. Later his father would commit suicide in the basement. No reason was found. He was doing quite well in the Mill, making good money and advancement. The basement was bricked up, contents and all. Arthur had a very valuable coin collection, and he didn't even retrieve it.

This story may seem strange as it is from second hand knowledge. I am sorry I didn't get to meet my friend's buddy Arthur, and get the information first hand. A key may be the train accident. It was on the Indiana Harbor Belt Line. Wrecks were bad back then. The wooden cars would often telescope into each other with horrific injury to the passengers. The year of this occurrence was from 1890 to 1910. It is in that time frame. This accident described was horrible. I am sure there is some historic archive that contains it, old photographs maybe pictures of the house that is in this true story.

Written by George. S. Romich, Copyright 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Voice and the Black Mist

My name is Juan and I have experienced something I can not explain. I was hoping to tell my story here and maybe someone could give me answers to my questions. It happened at my job just last night. I am a team leader for Whataburger and never have I seen anything out of the ordinary happen to me. I was sitting in the office on the computer checking up on the labor percentage. Before I went into the office to get on the computer. One of my employees asked if he could go out to his car. While my employee was outside I heard a voice and my name being called out. It had said "Hey Juan". As soon as I heard that I went out of the office thinking it could have been my employee calling out for me. I was wrong turns out my employee was outside at the time I heard my name being called out. The reason why it could not have been anyone else is because we were the only two people working last night.

After hearing the voice I made my way outside to find my employee and I asked did you call for me he says no. So at that point me and my employee walked all around the store and nothing was found. Me and my employee wanted to check out our cameras we have in the store. We played the camera and I saw something it was a black mist. A dark looking figure was caught on the camera saying my name and around the store. I could see right through the figure it would be seen in one spot of the store then somewhere else and once I had a look at the tape I took another glance there was no mistaking something was there real and for some reason looking for me. Every time I would play the video back I heard "Hey Juan".

Written by Juan, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Air Care Haunted Laugh

This is a true story that happened at work  to my coworker and I. April 1996 at 2 in the afternoon at Richmond BC Canada inside the aircare station on top of the booth between lanes 3 and 4. At the time there were no customers and my coworker Glen Coneybear and I were talking to each other facing lane 4 booth from lane 3 20 feet from lane 4 booth when we heard a loud older female voice laugh in a typical witch laugh "ehhh heeheeheehee hee heee" from on top of the booth 15 feet off the ground with no ladder or any way to get up. The projection of the laugh we could hear exactly where it came from. We both looked at each other and said what was that? I ran around the booth from the right side always watching the spot where the laugh came from looking to see if someone was playing a joke on us [ventriloquism] nobody there. Lane 4 was closed and the other employees were in lanes 1 and 2 booths. I thought maybe a speaker but the lanes speaker system was in lanes 1 and 3 and 5 staggered. Anyway there was no way to explain it.

This facility is run by the provincial government of BC at the time through ebco-hamilton which had the contracts to test vehicle emissions in the greater Vancouver area and still do as far as I know. I stopped working there in 2002. This is true and unexplainable you had to be there to hear this maniacal laugh.

Written by Doug Komar, Copyright 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Watchers in the Woods

I live near a wooded area; my home is separated from the trees by two very large ponds. I have never liked the woods; whenever I get near them I become very uncomfortable, and have a very strong sense of being watched. In the summertime I often have to mow the grass between the woods and the ponds. I avoid doing this as long as I can because I am afraid of "The Watchers". Watchers are invisible beings who usually stay in the depths of the woods, but when they sense I am near they begin their approach. They do not walk... for lack of a better word, they "Blink", meaning... they disappear from one spot and re-appear in another spot within the same second. They are very tall, 14 to 16 feet tall, they are shrouded in long grey hooded robes. Their faces are ashy pale, and they watch people, particularly those who are super-sensitive, because they know they can affect them. Animals can see them, but pay them no heed as they are very accustomed to them and the Watchers are not in the least  interested in them.

Whenever I have to go near the woods, I quickly complete my tasks and leave, unless I sense them approaching, then I leave my task undone and quickly cross the  bridge back to the other side. The Watchers will not follow me across the water, because water will destroy them. Some people who have been lost in the woods, have been found dead, often due to severe heart attacks. I believe these people were scared to death by these creatures. I don't know why these creatures want to harm us, but I do know they feed on negative energy, such as fear. The only emotion they possess is hate, and with every person that dies at their hands they become more powerful. Perhaps some day they will become powerful enough to cross that water.

Written by Y Carney, Copyright 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dark Wraith

It all started when I was 11 years old we moved in to this house. When we moved in I started experiencing activities like: strange gurgling sounds, sounds like screams and whistling, and thumps and walking sounds. Once, on my graduation night when I was asleep, I felt something next to me on my bed and when I turned around I saw this face. It was nothing but a black circle with two dark circled eyes and a banana like mouth. I screamed when I saw this and ran outside where I thought I was safe and I slept in the car all night.

The next morning when I woke up I looked at my arms and legs and they were all scratched up. I was red all over, so when I took a shower it was all red. When my mother saw this she called a priest and she told what was happening. He said that he would be there as soon as he can. I was a little kid so I didn't know what this meant.

When he came they both held me to a chair while my mom talked to me, and was trying to help me understand why he was here, then he started praying and all of a sudden I started to feel scared and started kicking and screaming. My mom and the priest held me down harder and harder until I started trying to lash out at her then I screamed one last time and it was over. When they let me go I fell to the floor and cried. When I finally got up I felt a sense of peace in the air and that was the last time I experienced anything like that. It changed me forever.

Written by Brandi, Copyright 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ghost of a Doctor

One time, my family and I moved to a new house. I knew something was wrong just when I came in the house. I looked in the room and I saw a guy, who had one of those gowns that you have to wear in the hospital! I said, "mom does any one else live here?" She said, "No son, why do you ask?" "No reason."

When my sister and I went to sleep we heard something outside, so we looked out there and saw the man that I saw before! We told our parents, only mom believed us. One night mom and dad saw a man in a top hat with a knife in the light of the lightning. The next morning we had called the police. They could not find any thing, they said they were seeing things. So then my parents went to go see a paranormal expert. My dad didn't think ghosts were real, but he agreed with mom. When we had got there the expert told us what is going on in the house. Mom told what we had seen. The expert said this spirit is very strong if it can hold a knife. So he gave us three options; one was to move, the other was to have a cleansing or to try to kill the spirit yourself. So we picked to have a cleansing first.

The next morning we had called the priest to give the cleansing. It had worked for three days then we heard a moan. We saw a zombie type ghost! Mom screamed, dad called the expert and said we are moving! We all got in the car and drove of. The next week we stopped living at Aunt Deb's place. And we never had ghost trouble again.

Written by Kasendrake, Copyright 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Possession at a Wedding in India

This story is absolutely true and this story still scares me because I witnessed an actual ghost. In India, my friend's uncle and another lady was getting married. Everyone was outside having a great time. Then my friend's mom went upstairs to get money to hand for the wedding. When she was upstairs, she heard loud continuously burping. She was really concerned because she has never heard anyone that will burp the way she did constantly.

Then my friend's mom called in people from the party to find out what is happening. When mainly everyone went upstairs, they saw my friend's grandma. I was right next to my friend speechless to see what I saw. All of a sudden, there was a spirit on top of my friend's grandma and everyone knew who the spirit was, it was my friend's grandma's sister. The spirit's eyes were closed and you can tell she was in pain due to all the moaning she was causing.

She soon was telling everyone why didn't they come to her cemetery once in a while because she loved some of the people in the party dearly. She wanted visits. After that, everyone was crying and I couldn't even talk and I was never ever as scared as I have just been. The spirit soon vanished. After that, I had no doubt that ghosts are real. Now I want to remind everyone that this story is truly real and everyone in the party remembers this story but never bothers to talk about it to scare children.

Written by Manjot Singh, Copyright 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Great-grandmothers Visit

I was 10 years old living in a rural town in Texas called Stephenville. I was about to get into the bath tub for school the next day when we got a knock on the door, it was the police telling my mother that my great-grandmother who had practically raised me had died. I had just seen her the day before and she was doing ok so I didn't believe my sister when she walked in to tell me my great-grandmother had died.

I took my bath and afterward my step-father took all of us kids over to see the family at my great-grandmothers house. I couldn't even see straight all I could do was cry and before this point I had never had an paranormal experience that I knew of.

Late that night my mother and I were laying in my bed (she and I were the closest ones to my "Mimi") and my mother was fast a sleep and I just couldn't sleep. As I peeped my eyes over the covers I saw in the corner of my room this glowing figure of a woman who looked identical to my great-grandmother as a young married adult.  She was so gorgeous and glowing and soft spoken like the "angels" we all hear about. She called my name, "baby Sarah," they all called me that because her youngest daughter was named Sarah as well so she called my name "baby Sarah" and said time is ticking and soon I must go, come little darling go with me. Its so beautiful all I could do was hide. I miss her and I dedicate this to her Cora Pearl Mhoon Kent

Written by Sarah V, Copyright 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Dads Passing

My dad passed away just over a year ago. He died at a hospital in Chattanooga (which is about 30 miles from where we live).

A relative of ours who also works for the local funeral home made the trip to pick up his body. Dad died around midnight and it was sometime after two in the morning when we got home. My mom has two outside dogs. Both of the dogs always bark and carry on whenever a car pulls into the driveway - even if it is one of the family. This night I was driving my mom's car so they knew the car. They both just came to the fence, but never barked in greeting at us.

The hearse had to stop at my mom's house on the way to the funeral home. As it was driving up to the house, both of the dogs walked along the fence, watching it carefully. They stood perfectly still the entire time the hearse was sitting in the driveway, looking at it. When it pulled out of the driveway, they watched it and followed it along by walking along the fence. We all noticed the way that the dogs never barked - they knew that Dad was in the hearse. My mom also has a small poodle that lives in the house. She always used to sit in my dad's lap or on the arm of his recliner. Sometimes she will sit on the arm of his chair, in the particular manner that she always did when he was sitting there, even though he has been gone over a year. It is like all of the dogs realize that sometimes he is still there.

Written by Suzy, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phantom in My House

Hello readers, I live in Mold, UK. My home is very small, and quite crammed. My story really scared me, and it has changed the whole of my life. Let me tell you about it.

My mother and father went out one night for a drink at the pub down the road so I was left alone in the house. I sat down on the sofa and watched TV. About 5 minutes later, my front door mysteriously opened. "Mum?Dad? Is that you?" I said. The door slammed. I got up and went to see if it was my parents. No mother, no father. A black figure stood in front of me. It vanished. 'Its just my imagination' I thought so I sat back down in the living room. About 10 minutes later I heard a bang upstairs. I went to see, there stood the black figure standing there on my stairs. It vanished again. 'Its just my mind playing tricks on me' I thought. I phoned my mum, no answer on her mobile. I tried phoning my dad, but no answer on his mobile. I sat back down.

I heard the door open. "Mum, dad?" I said. I got up and there were my parents, safe and sound.& "Mum, next time, bring me with you!" I said. "Why?" said my mum. "Because, there's a phantom! a real phantom. I'll show you." So I went searching for the phantom, but no luck. "Its just your imagination" said my dad. That's my story and even still my parents wont believe me. Oh well. Keep your eyes peeled for anything and if you meet a ghost,witch,phantom, etc. show no fear.

Written by Amy, Copyright 2009