Friday, January 30, 2009

Strange Shadowy Figure

About four or five years ago I had turned nine. I invited my friend to come over to spend the night. When he came over, we were having fun, we played computer games and made up games to play outside. That night my entire family went to sleep, mom told me and my friend to go to bed, although it was suppose to be my sleep over. We decided that we would just wait till my family went to sleep and just get back up. So we turned on the computer in my room and was looking up funny things. We were laughing and having a good time, until the lights just flashed off. It was very strange, no bad weather or anything else. I suddenly got scared. I went to my closet and got a flashlight. I turned the flashlight on and to my surprise, I thought I saw a little tiny red dots on the walls. I walked closer to see what they were. To my surprise the red dots started oozing down! I got my friend to look at the weird dots. He claimed that he didn't see a thing. I was shocked. The dots seemed to combine, making a letter C. I don't know what the letter meant. But just after I saw it I heard laughter and saw a black figure run across my room. The figure vanished and my door seemed to open by itself and then shut.

My friend said that he saw the door open and close but not the rest. I wonder why I saw the figure and what the letter C meant. You should have saw the look on my face!

Written by Scott, Copyright 2009

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