Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Ghost Of Ella Hall Lake

When I was out on a canoe/camping/fishing trip in Minnesota, I was accompanied by my dad and Jason, our guide. Jason said we will tell ghost stories around the campfire and you wouldn't be disappointed. Well, I wasn't. We were on the trip by Ella Hall Lake and his ghost story was this....

It all started when a girl named Ella from the Hall family was born. She then went to school but they moved to the lake. She did not like moving away from the school in Ely, Minnesota, so she felt it was her prison. She wanted away from the lake that she tried a get away. She paddled out in a canoe half the way across the lake. Her sister saw it and came after here. Ella stood up in the canoe, not believing the rule NO STANDING UP IN THE CANOE, and then the canoe flipped and she hit her head and got knocked unconscious. Ella then drowned and nobody saw her for a while.

Some people say that they see ripples in the water on a full moon night, just like when she drowned. She rises up out of the lake and weeps. Supposedly she looks like a skeleton, no skin, only bones. I haven't seen her personally, but I believe this story. Then went dawn breaks, she goes back into her grave against her will on the smaller island on Ella Hall Lake.

By Beck Duggleby, Copyright 2009

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